Chapter 340 – Noble Lady’s Secret Story?


Chapter 340 – Noble Lady’s Secret Story?

When I arrived at Shashaato City, I was recommended to go to Big Roof Shashaato which is on the north center side of the city.

What kind of place is it?

A city inside a city?

You don’t know yourself, do you?

It’s okay. We’ll know when we get there.

It’s a big building unlike anything I’ve seen before.


If you go to Big Roof Shashaato, you should definitely try curry.

It’s a dish that can be eaten by soaking bread in a soup with a lot of spices. It is a delicious dish.

Delicious enough to forget myself.

On the day I ate it for the first time, I lined up three times.

Ah, the store that’s selling curry is called Marla and you can only buy if you queue up yourself.

It’s a little weird, isn’t it?

There are chairs and tables around but I still need to line up.

The answer is simple.

It is a store but also not a store.

It’s a stall.

If it is a stall, it is normal that you have to buy yourself, right?

When I was lining up, a regular customer taught me that and I thought it was convincing.


Though curry is already delicious by itself, you can soak food other than bread into it like what the food the other stalls are selling.

Of course, since you are going to soak it, it should be solid.

A good example is chicken meat grilled with herbs.

Also, it is not recommended to mix it with other soups.

The taste will only get thinner.

How do I know?

Yeah, I’ve experienced it myself.


Marla’s curry is delicious but they are not only selling curry.

There are also pizzas, fried foods, donburis, and pasta.

Oh, I’ll explain them one by one.

First, pizza.

It is made by placing ingredients on a flattened dough then baking it.

Its taste varies from the combination of ingredients used.

The taste will be decided by the store during the day until lunchtime and if you want to decide on the ingredients on your own, you can do so but you’ll have to wait until night.

Whether you like or dislike it, I recommend waiting until night.

What ingredients do they use?

They are tomatoes, eggplants, asparagus, broccoli, potatoes, garlic, and herbs.

They don’t only have vegetables.

Delicious thinly sliced meat and stewed chicken can be used too.

There are even some guys arguing whether it is better to use soft boiled egg.

However, cheese is essential to pizza.

Cheese is the top.

This is pizza.


Next is fried food.

It is a dish where you’ll coat the main ingredients with mixed wheat, eggs, and finely crushed bread and boiling it in oil.

Boiling something in oil is called frying.

Therefore, it is called fried food.

Is it delicious?

It’s delicious.

I can single handedly eat big servings of fried foods like pork cutlet and beef cutlet in one seating…

Cutlet is the name of the fried food dish.

The Marla people said that.

Let’s go with what they said.

Let’s go back to the story.

There’s kushikatsu.

The main ingredient is cut into bite-sized pieces then put it into a skewer before serving.

The ingredients are pork, beef, poultry, onion, lotus root, eggplant, shiitake mushroom, tomato, and eggs.

They can even serve fish if you ask.

They have this so-called nerimono which is made by kneading fish meat then solidifying it. It’s also delicious.

Ah, don’t eat it as it is.

Put sauce first before eating it.

Again, this is delicious.

It is so delicious that I do not know how to explain it.

Of course, the method of making the sauce is the life of the store.

No matter which influential person bows, they will not teach him.

At best, you can get a small bottle.

Still, it made me happy.

It’s amazingly good.

However, since it is fried in oil, the people of the store warned about not eating too much.


Ah, next.

Next is donburi.

This is not something that can be seen on the regular menu.

It will only be served if there’s rice.

After all, donburi is rice with a dish on top of it.

Though I recommend boiled beef, it is also good with stew pork with egg and soup.

However, unfortunately, the content of the donburi is decided by the store.

It seems to be troublesome to cook as it takes a lot of time and effort so I can’t hear about it in detail.



There’s no point in using money to know.

No, I’m telling the truth.

In fact, if you go to that store, you’ll know.

They won’t tell you.

What? Don’t be disappointed.

Donburi is so popular that no one loses no matter what.

Right right.

