Chapter 409 – Beastboy’s School Life, Exploration


The places called dungeons, there are three main types of them.


Nest made by monsters or demon beasts.

And ruins.

A cave or nest made by monsters or demon beasts basically doesn’t have things like gold but if the monsters or demon beasts staying in those places have a habit of taking something valuable, there is a possibility of finding some.

In ruins, you can expect old weapons and tools and even gold.

When adventurers venture to a dungeon, it is mostly a ruin.


This time, the dungeon found in the north forest is a cave but a ruin was found in its depth.

Since the ruin was discovered, 20 teams have left the capital to attack it.

Immediately after entering the ruins, they encountered a number of traps. Although no one was killed yet, many were injured so they couldn’t advance but they did not retreat.


After hearing that, we arrived at a square of the dungeon of the north forest.

There were around 30 tents there and it was lively.

「Other adventurers?」

「Only half of them. The other half are merchants. They are selling various things although at a high price.」

「Will there be anyone who’ll buy them if they are expensive?」

「If they can’t sell, the merchants should have left already.」

I see.

「Well, it took us more time than expected.」

We left the royal capital early afternoon but when we began to dive into the dungeon, it was almost night.

「The position of the sun won’t affect dungeon exploration. Maa, we have to worry about our physical condition so we might stay here for the night.」

Kokusu says so as he disturbs one of the tents.

The other members seem to be heading elsewhere.

I followed Kokusu.


「Welcome to the adventurer’s guild.」

Inside the tent are a nice desk and a receptionist oneesan that welcomed us.

「This is the guild’s branch office.」

「Are you going to register for a dungeon dive? Or did you already do it in the capital?」

「It’s information gathering. I’m Kokusu of Miagard’s Ax. Is there any new information?」

「Two days ago, “Bright Green” brought back a magic tool from the north. That place seems to be popular now.」

「Bright Green….Riba huh. He’s doing good. What about the south?」

「There has been no change since ten days ago. There seems to be no one that can break through that place.」

「Got it. We will go to the south side tomorrow. If anything happens, please.」

「I understand but….are you heading south because of Bron-sama?」

The receptionist oneesan looks at me.


「What about the school?」

「Contacted properly. Is there anything else?」

「No, there isn’t. Have a safe adventure. In case of trouble, please don’t involve the adventurer’s guild as much as possible.」


Kokusu is laughing but given the receptionist oneesan’s response, the adventurer’s guild isn’t happy.


After leaving the adventurer’s guild branch office’s tent, Kokusu heads to a large tent a little distance away.

「We’ve kept you waiting.」

The members of Miagard’s Ax are there.

I thought it was an inn but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It seems like this is an accommodation tent managed by the members of Miagard’s Ax.

「There’s a competition for good places. Our members stay here in turns.」

「I see. But if you already have members here, what’s the point of going to the branch office to gather information?」

「It is indeed not necessary if the members staying here are gathering information.」

So that’s how it is.

They are not gathering information.

「Then, what are they doing here?」

「Helping out other teams.」


「This is the first time you’ll meet them so let me introduce you to them. Oi, this young one is scholar Bron. Take care of him.」

「Eh? What’s with the scholar?」

「You don’t know? You guys are the famous master chef Gol, lady-killer Sil, and scholar Bron.」


I was so shocked that the greetings from the few who I met for the first time did not get into my head.


Next morning.

There’s a member check again.

Currently, there are ten members of Miagard’s Ax here including Kokusu.

However, the other four will remain in this tent as backup support.

With that, I’ll go with the other six members of Miagard’s Ax to explore.

「Kokusu, what’s with the south?」

「Ah, there’s a little puzzle door that can’t be opened. A lot of people have tried but no one can open it.」

「Puzzle? If that is the case, won’t we be helpless even if I go?」

He said yesterday that we’ll go south because I’m with them.

「You’re a teacher at the school, aren’t you?」

「…..being a teacher doesn’t mean that much.」

Even teachers have things they don’t know.

Well, let’s look at it first.


I couldn’t solve the puzzle.

Because it is not a puzzle.

There was an explanation concerning how to open and close the door.

Moreover, it is carefully written that when the door is opened or closed during an emergency, it will not open using the usual procedure.

「As expected!」


「We’ll be the first to unlock the south side!」

No, wait a minute.

「What’s wrong?」

「You couldn’t read this?」

「I can’t read something unreadable. Those are just circle, triangle, and square, right? I don’t know what that means.」

「No no, this is just the usual ancient high elvish language, right?」

「Ancient high elvish language is not usual. The usual is common language. 」

In the village, Ria-oneechan and the others use it like usual.

Thinking about it, it is true that Ria-oneechan and the others are talking in common language with other races.

That’s unusual?

I see.

It isn’t usual.

While I’m shocked, we moved to the place no one has stepped on…and stopped moving forward.

That’s because one of the members of Miagard’s Ax told us to stop.

「There’s a trap. I’ll disarm it so wait a moment.」


Let’s get psyched up again.

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