Chapter 347 – Yuri’s Employment and Winter


Chapter 347 – Yuri’s Employment and Winter

It’s about time for winter.

Zabuton and the spiderlings begin hibernating.

We won’t see each other for a while.

However, this year, some of the spiderlings will not hibernate and spend their winter in either my mansion or the dungeon again.

I don’t have to be so lonely.

The Arachne Arako, who is based in the dungeon, says there’s no need to hibernate.


Gulf and Daga will leave for a while.

It seems like they will train around Village Five this winter.

It looks like they are worried about their performances in this year’s martial arts tournament.

Well, they were both defeated in an instant.

I think they are frustrated because they were defeated without being able to show their strength.

It seems like Pirika, Pirika’s fellow disciples, and the elves are training in Village Five so there will be various challenges there.

That might really challenge you but….can’t you train near your home?


It is not good to pour the same water….if you say so.


There’s a small change in Village Five.

Yuri, the demon king’s daughter, has been assigned to Village Five.

Her role is the demon king’s kingdom’s administrator.

It seems to be a position similar to an inspector in a place without a governor.

At first, I thought that it would be difficult for Village Five to accept her highness, the demon king’s daughter, as their administrator.

「I’ve heard rumors that her highness, the princess, is selfish…..」

The cause was the image of her in the mind of the village’s council.

In response, Yuri greeted each member of the village council one by one to wipe out that image.

Or at least she tried….

「The royal princess herself goes house to house to greet them, what kind of harassment is that!」

The two former four heavenly kings are angry.

She was accepted by everyone without problems. Or it was concluded that she forced them to accept her.

「Ugh, I just did that because Frau told me that greeting is important….」

Yuri knows the existence of the teleportation gate in Village Five.

Because of that, Yuri comes to Big Tree Village almost every day ever since she started her new post in Village Five.

She’s also pleased to be called “Yuri-neetan” by Fracia.

By the way, she calls her grandfather, Beezel, “Jiji” but she calls her grandmother, Yurikine, “Neetan”.

It can’t be helped given their appearance.

Though it’s not like she’s taking someone’s place, Holy is apologetic that she’s being called “Baba”.

TN: Jiji = grandfather, Baba = grandmother.


A new mansion was planned as a place for Yuri to stay but the construction was postponed until spring.

Construction work is possible in Village Five even during winter but they hold it up because their hands are already full in building barns.

Yuri also wants them to prioritize what’s needed first.

Given that, Yuri decided to stay at Youko’s Mansion until her own mansion is built.

She has around 20 attendants with her but there’s no problem because Youko’s mansion is big.

Big is justice.

However, though they also know the existence of the teleportation gate, Yuri’s the only one that has permission to use it.

Yuri’s okay with it but the civil servant girls are protesting.

「Among the 20 that accompanied her highness the royal princess, some are our colleagues. Please don’t hesitate to contact them. It’s alright. I’ll train them.」

「Viscount Gon’s daughter is among them. She’s good at math and she’s been the bookkeeper of her family.」

「There’s also the daughter of a famous governor in the south. I’m sure she’s familiar with government affairs.」

「Baron Boroi’s daughter….Furyuin-sama! I heard she’s married but why is she here? She’s worked in finance. We must absolutely secure her!」

Ehto, their job is Yuri’s attendant and they are not here to be hired by the civil servant girls.

All the civil servant girls appeal to Yuri.

18 of them changed their jobs to civil servant girls while two were left as Yuri’s attendants.


「I’m sorry for being unreasonable.」

I apologize to Yuri.

「I’ve already anticipated that something like this will happen so don’t be anxious. I’ll contact their families.」

「Thank you.」


Since they are now part of the civil servant girls, I wanted to invite them to Big Tree Village but they suddenly stopped me and said I’m being cruel.

Why am I being cruel?

I don’t know why but the civil servant girls decided to stay and train the new ones in Village Five.

In the middle of that…..when they already confirmed that they will bring no harm to Big Tree Village, they’ll talk about the teleportation gate.

I heard they also want to send a few of them to Big Roof Shashaato.

I agreed.

Just do your best.



I do what I’m supposed to do and I’ll get what I deserve to get in the end.

That’s pretty normal.

The problem is, they’ve all come at once.

Loo and Tier are pregnant with their second child.

Two high elves and three mountain elves are pregnant too.

A total of seven.

I’m so happy.


Mass pregnancy, there’s a reason for it.

This might take long but listen.

In fact, Alfred has been able to sleep alone for about a year.

I am pleased with his growth.

However, he sometimes goes to my room or Loo’s room at night when he’s lonely from time to time.

If he goes to Loo’s room and if Loo is there, there’s no problem.

If Loo’s not there, there’s a little problem.

If he goes to my room after that and finds Loo, there’s no problem but if it is someone else other than Loo, there’s a problem.

As expected, educating him about “that” is still too early.

However, it’s not possible to have Alfred return to his room since he is lonely.

As a result, I often sleep alone so that everything will be alright if Alfred ever comes in.

Those were my peaceful days.

Until the fairy queen came this fall.

Though the fairy queen takes the children out at night, she’s good at getting them to sleep in their beds.

She also tickled Alfred’s man’s pride and made him sleep alone.

That ends my peaceful nights.

The intense nights revived.

During the martial arts tournament, the tension went up because of Paula’s delivery.

I had no choice but to work hard.

That is the cause of mass pregnancy.

My only hope is for Tiselle to visit at night when she’s lonely.

「Tiselle-sama is good at sleeping so please rest assured.」


I’m expecting a lot from you, Hiichirou.


Discovering the mass pregnancy, the beastgirls intensify their offensive.

It can do nothing but work hard.

Ya, the mountain elves’ representative, is now anxious.

She’s the representative but for some reason, it’s the other mountain elves who got pregnant.

However, pregnancy is a gift from god.

Don’t worry so much, be patient.

And that… don’t have to wear weird clothes.

It’s the opposite of sexy.

Consult Zabuton when she wakes up.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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