Chapter 406 – Serious Discussion


At the corner of the guest receiving room of my mansion, the long named former four heavenly kings and Beezel, who are by the hearth, are talking with serious expressions.

「What I didn’t find out after repeated investigation was something I found out immediately as soon as I arrived in this village. What do you think of it?」

「This is the path we took. What did you found out this time?」

「Garret Kingdom’s shrine maiden. I only heard of her but I didn’t even know her name….her real identity was the angel’s chief and she’s on that kotatsu. 」

「Oh, is it about her alias? I’m sorry, I should have told you. 」

「How did you know? 」

「I wrote a letter to the shrine maiden before about the substitute, I saw her handwriting with that reply. 」

「That’s an obvious lie. The shrine maiden’s letter will definitely be written by the vice chief. 」

「Fufu. I’m sorry. Actually, I went to see her in person.」

「Teleportation magic? You’re sly.」

「It can’t be helped, I’m powerless. Please forgive me on this matter.」

「If you consider yourself as someone powerless, it means that the demon king’s country is in good hands.」

「Yes, I’m powerless. I feel more powerless whenever I come to this village.」

「Right. That’s true. During the time when I was still active, I thought that demon king-sama is unmatched.」

「He’s losing to cats now.」

At the end of their line of sight is the sleeping demon king with Samael on his stomach.

「That…..shouldn’t you do something about it?」

「Let him be, he’s doing his job properly at the royal castle.」

「I hope so…..what about the front line?」

「There’s no movement. Have you heard about the heroes? 」

「When I heard of it, I felt great. 」

「They are also pitiful. 」

「I don’t think so. While there are no heroes, wouldn’t we be able to crush Fullheart Kingdom if we let demon king-sama lead the front line?」

「We can crush them but things will become more troublesome after we crush them.」

「Yeah. We can’t kill all the citizens of Fullheart Kingdom after all.」

「Yes. Therefore, even if we managed to annex the current Fullheart Kingdom, there is no merit in our country. On the contrary, our economy will deteriorate.」

「So that’s why you help the Fullheart royal family?」

「That’s top secret but….you have good ears.」

「I didn’t even know about the shrine maiden. But, aren’t you doing something dangerous? If the nobles in the frontline heard of it, they will point their spears to you.」

「I’m only laying groundwork. In addition, the royal family over there are not fools. They will help you if you help them.」

「All nobles are foolish.」

「Foolish….I think they only succumbed to the pressure of the church with the heroes. I also had my hands move there. It is about time we make our move.」

「Finally. Be cautious.」

「Of course. But the frontline will be reduced.」

「Is the war still ongoing?」

「Unfortunately. As far as I know, Fullheart Kingdom has received support from other countries in their war against us. For the time being, I think they’re going to rebuild their economy and food production while continuing the war.」

Beezel’s gaze is directed at Malbit who’s eating an orange in the kotatsu.

「If the Garret Kingdom’s shrine maiden is like that, that’s probably what will happen.」

「The ceasefire negotiation will begin in three years at the earliest. At that time, Garret Kingdom will move too, I hope she takes care of us then.」

「Garret brings something delicious as usual.」

「Check that out, it will be cooked soon.」

「Oh, I’m sorry.」

Beezel takes a fish skewer that was being grilled over the fire of the hearth and gives it to the long named former four heavenly kings.

「Ah, hou….good. The seasoning is exquisite.」

「I agree. Drink too.」



Next to Beezel, who’s pouring alcohol, is the wine slime. It was already there before anyone knew it as it drinks on my glass.

Next to it is the phoenix chick Aegis who’s dexterously eating a fish skewer.

A strange lineup.

While thinking so, I handed over Lupumirina, who I was holding, to ancestor-san.


Do you hate ancestor-san?

You like me better?


I’m glad but please go to ancestor-san.

If you hate him too much, ancestor-san will cry.

Aurora is on my other arm.

I have a long history as a father but my holding children in arms experience is short much less holding two at the same time.

There are two oni maids standing behind me as support.


Before I knew it, Ruincia was already standing there staring at me.

Yes yes.

I’ll give you Aurora.

This girl doesn’t hate it.

I’m a little lonely.

However, now, both of my arms are free.

Mothers in the world have it hard.

The two oni maids, who supported me when I was holding Lupumirina and Aurora, followed after them.

I’m lonelier now.

But it’s okay.

After this, I plan to play with Ririus and the others.

If you think about it, it’s been a long time.

What should we play?

They are around 5 years old.


We are parents and children.

We’ll manage somehow.

I’ll do my best.



I was treated very politely by the children.

They probably practiced.


Ah, your greeting is very neat.

Good good.

Have you decided what you want to play?

All right.

Let’s do that.

But wait a minute.

Yeah, the mothers of the children who are hiding behind the pillars over there, come here.

Let’s talk about that later.

With regard to the children’s education policy.

Let’s talk a little longer.

Yeah, this is not that difficult.

For the time being, mark it as an urgent matter.

Stop instructing the children to call their father “village chief”.

Until recently, they used to call me papa or touchan.


Don’t skip communicating with your children.

I engraved that to my heart.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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