Chapter 348 – The Story of the King of a Peaceful Country


Chapter 348 – The Story of the King of a Peaceful Country

I was a king until a while ago.

I abdicated because of my son’s rebellion.

Though I was prepared to die, I’m only imprisoned.

But I’m not happy.

I succeeded to the throne at the age of ten and I have protected it for more than three decades.

That rebellion.

I want to beat that idiot son of mine.

However, I want those vassals to bear my wrath more.

I don’t get why they dare support my idiot son.

Can’t they see how hard I worked until now?

Yeah, they are maddening.


However, after being imprisoned for three months, my anger fades.

Even if I’m not imprisoned, I can only be said as someone free but I still can’t leave the castle.

Moreover, if I ever receive a gift, I can’t make it in public because I’ll be criticized for favoring someone. Now, I don’t have any trouble with regards to food or money.

The only thing I lack is information.

I have no idea what my son is doing right now.

As a king, not receiving information made me have a great sense of loss.

But I got used to it.

I just noticed that my body condition is now good since I no longer lack sleep and exercise.

In a certain way, it might not be a bad thing to not bear the weight of being a king.

I thought like that.


I was not suitable to be a king.

That’s what I should think.

If that is the case, what job is suitable for me?


I can’t look for it since I’m imprisoned.

All right, let’s escape.


I have five companions.

There’s an old man who has taken care of me since I was a child, a knight who serves as a guard, and three maids.

All five of them chose me over my son.

When they heard about my plan to escape, they bowed without shaking and began to prepare.


I originally planned to take my wife with me but I thought that this will be a tough journey.

I’m disappointed to part with my wife.

After I leave, I want the rest to stand by her so she won’t get punished.

Given the power of my wife’s house, our son will probably not punish her.

No, we’re talking about my stupid son so I don’t think he can’t do anything.

Thinking so, I asked my wife. She beat me up.


A wife’s position is beside her husband….I’m happy about that but….

With the addition of my wife, we are now about 50 people.

I wonder if my wife is more popular than me?

N-no, the reason why we are so few earlier is because I want to escape quietly….let’s just stop thinking about it.


For the time being, let’s go to another country.

We’ll be in trouble in our own country.

My face is well known in our country and I will surely attract trouble.

Therefore, let’s go to a distant country.

An amazing line of carriages.

The ship is almost chartered too.

Too high profile.

As expected, the pursuers came.

I think it’s a good idea to fight back against the pursuers without mercy.

However, aren’t they just chasing us because of my son’s order?

They are still citizens of my country.

However, I don’t want to go back to prison….

That’s right.

Once I’m taken back, death penalty is inevitable?

Alright, counterattack.

Aim for their limbs as much as possible.


While shaking off the pursuers, we arrived at the demon king’s kingdom.

If it is here, I’m sure there will be no pursuers.

After all, this country is at war with the Fullheart Kingdom.

My country had also received a request for support from the Fullheart Kingdom.

I ignored the support request but it doesn’t mean that I’m with the demon king’s side.

So, I think it’s okay for me to be here.

That’s my wish.

I hope we’re safe here.


For the time being, let’s look for an inn.

Is our funds okay?

Can we build a mansion?

Next question.

Food….is there a popular place where we can find good food?

My wife, when did you get that information…..

No, you’re reliable.


—Prince’s Side—


How did this happen?

Didn’t I succeed with the coup?

I kicked father, who’s always preaching about righteousness, off the throne and I’m sitting on it now.

The vassals were also pleased.

It was good until that part.


What went wrong?

That’s right.

It’s been strange since that time.


「Give me the list of nobles who revolt against me.」


Hearing my demand, the aide looks embarrassed.

「Oi oi, where’s your usual readiness? I thought you had prepared it already. Are you in too much high spirit because the coup succeeded?」

「No, ano, prince? Nobles who revolt, what exactly do you mean by that?」

「Huh? Do I have to define it for you? They are those who prevented me from trying to take the throne.」

「In that case, there’s none.」


「Prince, aren’t you the first prince?」


「There is no other prince, right?」

「That’s right.」

「Therefore, it is normal for prince to inherit the throne. Because of it, most nobles thought that it was only a parent-child quarrel of the royal family and taken a wait and see attitude.」

「Wait wait. Weren’t we resisted by the army in the castle?」

「Well, that would normally the case if you lead an army and attack the castle but there was no oath about the start of war.」

「That…I thought that would be cool.」

「Well, you were cursing your father so much that time so everyone pulled out. 」

「Yes…I thought that would be cool.」

「Back then, everyone thought there’s something wrong with your head.」

「….you mean my reputation has fallen?」

「Rest assured. There’s nothing to fall.」

「What are you trying to say!」

「There’s no dignity in yelling. To summarize it most nobles did not participate. Those who resisted in the castle were also loyal to their duties and did not go against the prince. In a certain way, they can’t go against you since you are the only prince even if you rebelled.」

「Sorry, that’s too complicated. Can you tell it more clearly?」

「Their actions are what it should be so they did not revolt against prince.」

「No one defies me?」

「That’s right. What do you expect? Did you expect them to obey everything just because you said it? That’s terrible especially to those who are guarding the king.」

「I-I see.」

「Thank you for your understanding.」

「I’m not convinced. I understand but….jaa, that’s it then. The list of nobles who are committing injustice. Send it.」


「Oh, you prepared it properly……wait a minute, isn’t this the list of nobles who helped me? Are you too tired and made a mistake?」

「I didn’t make a mistake.」


「Eh? It’s not a mistake. They are people who took advantage when the king is replaced.」


My father always said that the finances were in jeopardy.

However, I had a solution.

Squeeze it from the nobles.

No, it is crushing nobles and confiscating their property.

I’m not an idiot.

