Chapter 297 – Things that Happened Last Fall

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The cold winter has come.

Yeah, it is already winter.


This year’s fall has been so busy that it was already over before I noticed it.

The reason for its busyness is the construction of Village Five and the rescue operation of Pirika’s fellow disciples.

Though we’re busy, we properly harvest all the autumn crops and hold the martial arts tournament.

This year’s martial arts tournament, Loo and Tier were not able to participate because they are preparing for the rescue mission.

The angel Kierbit worked really hard at the martial arts tournament.

「Since Tier won’t participate, there won’t be a problem for me!」

That said, she really became the winner of the knight division.

It looks like she researched a lot about the jump attack of the lamias, the string shot of the spiderlings, and the extreme speed of the kuros. She managed to perfect her counterattacks.

Though she had a time-consuming match against her fellow angel Gran Maria.

Gran Maria, at that time, was exhausted from her previous battle against the chief warrior of the lamias, Sunea.

Kierbit seemed to have been lucky this year.

The person in question is aware of it but she’s still so happy when she was awarded with the trophy. She’s literally jumping in joy.

That was something nice to see.


By the way, the defeated lamia, the spiderlings, and the kuros who were defeated by Kierbit started their own research against Kierbit too.

Their victims….I mean practicing partners are the angels Suaruriu and Suarukou.

Hang in there you two.


There’s another person who worked really hard at the martial arts tournament….the demon king.

Yeah, he’s incredibly lucky with the draw lots.

But he also showed guts too.

The four heavenly kings, Beezel, Glatts, and Randan were even crying as if they were the ones who won.

Each of them has a glass of alcohol in one hand.

As for the last remaining member of the four heavenly kings, Hou, she did not go to the coliseum and spent all her time in the dwarves’ stall.

I thought she’s there for a drink but it looks like she brought alcohol brewed from her territory this year to hear their opinion about it.

Ah, she drinks after that.


The martial arts tournament…..maa, though a lot of things happened, no one was seriously injured so there was no problem.


Let’s get back in time a little. The construction of Village Five ended about mid-autumn too.

At the same time, the major part of the management system of Village Five was decided.

The nine-tailed fox Youko officially takes office as Village Five’s village chief.

In addition, the holy maiden was appointed as the head of religious affairs of Village Five.


Youko herself volunteered.

She’s the person in charge of the Village Five’s construction on our side and I won’t refuse her request since for me, it is a good thing for the village to be independent.

However, she wants Hitoe to stay in Big Tree Village to prevent anything from happening.

I understand.

As for Village Five’s side, they don’t have any problem with that arrangement. Rather, they prefer Big Tree Village to dispatch someone to be their village chief.

Everything else was decided as if going with the flow.

For the time being, she became the lord of my mansion in Village Five but she often returns to Big Tree Village at night.

It is probably because her daughter, Hitoe, is staying at Big Tree Village.


As for why the holy maiden was assigned like that, it is because of ancestor-san.

Originally, it seems like the destination of the holy maiden was decided to some degree but trouble seems to come continuously so it did not go well.

As for the cause, there seems to be a dark feud. Some people want to increase their authority and they want the holy maiden for that purpose.

I thought that they were trying to take ancestor-san’s authority but it seems like whether they succeed or not, it will only tickle ancestor-san. It seems like the power struggle is at the lower part of their organization.

According to ancestor-san, some of them don’t even know of his existence.

By the way, he said that those guys are really disappointed since they don’t even know where the holy maiden is.

It seems like Fushu is already enough to clean them up but Fushu is busy with a lot of things. It is a good thing that something good happened.

That something is Village Five.

It’s good if there’s a church of Korin religion in Village Five.

And since the holy maiden is there, it is even better.

The holy maiden herself also wants to work there so which seals the deal.

Presently, she’s working at the church of Village Five.

Though she returns to Big Tree Village at night with Youko.

Is this okay?


Several priests were selected by Fushu and were sent to the church.

They live in the church.

We built a church that can be easy to live in.

However, why are they crying at the sight of their private room and bed?

What kind of life have they been living in…..

I don’t know what’s happening so I let the holy maiden take care of them.


Pirika’s fellow disciples’ rescue took place after the martial arts tournament.

