Chapter 335 – Ex Bandits


Chapter 335 – Ex Bandits

「Oyabun, a prey is here.」

TN: A yakuza’s oyabun is Japanese version of the mafia’s godfather.

「Is that so? How does it look like?」

「It looks like a farming village wagon. There are no guards. This will be a cinch.」


「Eh? Why?」

「You idiot. What are you planning to do with those poor people? In addition, a farming village is where people who fight against earth gathers. Pay them respect. By the way, those farmers will find it hard to climb the slope, help them.」

「Eh? Ehto….」

「Go there now!」



「Oyabun, prey-desu.」

「What is this time?」

「There’s one male beastkin. He is lightly dressed. I mean….he’s not wearing armor.」

「You mean he only has a wooden sword….」

「Do we attack?」



「From what you describe, he’s a poor guy! We are on the poor’s side! Don’t do anything stupid!」

「Ugh, darn. I’m sorry. Then, we’ll leave that poor guy alone.」

「That’s right.」

「Oyabun, just for reference…..what is an ideal prey?」

「Rich people」

「Rich people huh….in short, noble! I understand!」

「Wait wait. You’re wrong. Being a noble doesn’t mean being rich. There are also poor nobles. Besides, there are nobles who rule to serve people. Don’t attack them unnecessarily.」

「I-is that so? 」

「Yeah, there are some great nobles who built orphanages. 」

「Ah, I heard of them. They’re amazing! 」

「Right. That’s why we’re targeting merchants, not nobles. 」

「Merchants? But they have a lot of guards…. 」

「If there are only a few, I can take care of them! 」

「Ooohhhh! As expected of oyabun! 」

「Hahaha. If you understand, keep watch properly. 」

「Yeah. I’ll wait for merchants! 」


「Oyabun, oyabun, oyabun! 」

「Is it a prey? 」

「Yes. It’s a merchant. Although there are a lot of guards, I’m certain it’s a merchant! 」

「Which one……………….not good. 」

「Eh? 」

「Look closely. Check the emblem of that merchant’s group. 」

「Why? 」

「That’s the Goroun Company. What’s more, it is the elite force that enters the iron forest. 」

「There are people who dare enter the iron forest? 」

「Yeah. There are even rumors that they have been to a place near the dragon’s nest. 」

「WHAT! 」

「As expected, I can’t deal with that kind of party. Let them through. 」

「Yeah but… looks like they’ll be camping around there. 」

「Right. It seems like they are not familiar with this area. Go and show them where to find water. 」

「Eh? 」

「If they stay there, it will be hard for us to work. 」

「Indeed. I’ll go to them. 」


「It is hard to find prey. 」

「Right 」

「The field we planted for food while we wait for prey is good to harvest.」

「Ah, it’s quite delicious.」

「Would you like to take this to a village or town and exchange it for money?」

「That’s right. I don’t want to taste the same thing all the time.」

「I’ll get it ready.」


「What is this?」

「Food desu.」

「The one next to it?」

「Blanket desu. It gets cold at night,」

「The thing next to it?」

「Seedling desu. This will be what we’ll plant this time.」

「…can it be raised by amateurs like us?」

「It’s okay. I heard how to raise them properly from the person who sold them.」

「Is that so? Then, let’s plant them around here.」

「Right. Let’s do our best.」


「Recently, people often pass by.」

「Right. The number of people who come here to say hello has increased.」

「It was good to sell firewood and food.」

「Oh, the rope I made also sells for some reason.」

「If you’re going on a journey, you should be prepared for every situation.」

「Of course. Oh, it looks like he can’t start a fire. Help him.」


「Also, tell them to be careful and keep watch at night. There are few monsters around here.」


「Oyabun, those are bandits.」

「That’s right. Even though they are people of the same trade, we can attack them.」

「Do you want to?」

「Yeah. Don’t hold back.」



Pinch-desu ne.」

「Yeah, the biggest pinch we had encountered.」

「After the bandits, soldiers have come….」

「More than thirty of them…. This is bad.」

「Ah, the person who looks like the captain is coming over.」

「It’s can’t be helped, let’s prepare.」

「Y-yeah! I’ll follow oyabun forever!」



「That’s right. You seem to be living here but there are nobles who own this place. Because of that, we can collect tax.」

「Tax…..ah, but, money… much.」

「Hahaha. Don’t panic. Normally, you should be paying for the amount that was not collected until now but….apparently, you are helping travelers around here. While I was investigating, there are a lot of people who told me about you. I’ve consulted with my boss and you are exempted from paying them. And for this year….let’s assume that you paid since you exterminated the bandits.」


「Hnn? Is something wrong?」

「Ah, n-no. I understand. Thank you very much.」

「Umu. Please continue your hard work. If you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to call the city guards.」

「Yes. I’ll trouble you when the time comes.」




「It’s great, right?」

「……what is it?」

「Recently, people have started living around here.」

「There’s nothing wrong with it. We should get along with our neighbors.」

「Right. Then, for the time being, I’ll look around to patrol.」

「Ah. Keep an eye on the birds. Don’t let them ruin the field.」


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