Chapter 298 – Relaxing Night

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After dinner.

Majority of the females are not here because of each of their responsibilities.

This lord went to the hot spring.

This was the first time I came alone after a while.

No, they probably let me be.

Thank you.

After that, I went to my room and went to the kotatsu.

I said kotatsu but it is a normal table covered with a futon but it is warm enough.

Feels great.

On the kotatsu are oranges, dried potatoes, and one bottle of liquor.

If I had a TV I would have been watching a variety show already, unfortunately, I don’t have one.

I am slightly disappointed.

However, that’s not a problem.

I’m not bored after all.


First of all, the kittens came over.

They were born spring this year so they are about, nine months old?

They’ve become big.

They’ve dived into the kotatsu later and attacked my legs since it’s on their way.

Okay, I know. How about now?

All four of them have grown up.

“I’m sorry” the kitten’s father meowed as it bowed to me.

Don’t worry.

Are you not going inside the kotatsu too?

You don’t have to hold back.

When I lifted the futon of the kotatsu a little to invite him in, the kittens inside the kotatsu meowed altogether.

Was it because it is cold? Or do they not want their father to go in?


It’s hard to be a father.

Come, rest on my lap.


The next visitor was Kuro.

He lied down next to me as if it was the most natural thing to do. I patted his back.

I know.

I’ll do it harder.

Kuro turns and lies down sideways.

You want that part next?

What a spoiled dog.


Oh, wine slime is already here before I noticed it.

It is aiming at my liquor on the kotatsu.

Hey hey, don’t drink it directly on the bottle.

And that glass is mine.

Bring your own glass if you want to.

….ah, you brought one.

It is good to be prepared.

Yes yes, I’ll pour you some.


When I was pouring sake, the dried potato on the table floated.

Looking at it closely, there’s a thread.

When I looked up, Lulushi was there staring at me I saw some spiderlings.

Each one has a thermal insulation stone.

Perhaps they wanted to appeal to me that they are here in the room and they are not really aiming for the dried potatoes.

I know.

There’s no way I’ll forget you guys.

Therefore, can you please stop dancing there?

Hey, that guy on the edge is about to fall……ooowwww!

Saved by a thread.

No, don’t do that.

It seems like they’re doing some slapsticks.

That’s fine but don’t do anything dangerous.

Just take these dried potatoes with you and share it with the others.


Let’s eat this orange…..areh?

Doraim enters the room and sits on the opposite side of me who’s eating an orange.

Inside the kotatsu, the kittens attacked him but he didn’t even flinch.

Maybe the kittens attacked me because I was sitting like that earlier?

Yeah, I’ll change how I position my legs from now on.

「So, what happened, father in law?」

「When I went to see my grandchild, my daughter treats me harshly.」

「… you want an orange?」


I know that Rananon is pretty but she’s still a baby.

You better not intrude too much.

She’s the first child of Rasuti after all.

Now that I think about it, is it alright for Raimeiren to take care of Hiichirou that much?

She’s almost half his mother.

Hakuren doesn’t seem to mind though.

This will be tough for Guraru since Hiichirou has two mothers.

I mean seriously tough.


I’m not that worried about Hiichirou, I’m more worried about Rananon.

Thinking about marrying her off……ah, let’s stop.

I won’t let her be a bride.


Oh, Youko has come before I noticed it.

She helps herself inside the kotatsu without hesitation driving the kittens out.

Don’t bully those poor things.

Before I was able to complain to her, a barrel of alcohol and some tsumami* were placed over the kotatsu.

TN: Tsumami are foods you eat while drinking alcohol.


I wasn’t able to complain.

I’m sorry, kittens.

I’ll take your meow of protest.

The kicked-out kittens began to relax over the lying Kuro.

Are you okay?

Are the four of them heavy?

Good good, Kuro is kind.


Youko reports about Village Five.

There is no particular problem.

According to the civil servant, who was consulted before, the direction of the organization that will handle paperwork is established.

Once it is fully functional, the work of the civil servant girls will become easier.

Frau is also pleased that there’s an acquaintance she can call there without reservation.

I wonder if it is because Village Five is on the demon king’s kingdom’s official territory.

Maybe it’s in an important position.


The tsumami that Youko brought are boiled white asparagus with mayonnaise and mochi.

White asparagus is planted on Big Tree Dungeon so she must have harvested it on her way back.

Good, delicious.

The mochi was pounded immediately when it’s winter.

She brought them already properly divided.

But it was not grilled.

Yeah yeah.

I’ll grill it.

I moved cat from my knees and stood up from the kotatsu.

The kittens, who were sleeping at Kuro, dashed towards my previous place.

It seems like I won’t be able to return to my previous position.


While I was grilling the mochi using a net over a brazier, a big gray thing ran through. It was night but it was still pretty easy to see….

It’s the fenrir.

That little puppy has grown big.

She’s already over three meters.

If you ask how it is different from inferno wolves aside from its size, probably the absence of horn on its head.

That fenrir gave birth to puppies at the end of this year’s summer.

Two of them.

They resemble their Fenrir mother.

Both of them are pure white.

Three months have passed since they were born so they are still small.

They are about as big as cat.

It is one of the kuros that has been taking care of them.

It’s their father.

Though there has been a rumor about their relationship before, I never thought that they’ll be able to successfully overcome their race difference.

When I said that, Loo, Tier, Ria, Ann….areh?

They are not humans like me but they were able to give birth to my children.


No problem at all.

I already have enough number of children.

No, I know that it is demanded that I should have more….

Children are gifts from God.

Let’s leave it to luck.


Let’s return to the topic.

The Fenrir pups are being raised at the corner hut of the dog area.

They seem to be strong against cold and their father seems to be struggling because they are running around happily outside even if it is winter.

Just like now, he’s running after one of his puppies.

He’s now returning to their hut carrying a Fenrir pup on his mouth.

The mother seems to be having a hard time too.


I glanced at the drinking Doraim and Youko.

They seem to be pretty relaxed.

No, they are probably like this only now.

He’s probably struggling when I was not here.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s the case.

When I placed the grilled mochi on the table, Youko reached out to them without hesitation.

Two at once.


She’s eating them deliciously so I guess it’s okay.


When I was thinking of the next mochi, I heard some approaching footsteps.

Ursa, Alfred, Tiselle, Guraru, and Hitoe enter the room.

They should have been at the hot spring with the females, why are they here this early?

When Hitoe sees Youko, she runs up to her.

Her tail is wagging so much that it looks funny.

Seeing that, Alfred and Tiselle came to me.


Good good.

Ursa and Guraru, on the other hand, did not hesitate to warm themselves in the kotatsu.

The kittens were kicked out of the kotatsu again.

Their meow of protest is loud this time.



It was a relaxing night.


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