The most important part of the mission is how much attention can the dragon Maxbergak catch.

I asked Hakuren to invite him to attend the martial arts tournament.

I have already asked him what I need of him beforehand so I’m not tricking him.


The rewards are alcohol, crops, and desserts.

I think the desserts are for his wife and daughter.


According to our formulated strategy, while Maxbergak is flying and catching everyone’s attention, we will open a teleportation gate in the disciples’ village.

Though it might not be necessary to catch the attention of the Fullheart Kingdom since they are presently at war with the demon king’s kingdom, I don’t want to take a risk.

Because of that, the plan of catching the enemy’s attention before rescuing the disciples was formulated.

I feel sorry for Maxbergak but please do your best.


To open a teleportation gate, Pirika needs to return to the village.

She’s carrying the coordinate specification stone for the teleportation gate.

That is the main reason why it took us a very long time before commencing the rescue.

It would have been faster if I had cooperated with either ancestor-san or Beezel who can use teleportation magic however……I can’t ask them this time since this is something that we must do.

We can’t ask for help from others.

TN: Maxbergak is commissioned to do his part so I guess that’s not help.


Loo and Tier acted as Pirika’s escorts.

Though they are her escorts, they did not travel by her side. They followed her through the shadow.

We don’t know when will Pirika be able to return to her village so I decided the time and date.

Maxbergak will fly on that day.

On that day, Pirika should have already been to the village and should have already persuaded her fellow disciples.

Though Pirika said that it will be fine, it is not like we’re only going to rescue her fellow disciples, we need to rescue their families too.

I even thought that there would be someone who’ll oppose and escape.

Fortunately, I’m wrong.

All of them agreed to escape.

Thanks to the Fullheart Kingdom.

The disciples lived their lives like there’s nothing unusual until the designated date and time.

An hour before the designated time, Loo sets up the coordinate specification stone of the teleportation gate.

As soon as the teleportation gate opened up, a total of 20 high elves and lizardmen entered together with me.

Those high elves and lizardmen are supposed to be my guards but I asked them to help out the disciples

I put out the AFT in its hoe form.

If we just take the disciples with us, it might look like they run away so I thought of making them think that the whole village disappeared.

If they only run away, Fullheart Kingdom might think that there’s something fishy.


After escorting the disciples and their families to the teleportation gate, me and my high elves and lizardmen guards entered the teleportation gate to return too.

After us, Tier and Pirika moved.

The last one to enter the teleportation gate back is Loo and she’s holding the coordinate specification stone.

I was surprised. I didn’t know that it was possible. It seems like it is not that important given our current situation since it is only needed when the teleportation gate opens.

The gate is still open but it will close by itself after a while so there’s no problem. Loo hands over the coordinate specification stone on her hand and I used the AFT to destroy it.

The teleportation gate immediately shuts down after that.


It was a huge success.

Though Tier almost did nothing, if there was an emergency, she can carry Pirika.

What we didn’t expect was that it took one month before the Fullheart Kingdom discovered that the village disappeared.

Was I too cautious?

Or maybe because Maxbergak stood out too much.

In any case, Pirika and her fellow disciples’ problem is now solved and they have emigrated to Village Five.

Work hard.


There’s one problem.

After disposing off the teleportation gate, Miyo, who’s supposed to be the manager of that supposed gate, has nothing to do.

Because of that, the civil servant girls asked for her loudly. The person in question agreed so her new job is to be one of the civil servant girls.


A lot of things happened this autumn.


Miyo, why are your eyes look so dead….are you okay?

Ah, thinking about it, the civil servant girls have the same eyes.

Got it.

Frau is fully utilizing her.

She doesn’t look good because of that.

Let’s bake a pastry called stollen.

Do you want it?

I’m not boasting but it’s delicious.

If you want, you can increase its number by cutting it.

You don’t have to hold back….yes, it’s fine.


Yup, like that.



I have been notified about the severe shortage of demonpower.

I can calculate myself but I can’t do what they are doing.

I wonder if I was lucky.

No, I really have to look for additional civil servants.

There seem to be a lot of them in Village Five, let’s scout.

I’ll ask Youko about it.

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