This is also on the back menu and can also be considered a donburi.

Rice with curry as the top dish.

I finished eating in an instant.

And I was in despair.

Why didn’t I savor the taste…..


Finally, pasta.

Yeah, it’s the pasta that you can eat everywhere.

Though the one Marla is selling is a sort of long pasta.

At first, I thought it was hard to eat but using a fork…..I had fun eating it.

Ah, right.

Though it looks fun, you must pay attention.

You’ll be splashed with juice on your clothes if you’re not careful.

How does it taste?

There are various types so….are you asking about the meat sauce?

It is made with minced meat, onions, and tomatoes.

I love it.

The other type is sauced with oil.

That one is a bit spicy.

There are more types like miso, soy sauce….

Since Shashaato City is a port, they often use seafood.

There are also pasta seasoned with shellfish and fish.

The most popular is …I’ll be antagonistic if I say something.

The long pasta has only been out recently.

Everyone is experimenting on it.

That includes me. I tried dipping pasta into curry and eat it.

It was delicious.


I’m sorry for my bad review and only saying delicious this and delicious that.

Maa, if you want details, taste it yourself or ask a poet.



A trick?

Ah, no, that’s the reason for starting my story after all.

Methods of eating Marla’s food easily.

The store can only be found here.

Across the street from Big Roof Shashaato is Ifrus School.

If you become a student there, you can eat Marla’s food every day.

You can’t choose the menu though.

It’s cheap and lunch is included in the tuition.

I’m not lying.

A part of Big Roof Shashaato is reserved for students there.

If you have doubt, ask that guy over there.


A noble and a butler of a certain house.

「Two months have passed since that conversation happened. 」

「And my daughter? 」

「She enrolled at Ifrus School. 」

「Enrolled? What about the tuition fee? She brought some money but I’m sure that’s not enough to enroll in a school. 」

「There’s a student loan system there. If you are working, you can enroll with only paying tuition fee partially and pay it later. 」

「You mean my daughter is working? 」

「She’s working as a waitress at the most popular restaurant called Marla. The selfish ojousama has become splendid….uhuhu. By the way, ojousama, who only wears pants, was wearing a skirt.」

「… chance, you saw her?」

「Yes, because I’m a butler-desu.」


「What’s wrong my lord?」

「What’s wrong? You’re saying bllsht, aren’t you? My daughter wore a skirt….cough. I’m sure you only saw her gallant figure.」

「I’m not the only one who saw her. The madam and several maids watched her together.」


「Going to Shashaato City will take ten days using a carriage. If you ride a ship, it will take four days. You can take your turn. Also, the curry was very delicious.」

「I-I’ll go too!」

「To my regret, you are scheduled to go to a meeting at the royal capital. I thought we better go there now.」


「Madam already greeted Governor Ifrus of Shashaato City. Rest assured.」

「No, no, that’s not the problem.」

「I’ll arrange you to go to Shashaato City after the meeting is over. Ah, I’ll prepare a burger for lunch. It is something I learned at Marla. It is a dish where several ingredients are placed between a bread. It is reputed to be easy to eat even when traveling. By the way, I ate ojousama’s handmade burger there.」


The noble and the butler had a fistfight.


「Are you okay?」

The head maid gives the butler a wet towel.

「Thank you. I’m fine.」

「Please don’t bully the lord too much.」

「Because of a quarrel with the lord, ojousama runaway….tch」

「I know how you feel.」

「I won’t do something like this outside.」

「I know you won’t. By the way, what about ojousama?」

「Two people were left behind. She’ll be fine.」

「That’s a relief.」

「…..Ojousama told you where she has gone to, didn’t she?」

「….Hnn? What do you mean?」

「You received a letter from ojousama, right?」

「You’re such a meanie. Ojousama will hate you.」

「That won’t be a problem. I can improve. For the time being…..arrange me a ship and a carriage tomorrow morning. I want to see how ojousama’s doing.」

「Great improvement-desu.」

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