Chapter 345 – Village One Resident Bruno


Chapter 345 – Village One Resident Bruno

My name is Bruno.

Actually, I was born in a decent house but because of certain circumstances, I had to go.

I had no plans at all so I had to live on the street after that. It was hard.

However, if that part of life never happened, I wouldn’t have met my wife and moved to Village One.

Therefore, I accepted everything.

Right now, I’m just a man who lives in Village One.

I think I should work hard for my pregnant wife.


That said, now that the autumn harvest is over, it is time for the martial arts tournament.

This year, we will gather in Big Tree Village again.

I wanted my wife to stay and rest but she said that she absolutely must go.

I did not know but it seems like a little exercise is not a problem even if a woman is pregnant.

Though going on a rampage is out of the question, the high elves, who have already experienced giving birth, said that being too overprotective will only do the opposite of good.

We were also told not to use a carriage so we will travel by walking.

Of course, we did not travel with just the two of us. People like us were gathered and we traveled altogether.

They are also couples like me and my pregnant wife.

I wonder if they also said that they must absolutely go like my wife.

Paula is the one who’s going to give birth first in our group. Given her condition, she had no choice but to house sit.


As always, Big Tree Village is overflowing with a variety of races.

I was not surprised by that either.

I can’t live in Village One if something like this surprises me.

In Village One alone, we live with inferno wolves, demon spiders, nyunyu-daphnes, and harpies.

I have room to enjoy meeting new races.

Speaking of which, there’s that phoenix chick.

It seems like it went to Village One once but I wasn’t able to meet it because I was working.

I definitely want to see it.


Don’t panic.

First of all, greet village chief.

Those who already moved ahead of us have already greeted him but us, the walking group, should do so too.

I’m a little nervous.

I’m the representative of the walking group after all.


The phoenix chick was on village chief’s head.

Oh, how gallant….it’s a little rounder than I imagined though.

Is it because it is still a chick?

Let’s just describe it as chubby.

After greeting village chief, I also greeted the phoenix chick.


Village chief is worried about pregnant women.

Not only in words but he also prepared a space in the venue for pregnant women.

It is clean and spacious.

There is also a private toilet and a bed.

On top of that, there are several veteran devil midwives waiting nearby too.

Thank you very much.

By the way….who is that unfamiliar woman next to you?

Who is she?


I talk to my wife.

Our topic was the newly introduced woman.

「I heard she’s the fairy queen.」

「That’s what I heard too.」

Though I thought I would never be surprised in meeting a new race, I never expected that I would still be surprised.

No, it is probably because I’m not imaginative enough.

Richer imagination.

And think softer too.

Now, I won’t be surprised even if a god moves here.


Why am I hearing a meowing cat?

Oh, there’s a cat on the stage.

There are four of them to be exact and they are going to have a battle royal.

It’s funny to think that there will be a literal cat fight here.

Ah, they used magic.

And they are pretty brutal magic too.

Maa, I’m in this village so of course, they are not normal cats.


「By the way, husband.」

That’s my wife.

「Did you properly make a wish to the fairy queen?」

「Of course.」

The fairy queen.

In human countries, the fairy queen is said to be the guardian of children.

She’s famous for helping children who are forced to work hard, dealing with children’s illnesses, and tooth replacement.

However, there is also something we can wish for the fairy queen even if we don’t have children yet.

Safe delivery.

「Did village chief call the fairy queen to the village for us?」

「Maybe. It must be hard for him to invite her.」

I agree with my wife who has a troubled expression.

The fairy queen is free-spirited and mischievous.

She also doesn’t stay in the same place.

To keep her, it is necessary to give her sweets and have children to play with her.

On the contrary, she’s easy to drive away.

If you worship her, she will hate it and go away.

Maa, those might be only rumors.

However, I’m still thankful for village chief.

When we return to Village one, I’ll tell Paula to go to Big Tree Village.

She’ll definitely be surprised if she found out that the fairy queen is there.



As always, it is noisy at night because of the martial arts tournament’s enthusiasm.

My wife sleeps in the inn first.

I can’t let a pregnant woman stay up all night.

This time, I participated in the common section and won.

It’s a good time for alcohol.


What is it?

An inferno wolf is making a fuss.



It’s the inferno wolf who watches over Marcos and Paula’s house.

It should be in Village One with Paula…..

My drunken mind gets cold.

「Village chief! Something happened to Paula!」


In Village One, a new life was born.

Both Paula and her baby were in danger because of her sudden delivery.

What saved them are the two high elves who remained in Village One with Paula and the veteran devil midwife who came for the martial arts tournament.

And the fairy queen.

According to what the veteran devil midwife said, both mother and child were in danger but as soon as the fairy queen came to Village One, she recovered.

Thank you.

I can’t worship her so I can only repeat my words of gratitude in my heart.


When I look back at the things that happened, I was convinced.

Other people left it but village chief scolded the fairy queen for mischief.

Even Loo-sama and Tier-sama entrusted it to village chief.

Even if she played pranks against the dragons and the demon king who came here as guests, the dragons and the demon king were not angry at all.

I wondered why…..

What benefit could he give her that will make her tolerate being treated like that?

Also, why is village chief the only one who could scold her?

No, that was a pretty sweet scolding if you ask me.

I even thought he’s only playing around.

Village chief has many wives after all….no way, could the fairy queen….

No no, I’m being too imaginative.



After winter, Loo-sama taught me.

「The fairy queen is really reliable not only in giving birth.」

I don’t think she’s talking about child illness or tooth problems.

「The prank the fairy queen made to village chief is to make more people get pregnant.」

I see.

So that’s how it is.

In Big Tree Village, Loo-sama, Tier-sama, two high elves, and three mountain elves became pregnant.

I’m happy for you.


Then….what is this?


You made it from fairy queen extract?


Ah, night….ah, aahhh.

After my wife gives birth, I’ll discuss with her when to use this.


By the way, the fairy queen seems to come to Big Tree Village once every ten days.

In that case, village chief, this medicine….he doesn’t need it at all.

As expected of him-desu.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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