Chapter 349 – The Usual Kotatsu


Chapter 349 – The Usual Kotatsu


I go outside.

It’s cold.

I’m trembling.

It’s winter so it’s natural.

I’m wearing cold-resistant clothes but my face hurts.

Though I want to return at once, I have to endure a little.

I bow to the shrine below the big tree.

I look around and check for dirt.

Looks like no problem.

Though this has been my daily routine, it is cold so I slept too much which is why I only came here now.

Since I overslept, I almost put it off.

A bow at the shrine again to apologize.

Then, dash back.

It is warm inside the mansion.

I’m relieved.

However, this mansion.

It’s so big so my room is a bit far.

That’s its disadvantage.

I went back to my room and took off some of my clothes.

What I’m wearing now is still warm enough.

Though my room is reasonably large, a lot of space has been taken by the large bed and a little big kotatsu.

Under the kotatsu lies a wooden board with a carpet over it. It is 10 centimeters higher than the rest of the floor surface.

Shoes are strictly prohibited on this board.

Even the kuros have to wipe their feet first before going there.

Because of the off-shoe system here, a lot of people in my mansion use sandals that are easy to take off.

The kotatsu is currently entertaining some clients….

It’s not like I mind.

First are Kuro and Yuki.

There’s also….Kuroni?

You’ve grown too.

You’re no different from Kuro now.

There are also two kittens on the kotatsu.

Maybe the other two are in the kotatsu.

Yup, they’re there.

Hitoe’s with them too.

She and the kittens are curled up.

Yes, yes, it’s cold.

I’ll keep it close but make sure you go out from time to time or you’ll suffocate.

Lastly, there’s a legless chair placed by the kotatsu.

Of course, it is for my exclusive use but….Aegis, the phoenix chick, is sitting there.

And with a satisfied face.

My apologies but that’s my seat.

I move Aegis on the kotatsu.

Hey, don’t look at me with that face or I’ll be troubled.

I sit on my chair and warm myself using the kotatsu.

Yeaaahh, it’s warm.

Aegis is on my head.

Hitoe, who’s in the kotatsu, came to my lap.

Okay okay.


The spiderlings are preparing something on the ceiling beam.

I shouldn’t look yet?

Let’s relax and wait for them.

When I thought so, someone came to my room.

It’s Youko.

She warmed herself in the kotatsu as if this is her own room.

Oh, Hitoe noticed Youko and moved.


The wine slime took her place.

It hops towards my lap.

And it’s cold.

The wine slime came for the alcohol Youko brought.

It’s rice wine.

I put ice on a bamboo cup and pour it there.

I’m sorry but I’ll drink first.


It tastes like mixed alcohol but….it’s easy to drink.

Should I pour Youko’s share?


Don’t let Hitoe drink it.

And let’s share some with the wine slime too.


While enjoying the alcohol Youko brought, a spiderling called me.

Are you ready?

What were you doing?


It was a group movement by the spiderlings.

They are beautifully divided by each type, queues up, and march.

They’ve done that in 3D with the use of their web.

They’re like a circus.


Oh, someone fails….it’s alright.

Do not mind it.


You can keep going.

For about five minutes, I watched the group show of the spiderlings.

Youko, who’s watching opposite of me, is looking at me with stunned eyes.

Is she envious?

If we can trade Hitoe on your lap to Aegis on my head I’ll gladly accept that envy.


While praising the spiderlings, an oni maid brought food as I’m only drinking.

It’s the hot pot lunch.

I wondered why there would be a hot pot even though it’s still day but it seems like Youko requested for it.

It can’t be helped then.

There’s no rule that you can’t eat hot pot during the day.

Following the oni maid are Loo, Tier, Alfred, and Tiselle.

They want us to eat together.

Kuro, Yuki, and Kuroni gave up their place in order for them to be seated.

The kittens all went inside the kotatsu.

Maa, considering the size of the kotatsu, it should be fine.


The main ingredient of the hot pot is anglerfish from Shashaato City.

To be precise, it is a fish that looks very similar to anglerfish….I judged it to be anglerfish because of the taste.

When I open the lid of the pot, the good smelling dashi permeates.

The cabbage and mushrooms in it also look delicious.

However, this color is…I wanted red carrots.

At least there’s no problem with the taste.

Oh, there’s mochi too.

There’s enough for everyone, right?


Yeah, it’s delicious.

Do you want some too, Aegis?

I don’t mind but if you want to eat, get off my head.

Ah, there’s no way I’ll let you peck directly into the pot.

Don’t rush, I’ll get some for you on a plate.


You don’t want fish head?

Its eyes scare you?

I know how you feel.

All right.

I’ll eat the head of the fish.


It’s okay.


Ah, sorry.

I have to talk to my son and daughter too.


During winter, I stay in the mansion as much as possible.

It’s a good opportunity to deepen our family’s bonds.


The next day.

I was able to get up properly.

I go to the shrine.


Kuroni is sitting down in the courtyard.

What happened?

Kuroni barks.


For my left and right, the kuros appeared and started a group movement.

It’s a beautiful march.

And there are a lot of them.

I wonder if this is some sort of retaliation against the spiderlings yesterday.

I know you guys are amazing even if you don’t do that.

No, no, let me watch you until the end.

It’s cold though.

But I’ll endure it.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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