Chapter 408 – Beastboy’s School Life, Departure


My name is Bron.

Gol, Sil, and I enrolled at Gullgald Noble Academy.

No, the three of us are teachers.

How did this happen?


Don’t mind the details.

I learned that from the village.

Village chief said that too.


It is not the process that’s important.

It’s the result.

Hope that it will ultimately benefit the village.

However, it will be a problem if you don’t choose the means.

For the time being, there is a far distance between what a student and what a teacher could do.

It would be better for the village if we are teachers than students.

That’s what I want to believe.

And just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn anything.

You can study independently in your spare time or attend classes of other teachers.


Let’s do our best.

The problem is, even though it has been half a year since we became teachers, we still don’t have spare time.



Gullgald Noble Academy admits students during spring but there’s no fixed schedule for graduation.

There are graduation requirements and if you meet them, you can graduate anytime.

However, this school is the school that nobles go to.

In the demon king’s kingdom, there is a large-scale investiture ceremony during winter so many students graduate during the end of autumn in preparation for their future appointments.

Several students who participated in our club have graduated.

「Being with you ends here.」

Translation: It was a short time but thank you for taking care of me.

「Fuh, I will finally be able to say goodbye to this stupid place.」

Translation: I don’t want to graduate.

「You….no, you don’t look like teachers after all.」

Translation: Why didn’t you come to this school as teachers earlier? Such a shame.

Even if they want to remain in the school, they can’t because of the circumstances of their houses and money.

I feel lonely but it can’t be helped.

Since they also graduated from club activities, they are allowed to use noble’s language.

Do your best after graduation.

Gol and Sil planned a banquet as celebration for their graduation and I agreed.

But I think it’s wrong to leave all the accounting related stuff to me.

Both Gol and Sil are not good at it and since I can do it, I’ll just do it.

But please don’t say “use the right tool for the right job”.


It is winter.

It is the teacher who’ll decide if there will be classes or not but it seems like there are generally fewer classes in winter.

Because of that, club activities are greater than usual.

By the way, the name of our club has been “livelihood club” until now but since our class is already livelihood class, the office asked us to change the name to avoid confusion.

As a result, our “livelihood club” was renamed to “government research lab”.

But isn’t the name “government research lab” sounds like studying how to rule?

Aren’t we doing some carpentry, farming, and hunting?

Isn’t that completely different from what we are currently doing?

In addition, those who are already club members are confused too….

However, reporting to their parents that they are members of “government research lab” sounds better than being members of “livelihood club” so I guess it’s fine?

So, it is like that huh.

If there’s any problem, let’s just change it again.


「Sensei, have you heard of it?」

I’m accustomed to students older than me using honorific language.

「Did something happen?」

「A dungeon was found in the north forest.」


「Yes. Though several adventurers have already entered, it seems like you can still make money there. What do you think?」

「Why are yo….no way?」

「Yes. We intend to go.」

You guys are certainly the gang of five that was banned from attending from classes after entering the forest when you are told not to.

「Are you not disciplined?」

「But it isn’t prohibited to go to the forest this time, right?」

「That’s right.」

「We certainly apologized for the inconvenience last time so this time, we’d like to ask you to accompany us!」


「Unfortunately, Gol-sensei is out while Sil-sensei is being chased by women.」

「I see.」

It can’t be helped.

It will be less troublesome than letting these five go on their own and cause another trouble.

「Okay. But let’s go to the adventurer’s guild first. That’s where we’ll prepare and gather information.」

If possible, let’s hire adventurers that can guide you.

If Kokusu of “Miagard’s Ax” is there, I could ask him to accompany them so I won’t need to do so myself.

Payment for the adventurers?

I can pay them myself.

It is not the money we got from village chief.

It’s the money I earned from helping with the office works of the school.

It is profitable enough that I won’t need to hesitate to hire adventurers.

Maa, I can’t study because of helping though….

But I’m sure that there’s no learning better than learning by doing the actual work.


When we went to the adventurer’s guild, I found Kokusu of “Miagard’s Ax”.

They are also listening to the story about the dungeon while preparing to go there.

Good timing.

However, they opposed having the five students dive into the dungeon.

They said it’s too dangerous.

I think so too.

If you can convince them, I would be happy.

However, the five students did not back down.

Because of that, they thought of a test.

If they can’t pass the test, they’ll have to give up and go back.

If they can clear it, they’ll take them to the dungeon.

「We will not go with you as hired adventurers but as companions.」

The five students worked hard hearing those words.


They failed to clear the test.

「Ugh, sensei. We’re sorry for disappointing you.」

It’s disappointing alright.

「We’ll give up as promised.」

It’s good that you’re obedient.

「You’re the only one who’ll do our part so please take care, sensei.」



「Alright Bron. Let’s go.」

Kokusu taps my shoulder.

No, why are you gripping my shoulder?

「I know your fighting power but give us half of the loot. There will be six of us so please forgive me. But you’ll be the first one to choose loot.」


「I didn’t take the test.」

「If there’s a test that makes you fail, I think there’s something wrong with the test.」

「Absolutely. Sensei, we’ll be waiting for your story!」


I’m now in front of the dungeon entrance in the depths of the north forest along with the members of Miagard’s Ax.

How did this happen?

However, there is also the matter of that “mixture” so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to check the dungeon in the forest.

Fortunately, the members of Miagard’s Ax are good at scouting.

Let’s steal as much as we can.

「Okay, let’s go!」

Everyone waited for Kokusu’s signal.

I don’t mind details but there’s only one thing I want to confirm.

Why did Kokusu signal the start and not the leader?

「You guys used those gang of five to get me involved, aren’t you?」

「We can’t do such a thing.」



「But we were the ones who told those five about the dungeon.」


I can’t afford to beat the members before diving into the dungeon, right?

I’ll just remember this when we return.

All right, let’s go.

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