Chapter 353 – Childbirth, Igloo, and Snow Mountain Games


Chapter 353 – Childbirth, Igloo, and Snow Mountain Games

Delivery occurred successively in Village One.

I’m glad they were all born safely.

Looking at it, Paula has the most difficult delivery.

But why is her delivery that hard?

Is it because she did not notice her own pregnancy?

Or is it work stress?

I’m troubled because I have no knowledge at all.

The veteran devil midwife said that she can’t narrow down the cause of difficult delivery because there are individual differences.

That said, I want pregnant women to eat nutritious foods, moderate exercise, and normal life without minding anything.

That’s it.

Let’s inform everyone.

Yeah, I can’t say too much.

I know.

There are already a lot of children.

It would be bad to take care of them too much.

But it’s worse if we leave them alone.


I made an igloo with snow.

At first, I thought that building it in the courtyard but the snow there is not enough so I gave up.

An igloo needed more snow than I thought.

I took some snow from the snow mountain that Raimeiren made and built the igloo near the snow mountain.

When I brought a brazier into the igloo, it quickly became warm.

I put a net on the brazier and warmed a pot of miso soup on it. Its pleasant aroma filled the air.

Presently, I, the wine slime, and the dwarf Donovan are in the igloo.

Given the members inside, there’s obviously alcohol here.

I slightly moved the pot of miso soup to make space for warming alcohol.

This is our first hot wine.

Alcohol splashes when boiled so it is necessary to watch over it….

It’s safe here because I’m with the wine slime and Donovan.

Yeah, it really can warm you up.

We brought cinnamon, pepper, lemon juice, or orange juice to flavor it.

Donovan, do you really have to put them to the hot wine?


We warmed the hot wine similar to how you boil water.

We can’t warm it in its alcohol bottle so we used bamboo instead.

Because of that, a scent of bamboo has been added to the alcohol.

Maa, this wine is good as it is.

The wine slime is hopping as if saying “it’s not bad”.

「Happy things keep happening.」

Donovan was smiling while drinking.

What he said is not only because of alcohol.

Another reason is that three female elder dwarves have arrived in the village.

They came all the way through the forest of death so I welcomed them.

After that, they were greatly weakened when they heard that I knew the gatekeeper dragon and there’s a teleportation gate at Village Five.

It seems like they had a really difficult journey because they’re trying to hide from the gatekeeper dragon when crossing the mountain.

If only they have gone straight to his nest and talked to him, I’m sure he’d let them through.

Aren’t they needlessly afraid?

No, why are they even afraid of in the first place?

It’s the gatekeeper dragon?




He is and he is called like that because he prevents monsters and demon beasts of the forest of death from going south.

That’s the case so everyone should be thankful for his existence.

Nevertheless, why are they afraid?

When I asked that, Donovan laughed.

「Just being a dragon makes someone an object of fear.」

So that’s how it is.

When I see Hakuren and Doraim, who are having a snowball fight with the children, outside the igloo, they don’t seem to be like that.

By the way, Raimeiren is playing with Hiichirou in the snow.

If someone accidentally threw a snowball in Raimeiren’s direction, that will be dangerous in a lot of ways so those who are playing snowballs should be careful.

Ah, that’s Raimeiren’s magic shield.

It is also a perfect protection against the cold.

Dors, who also came into the igloo, told me so.

As thanks, I gave him miso soup….he’s staring at the alcohol so I gave him some too.

I wondered why Dors came here. It seems like Ann asked him to bring me another alcohol.

Thank you.

And just being a dragon makes someone an object of fear….

After Dors, Girar also came.

He’s holding a pot.

It seems to be zenzai for the kids.

Thank you.

Behind him is Guraru who brought tableware.


Girar prepared a house for Guraru in the village.

Well, it was actually me and the high elves who built it and we completed it last autumn. Guraru started living there.

Guraru is a dragon even if she looks like a child.

Though there’s no need to worry about her safety, there’s a lot to worry about with regards to her everyday life.

I don’t want her to live alone but there are a lot of life skills she can learn if she does so. Girar, who thinks that it is still too early for her to live under the same roof as her future groom candidate, agreed.

The groom candidate is none other than Hiichirou.

Hiichirou is only 3 years old so I don’t think about that kind of thing yet.

However, Guraru’s enthusiasm is stunning.

Guraru began living alone.

She worked hard for three days and gave up on the fourth day.

She went back to the mansion half crying.

For the time being, although she can be said as someone living alone, I dispatched a caretaker for her….

It seems like a house with only a person living in it is kind of lonely.


Now, she lives half and half in the mansion and her new house.

Dors dispatched five veteran devil midwives to her house.

It was requested by Girar.

As for the village, it won’t push away five reliable veteran devil midwives.

And Guraru lives alone….she’s starting to gradually improve her life skills.

Though the person in question has not encountered a problem yet, Alfred and Tiselle are jealous of Guraru’s house.

Even if you plead to me, I will not permit you so give up.

I thought Ursa wanted one too but she looks completely uninterested.

Yeah, I know.

She still wants to be at Hakuren’s side.


Since the igloo I made is wide, there’s still room for Girar and Guraru.

However, after putting down the tableware, Guraru left for the snowball fight.

It seems like she has a long way to go to become an adult.

We enjoyed hot wine.

The miso soup too.

After that, Donovan buries himself in snow and enjoys chilled alcohol.

Drinking cold drinks in a warm igloo on a cold day.

This is life.

However, if I drink too much, I’ll get sick.


Not gonna happen.

Ah, it is time to warm the zenzai.

The children’s snowball fight reached its final battle.

When it’s over, they’ll run over here.

Though it is cold, let’s warm the zenzai outside.

Someone, help….my bad.

Doraim helped me.

I thought Donovan would be the one who’ll help me….not this object of fear?


The zenzai is already cold so let’s put it near the fire.

Also, this role is loved by children.

So, let’s do our best.


The children are enjoying zenzai.

Raimeiren and Hiichirou slide along the snow mountain using a sled.


Next to them, the fairy queen is riding a board and slides like a pro.

She rotated around the air when she jumped on the jump platform.

She’s posing even when landing.


Truly marvelous but….

If you do that kind of demonstration, won’t the children try to jump out too?

Hold on.

Wipe out your sweat before going.

If your clothes are wet, go change.

I also made igloos for changing clothes.

There are clothes there too.

The right one is for the boys and the left one is for the girls.

Don’t make a commotion inside especially you girls.


Ah, I’ve prepared some.

There will be boards this year too.

It is a sled that can be used while standing on it. The fairy queen demonstrated how to use it earlier.

Try it in a low place and get used to it first.

The jump platform can only be used by those who can slide from top to bottom without stumbling.

Rotating in the air is prohibited.

Don’t overdo it.

Because board and ski are fixed to feet, it is easy to twist or break your leg if you fall.

Because of that, I made those boards in a way that one can take it off easily.

Though it reduces the risk of fractures, it is not suitable for intense action.

I’m already impressed that you can rotate in the air one time using it.


Ah, Ursa.

Are you telling me that you can rotate not just once but twice?

This board is not suitable for something that intense so no.

Don’t rotate.

Even if you use a sled, it’s still no!

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