Chapter 411 – Rigune

My name is Rigune.

A high elf warrior.

I am fighting a battle.

If it’s one on one, I will not lose.

If it’s one to many, if I can pull them into the forest, I will not lose.

In addition, there are reliable high elf warriors around me.

There are less than a hundred of us but we can win even if we are attacked by everyone.

That’s what I believe.

And I take pride in that.

The other party are not some people that can be assassinated by silent arrows.

It was an enemy with wisdom.

That enemy seduced the elves under our control and examined the places where we defend.

We are strong in the forest because we can move freely.

We can hide what we should protect in the depths of the forest while we crush the enemies.

However, since the enemy knows where we hide those we protect, we can’t move freely.

My comrades were killed or captured one after another.

But we earned time.

What we are protecting, our children, we bought them time to escape.

After making sure that all of the children left, I charged towards the enemy.

That time, I thought that it would be okay to die.

Was I lucky to have survived? Should I be happy?

It might have been lucky.


Because I can hold my grandson.


He’s big.

Five years old?

Good good.

Well done, Ria.

You’re also skillful enough to get the scattered high elves together.

Good good.


What are you worried about?

Revenge on humans who attacked the village and the traitor elves?


Rest assured.

I’m not thinking about revenge anymore.

I was thinking about that the first decade, perhaps the second decade too.

But after a hundred years, 200 years…..

Trying to live is the only thing I could do.

I’ve already taken revenge on the prominent enemies so it’s okay.

Right, the traitor elves survived though.

Have you heard about them?

It seems like they have been destroyed by the wrath of dragons.

They hid on that island because they were afraid of me but they dare call themselves as elf empire.

Serves them right.


What happened?

Why are you looking like that?

It’s a funny story.

Let’s laugh together.



Calm down.

After being introduced to Ririus, Ria is now guiding me towards the village chief’s residence.

It’s natural to greet the village chief.

But before that, I need to confirm something first….

「Why are that pack of inferno wolves still looking at me after what happened?」

I couldn’t do anything.

I don’t even understand what has happened.

Even one inferno wolf is already a ticket to hell and there are ten of them.

That’s sly.

「They are the village guards. When mother came to the village, you release bloodlust so they reacted.」

「I heard that you’re not the only people in this village. In other words, you should be under someone.」

Thinking my daughter and my comrades might be living a humiliating life, of course my blood will boil.

「We live as members of this village. We are not forced to live the humiliating life that mother is imagining.」

「That’s nice if it’s true. What about this child’s father? Ririus is only five years old so he’s probably still alive, right? In order not to go against you…..I have to discipline him.」

「Mother, Ririus’ father is the boss of the inferno wolves desu.」

「……..Ria. You, with a beast…..」

「If you’re not my mother, I would have beaten you up already.」

「I’m wrong huh. That’s great. However, boss of the inferno wolves?」

「Ririus’ father is the village chief. Hiraku-sama desu.」

After arriving at the village chief’s mansion, Ria brought me to the guest receiving room. There are several people there but there’s only one man.

「……….isn’t that a human?」

「He’s human alright. On top of that, he’s the boss of the inferno wolves. That’s what he is.」

「…..I see. He’s indeed an existence you shouldn’t go against. What about the women beside him? Aren’t you his wife?」

「Lulushi-sama and Tier-sama desu」

「…..those names? No way, the blood sucking princess and the angel of annihilation?」

「That’s right. Both of them have become Hiraku-sama’s wife before me.」

「I-I see. Who are those scary fellows over there?」

「Hakuren-sama and Rasutisumoon-sama desu. They are dragons desu. They are also Hiraku-sama’s wives desu.」


Let’s calm down a little.

No, let’s confirm things out.

There are also people at the opposite of village chief’s group.

「Who’s that man over there? He looks similar to the demon king.」

「He is the demon king. He is Hiraku-sama’s friend desu. He comes here every few days.」


「Next to him are dragon king Dors-sama and the one behind them holding a child is Raimeiren-sama desu. She is Dors-sama’s wife and Hakuren-sama’s mother. The dragon that destroyed the elf empire that you mentioned earlier is her. As for the reason, it is because they sank Hiichirou-sama’s ship. Hiichirou-sama is village chief and Hakuren-sama’s son. The child she’s holding is Hiichirou-sama.」


What kind of place is this place?

A village in the middle of the forest of death?

I thought it was a joke but it’s true.

The beastkin boy and the demon who brought me here have repeatedly said that.

That village chief is amazing.

I see.

This seems to be a place where you can’t use common sense.


First of all.

「Ria, I apologize for my bloodlust earlier. I want you to inform the village chief that I have nothing against this village.」

「Leave it to me.」

「And, are there any more people who I should be careful with other than the ones you mentioned?」



「No matter who gets hurt, village chief will surely be angry. Please take a note of it.」


「I heard that Bron, a beastkin boy, is from this village. Is he included?」

「Of course he is. By the way, there are not just inferno wolves here. Don’t be surprised if you see others. Ah, speaking of them, please look up. Those are little demon spiders. Please wave at them.」


I should also apologize for catching Bron.


「I hope you understood a lot of things. Then, village chief is waiting. Let’s go to say hello. And please let Ririus go, he’s not a shield.」


I made up my mind.

I don’t know what will happen in the future but I’m honestly pleased that my daughter Ria managed to blend with this vicious group.

After that, I finally noticed a nostalgic face that seems to have been smiling at me since a while ago.


Even you are here?

Only recently?

It doesn’t matter.

I will bear shame and ask.

Back me up.

You’re my friend.

I apologize for saying that you were an insidious angel 500 years ago.

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