Chapter 369 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 12~?


Sil and Bron brought me a boar that they had hunted three days ago.

Its body is around 1meter….not so much.

At first, I thought it was a piglet but it seems like adults around here are this big.

I’m a little puzzled because it is so different from the village.

In addition, Frau-sensei and Yuri-sensei both told us to be very careful.

We’ve taken note of that we’ve been very careful.


「Hou, tonight’s feast is going to be lively.」

Translation: Is that for dinner? Seriously? I’ll look forward to it.

That was the count’s son who was beaten by Sil a while ago. He’s holding a carpentry tool on one of his hands.

He joined the club for some reason.

Maybe because he loves bath.

We are planning to make a big bathroom.

Until yesterday, that guy didn’t even know how to use a saw.

「It is indeed tonight’s dinner but noble’s language is prohibited here.」

「Oh, right.」

And standing behind him are three school teachers.

Their purpose for being here is to observe and decide who’ll be the club adviser.

They’ve been here since yesterday.

Last night, after dinner, they began beating each other to decide on who’ll be the adviser.

They don’t have to hate this club that much….

Those three are here again today but I haven’t heard who among them will be our adviser.

I wonder if there’s no problem with the inspection.

I’m thinking of that while cooking.


As expected, it will be hard for me to cook alone so I have some people help me.

As for their cooking skill….yeah, wild.

First of all, wash your hands before cooking.

Don’t use something that has fallen to the ground.

Wash the vegetables with water.

That’s not how you should hold a knife.

Fire magic? You’ll only use it once.

It will be hard to cook using fire magic and you can’t do anything else if you’re going to do that.

You don’t have to call your servant from your house.

You should work using your own hands.


Teaching people is harder than I thought.

I wonder if Hakuren-sensei, Frau-sensei, and Yuri-sensei also had a hard time.


No, I think we were better compared to the people here.

Don’t use magic to cut vegetables.

Look, the vegetables blew up.


The next day.

The three of us were called by the school principal.

When I wondered why, we were shown with a wooden board.

There’s a character written….petition?

The content was a request to improve food in the dormitory.


Ehto, why are you showing this to us?

After asking the principal that question, she pointed at the signatures.

There are five names written as the petitioners.

It’s not our name.

Of course.

We don’t even know about this petition.

Though I might have signed it if we’re still in the dormitory but we are no longer related to the dormitory the moment we left it.

When I told that to the principal, she sighed.

The five petitioners are our club members.

Now that she mentioned it….I seem to have recalled their names.

「We did not incite them.」

「I know that. However, most of the students involved with you have become dissatisfied with the dorm’s food.」


I think I know what she means…’s probably because of dinner.

Every night, we look like we’re having a small party.

But every night, there were only around 40….last night was around 50 people.

Still, considering the number of enrolled students in this school, that number is insignificant.

No one can say that it’s our responsibility.

The root cause, isn’t it because the dorm food is not delicious?

「I admit that the dorm food is not delicious. They are cooked for the sake of preventing the students from starving.」

「Since you already know that, why not cook delicious food?」

「We don’t have that ability.」


「We are at a time where there is food shortage. It is impossible to ask someone, who was cooking in order to not starve, to make something delicious suddenly.」


「Therefore, I request of you.」

Could it be?

「Improving the food at the dormitory, I request you to cooperate.」

I knew it.

She said she requested us but it is not a request we can refuse.

However, I will resist.

「We don’t mind cooperating but unfortunately, our main profession is student desu. We often study at school so maybe in our spare time….」

Translation: We will cooperate but only when we feel like it.

「I heard you guys are excellent.」

Translation: Do you think you can escape?

「Hahaha. Thank you for your compliment. 」

Translation: Seems impossible.

「Starting today, I will send the chef of each dormitory to your place. Please train them. 」

Translation: Yes, the talk is over. Do it.


As expected, the principal is tough.


I can’t just pull back.

「It’s a shame but if the food in the dormitory improved, can we at least be rewarded?」

Translation: Merit, give us merit.

「Of course, I’ve already thought of something. Look forward to it.」

Translation: Say your wish.

「I’ll look forward to it. This….I’m sorry to put too much burden on the school. In fact, there’s one thing I wish to trouble you, could you solve it?」

Translation: Oh, can you do something difficult?

「I never thought you guys have a problem but let me know.」

Translation: Don’t underestimate a school principal.

「Actually, I’ve been looking for an acquaintance’s store in the royal capital but no matter where I look, I can’t find it. Can you help me find it? It’s Uncle Michael’s store….」

Translation: This has been our trouble since we came here so thank you in advance.

「Got it. Then, I look forward to the dormitory’s food.」

Translation: Piece of cake, I’ll show you the power of a principal.

This is all I can request.

Sil and Bron, you don’t have problems, don’t you?

If you have any, ask the principal yourself.


At noon, ten chefs came.

4 from the male dormitory, 4 from the female dormitory, and 2 from the teacher’s dormitory.

All of them know how to use kitchen knives so I’m relieved.

There’s no problem with their hygiene awareness too.

As expected.

However, they lack cooking skills.

They only know how to boil and grill.

Well, I wasn’t able to cook from the beginning either.

Let’s work hard together.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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