Chapter 350 – Taking a Break Near Howling Village


Chapter 350 – Taking a Break Near Howling Village

I’m going to show the Senna’s daughter, Sette, to the Howling Village’s village mayor.

I’ve planned it for a long time but it was hampered by cultural problems.

Senna says that a person of lower hierarchy is the one who should visit.

Though I don’t think that I’m in a higher hierarchy compared to the village mayor of Howling Village, everyone opposes it.

If that is the case, then he should go here to see us so pick him up but that’s not possible.

What’s important is him going by using his own power.

It’s kind of frustrating but I can’t give up easily so I thought of a solution.


First is to go to Village Five.

My pretext is inspection.

However, I’ll be going there by riding Hakuren and not by using the teleportation gate.

Along the way, we’ll pass near Howling Village and there’s no problem with that.

It is okay to take a break near Howling Village.

I’ll just say I want to take a break so I did so.

There, it won’t be strange if the village mayor of Howling Village greets me since he knows that I’m nearby.

And having my daughter and the village mayor of Howling Village’s granddaughter with me is just a coincidence.

There are a lot of strange things in the world.


It’s a hassle but I have to do it in order to fool the custom.

By the way, this solution is suggested by Yuri.

It seems that the royal family and the nobles have similar problems.

As thanks, I gave her dried potatoes.


In fact, even if I said that I’ll be taking a break near Howling Village, Howling Village is a collection of villages and its boundary is ambiguous. It doesn’t even have a fence.

Because of that, we landed near the village where the village mayor’s house is located.

By the way, Gutt accompanied me since he’s the one who’s going to inform the mayor that I’m here.

I think he’ll come even if no one calls him but there’s a possibility that he won’t.

Though I’m worried about making Sette, who’s not even 2 years old yet, travel, Hakuren controlled the area around us using magic.

Magic is really convenient.

The result, though we had a lot of trouble, I was able to greet the village mayor of Howling Village and show Sette to him.

I feel relieved. I feel like I dropped something heavy.

What I did not expect is the first action of the village mayor of Howling Village, dogeza.

I am not angry particularly.

No no, we are neighbors so we should get along.


Senna, is it okay for me to decline this?

This encounter is a coincidence so please don’t.

That was a bit serious situation.

Also, village mayor’s wife.

Greetings to you, Gutt and Senna’s mother.

I’m glad she’s a gentle person.


Thanks for taking orders?

Don’t mind it.

We’re thankful to you too.

Ah, Tier, who comes here from time to time, is pregnant so I’m going to send someone else for a while.


Thank you for your continuous cooperation.

As for your new orders, use the small wyvern.


Ah, so your wife’s the one who manages what to order.

I didn’t know.


Besides Senna, Sette, and Gutt, Gulf’s son came with us too.

His purpose is his childhood friend.

They mutually promised to marry each other….hearing the details of their story, it seems like there’s not even a promise.

At worst, according to one of Gutt’s apprentices, she just said something like a lip service to Gulf’s son.

Presently, Gulf’s son has nothing to do so he’s good to go after the martial arts tournament.

After repairing the stage of the martial arts tournament coliseum, he can do anything he wants until the end of the year.

Thus, he came here….

He’s now smiling with an amazingly beautiful woman.

I’m surprised.

She’s the sexy type too.

In terms of age, she looks older than Gulf’s son.

She’s giving off the oneesan vibe.


They’re of the same age?

That….she grew well.

If you don’t know them, you’ll mistake them for an elder sister and younger brother.

At worst, mother and son…..

If the couple in question doesn’t mind, there’s no problem.

Good luck, Gulf’s son.


Gulf’s son came to me while fidgeting.

You want to take her home?

If you have the permission of the person in question and the village mayor of Howling Village I won’t mind.

Oh, wait, wait.

Since Gulf left, his wife must permit it.

The village mayor already permitted you to marry?


Is that so?

W-wait a minute.


I asked Senna and Gutt.

Can the village mayor decide for a couple’s marriage?

