Chapter 407 – Winter will End Soon


The plan for the dedicated pond for the universal ship has changed.

I thought I had to make a pond because it looks like a ship but it doesn’t have to float on water because it flies in the sky.

A ship stand is enough.

We didn’t even have to dig a hole.

A little frustrating.

Loo was the one who comforted me.

「Isn’t it cool if it were to fly out from the basement?」

Can I do that?

Maa, let’s use the hole we dug effectively.

A door was built above the hole and it will be closed unless the universal ship leaves or arrives.

The door is shaped in a triangular, roof-like design as a measure against snow and rain.

That door will be opened using the hand of the universal ship.

It is very convenient for a ship to have a hand.

Shouldn’t this be a standard equipment of ships?

Since the door is heavy, there is a warning sound before opening and closing the door.

For the time being, the warning sound came from a bell.

It might be mistaken as the village’s alarm so let’s consult Zabuton in spring after she hibernates.


After parting with the high elves and the mountain elves, who were working together with me, I returned to my mansion and took a break.

I usually take a break either in my room or the guest receiving room.

Alfred and the others are in the guest receiving room so I will head there.

Yeah, it looks like everyone is getting along well.

But remember that this is the guest receiving room so don’t run around.

Outside … it’s cold.

I feel cold too.

I put a cushion in a suitable place and sit down.

When I looked around….I found that there’s no kittens.

There are only children.

They might be in my room.

The phoenix chick Aegis, wine slime, and Hitoe on her fox form are here too.

We meet every day but I feel like it’s been a while.

Alright, want to sit on my lap?


Wine slime, I’m not asking you.

Have a drink over there.

Aegis, I’m not talking about you either.

Get on my head.

Hitoe is holding back but she delightedly sits on my lap.

An oni maid puts tea at a table near me.

She also puts juice for Hitoe.

Thank you.


Let’s talk to Hitoe about Youko.

Recently, Youko has been too focused on her work?

That’s not good.

Yeah, not good.

I’ll tell Youko.

Youko doesn’t leave you alone because she doesn’t like you.

Don’t be mistaken.


Hitoe was called by Alfred and the others so she left my lap.

Kuro, who has been waiting for that for a long time, put his head on my now empty lap.

Good good.

You’ve been hanging around me ever since I asked Hitoe to sit on my lap.

Sorry sorry.

I thought you were sleeping in my room.


While cuddling Kuro, who put his head on my lap, I wondered who would come next.

Will it be Yuki?

Or maybe a spiderling.




This is unexpected.

Ehto, why are you sitting on my lap?

Aren’t you a married woman?

Your husband died a long time ago but that still might cause some problems.

Look, Kierbit is heading over here with a terrible expression….



I have to find the right chance.

Let’s put a strict control on my mind.

I swear that to Aegis who’s immovable on my head.


The hall in the center of my mansion.

This place is convenient when there is a need to gather all the villages to talk but in winter, it is too wide making it cold.

You can call it a smaller soccer field.

According to the plan of the high elves, this can be warmed with magic but we did not do so since it is a waste to use various resources to warm this area.

As a result, though better than outside, it is still cold. People don’t go here too which makes it colder.

What should I do with this?


How about building partitions that can easily move in order to make a private room?

The high elves and the mountain elves behind me nod.

It doesn’t sound bad.

Let’s give it a try.


We tried it.

A space about four and a half tatami mat big was created.

Calm down, my heart.

If I put a brazier on the center, it will be warm enough.


It needs a roof too.

It will be cold if it doesn’t have one.

The height is about 3 meters.


It’s pitch black.

Use magic for light.



It’s a pretty nice space.

However, now that this has become a solid room, what about air draft?

Also, it is tightly holding on to the wall. It can no longer be called partition because the floor and wall can’t be moved.

A structural weak point.

If that is the case, it is better to set up a tent rather than a partition.

But setting up tents indoors will damage the floor.

I can’t do that.


I laid a board about 30cm thick on the floor as floor and put a tent on it.

The tent is less than 2 square meters but it is in good condition.

Put a blanket on it and now I have a comfortable space.

I tried lying down.


I like it.

Since it has come to this….

The high elves and the mountain elves brought a camping coach to the side of the tent.

You know me well.


Let’s make a few more tents for the time being.

I will feel bad if I’m the only one to enjoy it.

I, at least, have to make tents for the high elves and mountain elves.

We began cooking on the camping coach.

It’s indoor but it feels like we’re really camping.

「Isn’t it easier if you warm up this place using magic?」

I decided that I did not hear what Ann said.


「By the way, what happened to those magic tools?」

I asked Loo who’s eating beside the camping coach.

When the beastboys returned last autumn’s martial arts tournament, they asked Loo to investigate something.

Though they were the ones who brought them, the client was Glatts.

There was a theory that this magic tool might have called a monster called “mixture”.

「There’s nothing to investigate. Magic tools don’t produce “mixture”. However, a long time ago, I called a magic tool “mixture” and that caused misunderstanding to spread.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. Rather than returning it immediately, it might be better to help them by keeping it here. They would be relieved if they are here.」

「Return them properly.」

「I’m not even interested in borrowing them. In terms of performance, you can just pick randomly in the warehouse for a more superior magic tool.」

「That’s good. Then, what is that “mixture”?」

「Hmmm. You can call it a collection of magic power with will.」

「I don’t understand.」

「Ahaha. Ehto, you know the magic that manipulates golem?」

It’s the magic that Tier uses.

She also applied that magic on the universal ship.

「It only moves when the caster gives instruction and it will never move on its own, right?」

「That’s right.」

「Think of it as a golem that started moving on its own without anyone giving it an instruction. In a sense, it is the ultimate golem because it is independent but its sole purpose is self preservation. Bell and Gou might get mad but you can call it another type of mercury.」

「…..I’m sorry but I don’t understand it well. 」

「It’s a dangerous monster but it’s okay since it never appeared around here. Even appearing in the demon king’s kingdom is only a very little chance. 」

「But why did it appear near the school where the beastboys are going…. 」

「Super unlucky. Similar to how unlucky you are if you are to be hit by a meteorite. 」

「That’s….terrible. 」

「That’s why they became nervous to the point that Glatts even asked me to investigate. When the spring comes, I’ll go there to check it out as I return the magic tools. 」

「You’re going to leave again?」

「Ara, lonely? Even though you have Malbit?」

「Where did you even hear that?」

「Fufufu. I’ll forgive you if you let me sit on your lap.」

「…..please, my princess.」

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