I will not crush innocent nobles.

I’ll only crush sinful nobles.

I proposed that to my father many times but he did not accept it.

He just snorted at me.

That’s why I staged a coup.……

「Ehto, what is the current income and expenditure of the country?」

「Here it is.」

It was a mountain of documents that I can’t help but feel disgusted upon seeing.

「Are you kidding me?」

「No, I’m serious. I’ve already chosen the most relevant.」

「….can you summarize it in one line?」

「Finance is difficult. I’m looking forward to prince’s skill.」


Since then, I’ve been buried in documents.

Wasn’t paper valuable?

I wouldn’t think it’s valuable if there are so many….

It is valuable.

These valuable papers demand my signature.

That’s the only way to deal with them.

Therefore, I work hard.

However, no matter how much I work, more documents come in.

What is this?

Is this harassment from my father?

「The former king can easily deal with it.」


「I thought when I become a king, I could just go to parties every day and enjoy life.」

「I don’t think that’s the case, but … there are parties that you have to attend. Please finish this document before that.」

grumble grumble grumble

「You can’t just sign without reading the documents. Please check in case they slipped in something.」

「Oi, are you trying to obstruct my work?」

「oh, this is my vacation application. I plan of taking a rest for about a year so thank you.」

「W-wa-wait, wait. He’s gone…..」

「You can do it, I’m sure the prince can do it!」

「I can’t do it! I’ll kill you if you take a rest!」



My aide bullies me.

I wonder if my father was like this too.


「W-what did you say?」

「The former king disappeared from prison.」

「What’s the guard doing? What about my mother?」

「Ehto….52 imprisoned people, including the former king and queen, disappeared all at once.」


Maybe it’s the same as the incident of Sword Saint Village in the rumor.

「No, that’s not it. They left a note. “I’ll start my journey for freedom. I’ll leave the rest to you.”」

「My father’s handwriting?」

「Yes, there’s no mistake. What will we do?」



「Bring them back! I won’t allow my father to be the only one who’s free!」


「The old king’s party entered the demon king’s kingdom. It was determined that it was impossible to chase them using our military so we sent a spy. This is the information from a month ago.」

「Kuh, why did they go in such a tricky place?」

「It is the best place to escape the grasp of the prince. As expected of the undefeated king.」

「Don’t call my father with that title. He doesn’t fight. He’s just a coward.」

「Yes, yes. I understand. So, you got a message from the spy….Currently, the former great king seems to have set up a base in Shashaato City.」

「Recently, that city has become famous because of delicious food.」

「Yes. Then…..ehto, he joined the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army.」

「He joined the demon king army?」

「No, it seems like it is a team for a ball game called baseball-desu.」

「Ball game?」

「Yes. It is a ball game that is played by a number of teams and is currently popular in Shashaato City. Fierce Tiger Demon King Army is one of the team. One team is composed of nine people. 」

「I see. 」

「The former king seems to be the catcher and the fourth batter-desu.」

「…… Is that amazing?」

Catcher seems to be a key defensive position. The fourth batter is….it is the core of the attack? He seems to have good contributions in every game.」

「In other words, he became interested in playing a certain game?」

「I’m not sure about that. The team coach seems to the demon king himself.」


「It seems like he can only participate every ten days since he’s busy with government affairs but the demon king is indeed the coach.」

「What’s a coach…..rephrase it.」

「The person who leads the team-desu ne.」

「I don’t understand.」

「Me too. Also, it seems like there are a lot of retired influential figures from other countries there.」


「People like the former king who was forcibly abdicated or princes who lost war of succession.」

「And they are in the team led by the demon king?」

「No, most of them are on the other teams. It seems like a lot of them joined the Seafood Curry Army and the Pizza Supreme Army.」


「Ah, as for the previous queen….she seems to be crazy about things related to stage play-desu.」

「Stage play? Yes, mother likes to watch plays. Is she sponsoring them?」

「No, it seems like she joined as a performer. She’s with the neighborhood ladies…..」


「What are you going to do?」

「What do you expect me to do?」

「Nothing, I mean, do you want to keep an eye on them?」

「Of course. And have this letter delivered.」

「Letter? What’s in it?」

「Apology and asking them to take back the throne.」

「The former king is indeed a good-natured person so he might return but…..won’t he suspect this as a trap?」

「That might be the case but I still want to bet! Otherwise, the country can’t go on!」

「You just have to work hard as the king desuyo. Now, work hard!」

「Ugugu. That’s right! I have a son! He should be ten years old this year!」

「…..could it be?」

「I heard that father inherited the throne at that age. Fufufu」

「King, this is madness! Guards, stop him! Don’t hold back. That’s right. Right hook right hook! Alright, then left!」

「Bastard! Uo, impossible, ugh, ahhhhh!」

「Okay. Good job. Guards, go back. And king, I’m sorry but you have to do your best for ten more years.」

「Kuh….to beat me up without hesitation. Even though I’m the king.」

「Yes, you are the king so don’t throw it at the prince.」

「…….By chance, could it be you’re still angry for not consulting you about the coup?」

「Hahaha. What if I told you that if the former king did not ask me to stay that day, I wouldn’t be here?」

「My father asked you?」

「Yes. That’s why I’m here so please work hard.」

「By the way, what if I had consulted you first?」

「I will run to the former king and inform him in secret. You should already know I’ll do it.」

「Right. So that’s why those nobles told me not to tell you.」

「Be sure to understand the true meaning behind the person who gives advice before following it. Also, next week, I’ll be on vacation. I’m going to say hello to the former king so I’ll personally deliver your letter.」

「Eh? Vacation….」

「Thank you for signing it. Don’t worry, it will only be a month.」

「Wait wait wait! I’m wronggggg!」

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