Chapter 344 – The Usual Martial Arts Tournament


Chapter 344 – The Usual Martial Arts Tournament

The martial arts tournament is held in Big Tree Village.

The civil servant girls took care of it this year too so I had it easy.

But this year, I also worked hard on food.

「There’s a lot of sweets this year.」

Doraim tells me that while picking up a plate of pancakes with whipped cream and fruit.

That’s because I want to please the children.

There’s the fairy queen too.

「The fairy queen….If she tastes these sweets, she won’t return home for a long time, right?」

She’s been here for a while and already built her own house in the flower garden.

It looks like a fancy, huge flower house.

Maa, she doesn’t always sleep there and no one even knows if she’s still in the village or not.

By the way, that’s already her second house.

Her first house was tampered by the children and withered.

Though she built it without permission, I still scolded the children because of the poor withered house. The fairy queen, on the other hand, just laughed at it and forgave them.

I feel like I lost in terms of broad-mindedness.

No, they have to be disciplined.

When I told the fairy queen not to spoil them, she said that the child doing something like that is the parent’s responsibility and the parent in question is me.

I’m not all convinced but as an adult, I know she’s right when she indirectly scolded me.

I hope that the children will reflect on their actions when they saw me being scolded.

That’s what I hoped but the children continued playing happily.


Don’t you feel anything with your father being scolded?

Well, I guess it’s fun to chase fairies.


No one’s looking at me.

It’s like they can’t see.……

Ah, don’t just use invisibility magic on me!

「Of course I would. Or do you want to make the children feel uncomfortable? 」

She’s child-centered in all aspects.

However, if you really think of the children, you should let them reflect properly now!

Me and the fairy queen talked about children’s education passionately.

Maa, we’re in parallel in all aspects.


The fairy queen orders like the lord in the dining space behind the venue.

「Next is four layers, no, make it five! Put plenty of that white thing and fruits! The sauce is…..strawberry.」

She’s surrounded by children.

Because of how she acts day by day, the fairy queen is popular with the children.

「Queen, I got some juice.」

「Queen, this one is sweet too.」



Don’t spoil the fairy queen too much.


The break time is about to end so I head toward my designated seat with Doraim.

There are Dors, Raimeiren, Grafaloon, Girar, ancestor-san, demon king, Yuri, Beezel, Randan, Glatts, and Hou.

This year, Michael-san and the two previous Four Heavenly Kings from Village Five have come too.

The teleportation gate is convenient as expected.


My seat is in front of the stage of the martial arts tournament.

My seat is a bit flashy so sitting on it is embarrassing.

The common section and the warrior section have ended and each showed us heated battles.

The knight section is about to begin.

Last year, Loo and Tier were absent because of Village Five and now that they are here, it will surely be exciting.

The highlight of the first round of the knight section is the battle between Tier and the two consecutive years winner Kierbit.

It’s not surprising to treat their match similar to the final match.

No one knows who will win or who will lose.

Or so I thought. Tier easily overwhelmed the match.

According to Youko’s commentary, Kierbit and Tier are almost the same in terms of character and tactics but Tier is one level higher so the result is not surprising.

「This is not surprising. If Kierbit finds her own technique, it will be a tough battle.」

That sounds hard.

However, Kierbit looked strangely cheerful.

I wonder why?

「Kierbit is….in a certain way, Tier-sama’s fan-desu.」

Gran Maria told me so.

I see.


The matches go on.

Perhaps because we’re doing it every year, everyone has countermeasures against strong contenders.

Even an amateur like me can see that they devised their fighting method though they were not able to turn the tables around.

I am impressed that everyone is working hard.


The final battle is between Loo and Ria.

Tier, who defeated Kierbit, had been defeated by Loo in the semifinals.

Before their battle, she had a tough battle against a spiderling.

Loo is lucky to have Gran Maria then Kuudel as her opponents.

However, her luck reached the limit when she reached the finals.

Compared to Loo, who’s quite tired from her battle with Tier, Ria is fine.

She’ll be able to win this match by one-sidedly sniping Loo.

This is too advantageous for Ria….

Or so I thought but I was wrong.

Loo evades Ria’s shots and makes it a close combat match. She then beats Ria.


Is Ria okay?

She only fainted?

Is she safe?

Have Flora treat her.

And I realized I have no combat sense at all.

None of my expectations happened.


After the knight section is over, it is free battle.

Those who want to fight will go to the stage and fight.

Dors and Girar took the lead.

It’s a fierce battle but it’s a little safe because they are in their human forms.

It’s the usual festival.

I won’t be surprised if free battle takes all night.

But don’t get injured.

Youko, I won’t fight.


Why does the demon king look like that?

Did he change his hairstyle as some sort of disguise?

It doesn’t look like a disguise so a change of pace?

No, that doesn’t matter …

What matters is that the fairy queen suddenly pops out behind the demon king and the demon king disappears.


The demon king was on the stage.

To be precise, he’s in the middle of the fighting Dors and Girar.

And he was caught in the battle.

Is he safe?

Ah, he’s fine.

He managed to evade both Dors and Girar’s attacks.


As expected of the demon king.

While I’m impressed, I tried catching the laughing fairy queen. At the same time, both Dors and Girar transformed into their dragon form.

Oi oi, this is a small place……I mean, everyone’s already used to it.

Everyone evacuated with food and drinks on their hands.

The only person who failed to evacuate is the demon king.

His face is twitching.

Will he be alright?

……it looks like he’s in a very dangerous situation.

Ah, he’s trying to escape.

Do your best.

I scold the fairy queen while evacuating.

「Don’t teleport people without permission.」


She apologized properly so I forgive her.

「No, wait. I almost died. Be a little more strict.」

Since the demon king, who managed to escape, looks dissatisfied, I’ll be a little more strict.

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