「That’s how it is in Howling Village. However, in reality, the village mayor can only give permission after they have talked about it with their families.」

So that’s how it is.

「However, since the village mayor has authority, he’s treated more seriously than the couple in question. It won’t be possible to marry unless the village mayor permits it.」

That’s quite a serious responsibility.

Then, do you think my permission is necessary in order for Gulf’s son to get married?

「The Big Tree Village should follow the custom of Big Tree Village.」


We don’t have that.

As long as the couple wants to, it’s fine.

They’ll have my support.

「Then, do you permit them?」

I nodded to Senna’s question.

But something caught me.

Does this have any demerit for me?

「If village chief permits them though their families did not agree, it will be village chief’s responsibility to persuade the families.」



Gulf’s son.

I just want to confirm.

Do you have permission from your parents?

How about her?

So it’s your parents huh.

I understand.

I don’t mind you taking her home but Gulf and Gulf’s wife must allow it.

Because of that, you’ll have to wait until Gulf returns.


No, even if you look at me like that…..

I don’t have a problem with you taking her home.

I don’t mind if you live together too.

But you can do intimate activities….

That’s alright.

It’s almost winter.

Let’s hold a grand wedding in the village.

If you can’t live together, let’s prepare a room for her in the inn.

How about that?



You’re worried that another man might lay his hands on her?

I understand your concern but…..there’s no such guy in the village.

She should be safe.

Everything’s alright.



What are you talking about?

There’s no way I’ll actively do something to increase “them”.

No, it’s not like she’s unattractive.

I’m saying that I won’t lay my hands on her so everything’s fine, got it?

No, there’s no point even if you make that face.


After my discussion with Gulf’s son was over, the residents of Howling Village had gathered.

Everyone, please stop your dogeza.

Yes, stand up, stand up.

It’s cold so stay near the fire.

So, why have all of you gathered….ah, you want to know how’s your children, who moved to the village, have been doing.

Like what I said in the letter, everyone is doing well.

There’s no need to worry.

You can talk to Senna, Gutt, and Gulf’s son about the beastkin migrants.

Since something like this happened, should I have brought more companions?

While talking with them, Sette was in the arms of the village mayor of Howling Village.


We stayed for a few hours and our break ended.

I left with a number of letters, I mean boards, which they have written in a hurry.

Using the small wyvern, they can only send a limited number of boards.

We were sent off by the village mayor of Howling Village.

Hakuren flies away.

We’re going to Village Five.

After doing a hasty inspection, we returned to Big Tree Village.


It was already night when we returned to Big Tree Village.

The kuros welcomed us.

Thank you.

Their number is incredible now.


When we got off of Hakuren’s back, she returned to her human form.

「Thank you for your help.」

「You don’t have to mention it. You’ll pay me back tonight.」


I wondered what she means.

「I want a second one too.」

Please be gentle.


And Gutt.

I’m sorry.

Let’s take Nutt next time.

「No, thank you for your concern.」

Originally, I wanted to take Gutt’s wife Nashii, and their daughter Nutt with us.

However, Nashii declined since she’s worried that she’ll catch the mine disease again.

It should be fine since Loo can treat her but she insisted for safety purposes.

Nutt could have come with us too but she chose to stay with her mother.

Maa, even if we brought her with us, she’ll only be acting strange there.

Also, we couldn’t forcibly take her.

The trip to Howling Village was too sudden.

There’s no time to make adjustments.


Finally, Senna and Sette.

Thank you for your hard work today.

Yeah, that’s a nice smile.

I’m sure you’re glad to be able to return to Howling Village.

Oh, it’s cold here.

Even if you are covered with magic, we can never be too sure.

Let’s move to a warm place.

It was a busy day.


By the way.

The childhood friend of Gulf’s son fainted when she saw the kuros.

It’s been a long time so I forgot.

The kuros are friendly and not scary at all but people who met them for the first time were always scared.

I’ll apologize when she wakes up.

Also, Gulf’s son.

It’s not my fault so stop making that face.

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