Chapter 329 – Hot Summer Day


Chapter 329 – Hot Summer Day

Ria is on a business trip to Village Five.

As for the reason, young male and female elves, who claim to be hostages, have gathered in a friendly elf village.

They are about a little over 200.

I thought we wouldn’t need hostages but Youko judged that it was necessary.

I was told that there was no other option for me but to accept them.

They are labor force offered by each village.

It seems like Village Five needs to accept them and treat them with care. That would symbolize that we will take care of each village.


Being a ruler is hard.

「No, village chief is doing something similar.」



Ah, the minotaur and centaur expatriates.

I see. She convinced me with that.


The over 200 elves will act under the leadership of tree king and bow king.

Originally, they should be under the leadership of Hih, who’s the first in command in military affairs of Village Five, but they can’t be treated as vassals immediately.

While they are waiting for the right time to be vassals, they’ll be under tree king and bow king.

Each elf village also varies in size so there is a hierarchy among them too.

It will be a problem if we ignore them and it will also be a problem if we treat them equally.

In addition, because of the character of the elves, it is difficult for them to work together with other races.

We were left with the option of gathering the elves and have them work on their own.

The two, tree king and bow king, proposed that they should be put under them.

However, the more than 200 elf hostages repulsed that idea.

「You want to lead us? Just you?」

It was quite bloody since they are here to represent their own villages.

「Silence! We are already standing on the top you were born!」

Neither tree king and bow king won’t back down either.

This has become a trouble.

Double trouble.

Though they did not fight physically, ugly taunts flared up.

Unfortunately, I’m also there.

I was asked to welcome the elves.

I am accompanied by several high elves including Ria.

Ria, what are…….

A straight-up solution.

They politely beat them one by one to silence them.

Tree king and bow king were also beaten up to silence too.

「Village chief, please give us instructions.」


Ah, aahhh…..well, for the time being, it would be great if you, of the same race, group together.

I adopted the proposal of tree king and bow king.

And so, there are now over 200 elves under that command of tree king and bow king.

「I cannot permit their idiotic manner earlier. Village chief, let me train them to the point they are willing to die for Village Five.」

That time, Ria’s training camp started.

I’m not sure why she suddenly decided to do so but she secretly told me afterward.

By giving them the same training, they’ll form a sense of solidarity that will enhance their cooperation.

So that’s how it is.

It seems like tree king and bow king will also participate.


Today is Ria’s fifth business trip to Village Five.

According to the report, there’s no problem.

Is there really no problem?

When one of Pirika’s fellow disciples saw Ria’s training camp, he said that he reflected since their training can only be called sweet in comparison.

I’ve also received reports of elves sending SOS in various places….


I’m not someone who likes to poke other’s business.

Let’s believe in Ria.


It’s getting hot so the pool is very popular.

However, it will be hard to go to the pool if you don’t have time.

I, who had a few jobs, was doing some paperwork at my mansion and not in the pool.

It is comfortable because there’s a device that blows out cool air…..

Something is slightly different.

I stopped the device that blows out cool air and opened the window.

I put a big wooden basin under the desk and pour some water.

Then, I took off my shoes, roll the hem of my pants, and put my feet there.

Yeah, feels great.

It is not cold water but it is cool enough.

And this also makes the atmosphere different.


Wine slime.

Don’t jump in.

Ann will get angry if the floor gets wet.

Ah, my pants got wet.

Don’t swim in a narrow basin.

Ah, mou.

Don’t sprinkle water on the documents.


Thirty minutes later, Ann got angry at me even though I wiped the floor properly.

Perhaps it is because there is a water-filled basin in the room and the wine slime and the spiderlings are swimming on it.

They were told to go to the pool.


Cat will run away if I try to do something with it.

On the other hand, when I’m busy, he’ll stay around.

Or maybe I’m just thinking it like that?

On the contrary, the dogs….or rather, the kuros will do their best when I try to do something.

Therefore, I don’t do anything with them with a half-hearted attitude.

If they’ll be disappointed, I will feel pain in my heart.

When I play with them, I give it my all.

It is not good to be interrupted halfway too.

I know.

I truly know….

The kittens often come in the way when I’m playing with the kuros.

What should I do?

「It’s because you play indoors. If you play outside, the kittens won’t get involved so much.」

That was Ann.

Yeah, I think that’s the correct answer.

However, I’m still doing paperwork.

Let’s play with the kuros for a change….

「If your work isn’t going well, should I watch over you?」


I decline.


For the time being, Ann took the kittens out…..

Even if no one says it, it is obvious that the kittens cling to Ann.

I’m a little jealous.

The kuros are in front of me.

Ah, I have you guys.

I know.

The kuros lie down and show up their bellies.

Their feet are fluttering.

It will be hard to stop later.

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