Chapter 410 – Beastboy’s School Life, Capture


After the trap was disarmed, we moved on.

Two members of Miagard’s Ax are taking a 10 meter lead for scouting and trap detection.

The two of them will scream if they are attacked by someone.

Though there’s still a probability of being silenced at the same time, the probability is low.

The main unit will be composed of four people and I’m included in it.

We proceed with caution while being prepared for battle.

About 10 meters behind the main unit is someone hiding.

He’s in charge of making sure there will be no surprise attack from the rear.

In addition, he also has a duty to get help when the main force is trapped somewhere whether the reason is an accident or a trap.


That’s it. There’s someone here.

After encountering some traps, Kokusu calls out to everyone.

I have the same idea.

That trap is new.

Kokusu concluded so by seeing the tree branch used for the trap.

Looking at the decay of the tree branch, it can be seen that it was set up there several months ago.

And it is a capturing type trap.

This kind of trap is something that should be checked regularly.

I don’t think it’s an ordinary person given the skills in hiding traps so don’t attack suddenly. He might be living normally here. Let’s only attack if the other party is hostile.

After Kokusu alerted everyone, the exploration continued.



Aside from me, everyone was trapped in the ruins.

We were careful but we were caught one by one.

The person on the rear that was supposed to look for help when something happened was the one that got caught first.

I was caught last but I can’t help but think that the members of Miagard’s Ax were taken as hostage.

Don’t negotiate with someone who takes hostages. No matter what you do, things won’t improve.

I didn’t forget Frau-sensei’s teaching but I had no choice but to negotiate.

After all, the other party is stronger than me.

It might be possible for me to escape.

However, if I escape, the members of Miagard’s Ax would be killed.

This is a bad wake up call.

But I don’t want to be murdered in silence here.

For the time being, I’ll negotiate and hope that things will improve.

I’m telling that to myself.

Otherwise, I’ll get angry with myself even if I manage to come back safely.


Are you done checking?

The person who caught us asks so.

After negotiating, I managed to at least check if the members of Miagard’s Ax are still alive.

Although they are injured, nobody looks dead.

I’m relieved.

Now, let me hear your story.

I nod.

There was only one person who caught us.

It’s a high elf.

Not an elf.

I’ve seen elves in Village Five so I can’t make a mistake on recognizing high elves.

She’s the same high elf like Ria-oneechan and the others.

And in terms of strength, she’s above them.

The moment I saw how she held her bow, I immediately realized that.

That’s why I have no intention of fighting.

She doesn’t even think of taking our weapons away for us. We are not a threat to her.

She caught us because she wants to hear from me.

Say the name of the high elves you know.

She said that in ancient high elvish language so I replied in ancient high elvish language too.

Ria, Risu, Riri, Rifu, Rikoto, Rize, Rita, Rafua, Raasa, Rarasha, Raru, Rami….

I give the name of the high elf oneechans of the village.


She stopped me who’s reciting names.

She seems to be surprised.

How do you know the names of people from different clans?


It’s bloodline. Ria and Rize are from Riff clan. Rafa and Raasa are from Raff clan. Though we sometimes fight together, we basically live in different places.

Is that so? But we are all living in the same village.


Should I continue the names?

No, how many are they?

About 50.


What else do you want to ask?

You know Ria but do you know Rigune?

Rigune? Not familiar….I think.

Is that so? You said they were in the same village but, why did you know about the high elf village?

It is not a high elf village. There are many other races there.

Really? Where is it located?

In the middle of the forest of death.

…………if you want to fool me, think of a better lie.

It doesn’t matter what you think….I lived there too.

……all right. Assuming that everything you said is true, can you prove it?


Right. I don’t care what kind of proof it is. Just prove that you really know the high elves you named.

How about I bring you to the village?

I’ll keep you tied up along the way, will you still guide me?

What would happen if I was tied up?


Will the school be okay?

If I ask Uncle Beezel, we will get there immediately….

The problem is the moment we enter the village.

They’ll be very angry if they saw me like that.

In addition, it may make Alfred or Ursa worry.

I want to avoid that at all costs.

Should I really be tied up just to guide you?

Of course. What if you’re telling a lie just to lure me out of here?

Therefore, you need proof or evidence.

That’s right.

I see. Well then…..they taught me how to knit grass, will that be enough?

No. Grass knitting was transmitted to elves too.


I’m in trouble.

What should I do?

I can’t think of anything.

Can I talk to the members behind you?

….do what you want.


What are you talking about?

I’m explaining that we’re not enemies. And, she’s asking me to prove that I know the person she knows.

Person you both know?

An oneechan that taken care of me in the village.

What about showing her something from that person?

The only things I have here are consumables.

That’s not good. What about trying to say things that person only knows?

That would be pointless if the person who caught us doesn’t even know her.

How do you know without asking?

…..wait a minute.


I checked.

It seems like she really knows Ria-oneechan.

She also said her name earlier, is she Ria-oneechan’s acquaintance?

The worst can be avoided.

I am relieved.

So, that person….was it Ria-oneechan? Do you know anything that only Ria-oneechan knows?

Well, I’m not with her all the time….

Then, how about impersonating her usual habit?

I’m not good at impersonation…..


I tried.

What was that?

She was looking at me with a strange expression?

That’s how Ria-oneechan checks the water temperature when she takes a bath.


Ah, she doesn’t even know what bath is?

This is not good.

My choice of impersonation was bad.

You can’t prove it.

Wait. One more time, give me another chance.

What does Ria-oneechan has been doing as a habit for a long time…..

How about this?

Th-that is….

Ria-oneechan’s victory pose when she kills a prey.

Is it too particular?

Is it useless?

Oh, I remember. That’s right. Whenever Ria kills a prey, she’s so happy.

All right!

Is that enough for you?

Yeah. I was doubtful, my bad. There have been a few people who have approached me with the story of reviving the high elves a number of times. I’m cautious of them.

Is that so? Then….can you release my members behind you?

Okay. If you know Ria, there’s no reason to be hostile. But why did you enter my territory? There was a mark indicating that this is my territory.

I’m sorry.

There was certainly a mark.

People who don’t know about high elves will not notice but I was taught by the high elf oneechans.

The moment I noticed her mark is probably the moment I caught her interest.

If I didn’t notice it, would she overlook us?

No, she might have taken care of all of us.

That was dangerous.

I’m Bron, what about you?

I’m Rigune.

Rigune? Ah, you asked me that a while ago.

Yeah. If you only know my name, I would have trapped you. However, Ria never talked about me?

I never heard of you. But she taught me how to walk in the forest, how to distinguish grass, how to handle weapons, etc.

Is that so? Maa, I guess she didn’t have time to remember me.

Are you Ria-oneechan’s friend?

I’m not her friend. I’m Ria’s mother.


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