Chapter 346 – From Autumn to Winter


Chapter 346 – From Autumn to Winter

It is already the day after the martial arts tournament.

I did not sleep.

The morning sun is dazzling.

Why didn’t I sleep?

That’s because last night, Paula, who’s house-sitting in Village One, began to labor.

I want to know what happened so I stayed awake.

I was told that it was a difficult delivery.

Fortunately, she managed to give birth safely a little while ago.


By the way, it’s a boy.

His eyes are similar to that of Paula.

His mouth also looks like Paula’s.

Ehto….I’m sure there will be part of him that resembles Marcos.

That’s supposed to be comforting but Marcos, who came back in a hurry, was not bothered at all.

He’s thankful that the newborn baby doesn’t look like him.

Yeah, as you say.

I was similar when Alfred was born.

Ehto, Marcos, Paula.

There’s no point in worshipping me.


Also, Kricky.

Thank you for your hard work.

Without your report, it would have been dangerous.


You’re reliable.

Please continue looking after them.


Also, Hakuren.

Sorry for the trouble.

「You don’t have to worry about it. Both father and mother don’t know how Marcos’ look.」

Hakuren’s the one who picked up Marcos.

I asked her to do so because the veteran devil midwife told me that the worst could happen to both mother and child.

After using the teleportation gate, Hakuren flies using her dragon form.

She made a round trip from Big Tree Village to Shashaato City in three hours.

It was night so it took her some time to find Marcos in Shashaato City.

It seems like Michael-san, who accompanied Hakuren, mobilized the people of his company to find and secure Marcos.

It seems like they kidnapped him.

Michael-san, who went with them back and forth…..has been sleeping ever since they came back.

I must thank him when he wakes up.

Also, I regret not being able to ask either ancestor-san or Beezel to teleport.

It seems like they panicked too.

I only noticed it when Hakuren already returned with Marcos.

I only noticed it because I saw ancestor-san and Beezel then.

That’s really regretful.

I’m glad he was born safely, but in the unlikely event……

Let’s stop.

He was born safely.

That’s what matters.

I asked ancestor-san to teleport him from Big Tree Village to Village One.


In Big Tree Village, the banquet is still ongoing that morning.

Even after the story of Paula’s hard delivery came out, everyone except those involved took part in the banquet.

I thought it might be imprudent to continue but a dark atmosphere seems to bring misfortune.

「Therefore, we want the banquet to continue.」

If all the villagers of Village One said so, I have no choice but to continue.

The battle at the stage voluntarily stops too.

At a place like this, where everyone is enjoying food and alcohol, only fun and good news should be announced.

It became like that until it was reported that Paula had given birth safely.

After a big cheer, everything returned to normal.

The demon king stands on the stage and looks for challengers.

The challenger is Yuri so he’s a little troubled.

Behind Yuri, the four active members of the four heavenly kings lined up.

And so, the banquet continues.

「Village chief, what should we do?」

「Dissolve free battle tomorrow morning. Also, let those who want to sleep go to sleep.」

I yawned and said so.


After the martial arts tournament in Big Tree Village, the harvest festival of Village Five will be held.

Actually, harvest has already been done a while ago but it still had to wait until the martial arts tournament in Big Tree Village is over.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」

「No. If we had the harvest festival first, the people of Big Tree Village will be upset if you’re not able to participate.」

「It helps a lot hearing that from you.」

The progress is smooth because Youko and the two former four heavenly kings are in charge.

Though it is called a harvest festival, it is actually a big sale for winter.

However, there are still festival stalls and stages so you can still feel the festive atmosphere.

After giving the opening speech, I will supervise 10 stalls opened by the oni maids and beast girls.

The two stalls that are exclusively selling alcohol are very popular.

We don’t sell straight. We either add fruits or dilute strong alcohol with water but they still sell like hot water.

Customers don’t mess around the front of the stalls either.

A quick order and pay, receive the cup of alcohol, and give place to the next customer.

There will be no confusion at all.

I wonder why.

Did they practice?

Given their movement, I think so.

To think they would go that far in order to buy a cup of alcohol.

“Village Five’s Alcohol” and ”Village Five’s Alcohol Alternative”, do they really sell like this?

Or is it because of the festive atmosphere?


Of the other stalls, five sells food.

Yakitori skewers, grilled fish skewers, grilled corn, pizza, burger.

Burger is actually not hamburgers but hot dog.

When we were making hotdog, I’m already thinking of what to call it here.

Cutting a pan in half, putting in the ingredients, and selling them as burger.

Yeah, that thing is actually sandwich.

However, the hamburgers I know are actually called sandwich here.

It gives me this sense of incongruity.

I wonder if I’ll get used to it.

Because of that, I renamed them.


Since there’s only one kind per stall, the turn is fast but there’s still a line.

Everyone is doing their best but cooking speed is still the same.

If we want to make it faster, we have to expand the facilities but it is impossible because they are only stalls.

The only remedy is to increase the number of stalls.

Let’s do that next year.


Two stalls are selling sweets.

Like cotton candy and taiyaki.

The cotton candy machine was the product of the hard work of the mountain elves and Gutt.

The mountain elves and Gutt worked hard for the baking table of taiyaki too.

Thank you.

They are popular with both children and adults.

I’m thinking that I might have made a mistake with the price. There are too many customers.

You don’t need to buy that many cotton candy, it will only wilt.

It won’t last until tomorrow. It might even wilt at the end of this day.

Also, eat taiyaki while it’s hot.


The last stall sells juice.

It is for people who don’t drink alcohol.

Though it is not as much as in-demand as alcohol, the line was long until night.


On the stage, various performers come out to entertain the audience.

I don’t have time to watch until I saw Alfred on the stage.

Alfred made the phoenix chick Aegis go through a ring of fire.


The venue is lively but….isn’t phoenix a firebird?

And it is now jumping into a ring of fire?

What’s the point?

No, it’s amazing!

Alfred, you’re amazing!

Also, assistant Loo.

You really look cute… I supposed to say this in public?

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