Chapter 418 – Spring Work and New Resident

After the parade, Rigune returned with the demon king’s group to the royal capital.

The three beastboys were also with them.

It might be a bit late to say but it seems like classes have already begun.

I asked Rigune to take care of the three and I also asked the three to take care of Rigune.

Malbit and Ruincia have returned too.

Both of them showed no sign of going back home so Kierbit forced them to go back but, is that alright?

I guess the two of them thought of going home too since it would be impossible for Kierbit to deal with them alone.

I gave them a lot of souvenirs.

Dors’ group and ancestor-san’s group are also leaving.

It made me feel lonely.

In order to cope with that loneliness, I’ll devote myself to work.

I plow the field.

The field of Big Tree Village was not enlarged but the fields of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three were expanded.

There’s no expansion on Village Four since the space there is limited.

Village Five can take care of itself.

After the fieldwork is done, the next thing to do is digging a new reservoir.

There was a plan before of using the dock of the universal ship at the south as a new reservoir but it became a waterless dock.

Thus, we’re going to dig a new one on the south side of the village.

But, how big should we dig?


Yeah, the bigger, the better.

A square with 100 meters on each side.

The depth at the center will be 10 meters.

I’m going to be serious.


It is impossible to dig in one day.

Let’s do it slowly.

I don’t just have to work.

It is necessary to give my heart time too.

And so, I will work on it.


I’ll make wooden plates and wooden bowls.

The design is simple.

There’s no ostentatious decoration.

They are round and smooth. That’s it.

Yeah, they look good.

I know that most of it is due to the AFT but my skill improvement has influenced the result too.

Let’s get it on.

Let’s make about 20 pieces each and have my recreation activity end with that.

Ah, kuros.

I’m sorry for making you wait but these are not new flying disks.

Please understand.

Then, let’s play a little.

Get some balls and flying discs.

The south reservoir has been completed but it is difficult to store water there.

Yes, we can store water in it but it is too far from the water source.

Maa, let’s just wait peacefully.

I expanded the lobster farm in the west.

The lizardmen who are managing the aquaculture pond requested me to do so.

Lobster farming seems to be going well.

I also greeted the kuros that are guarding that place.

Thank you for your hard work.

Something happened and though it is not a problem, it can be considered as a small incident.

A strange creature settled down in the first reservoir on the west side of the village.

Since water was being sent to the new reservoir in the south, the water from the west reservoir temporarily decreased. That’s where we found the creature there.

「It’s a pond turtle.」

Loo discerned the real identity of the creature.

「Is it dangerous?」

「It is a gentle monster and is said to be the guardian deity of ponds.」

There are strange monsters like this too huh.

「What do you want to do with it? If you want to exterminate it, I’ll help you with that.」

「Is it harmful?」

「It is not but….the slimes, don’t you think it has already eaten some?」

「….how many slimes do you think it has eaten?」

「I’m sure you’re the most informed if we’re going to talk about the slime’s population.」

「I’m not even counting. Maa, I only know that the slime’s population is increasing.」


The pond turtle moved to the bank of the reservoir.

It’s big.

Its shell looks like a round mountain…..the size is about 2 meters in diameter.

The height is….about 2 meters too.


Tantalizing eyes.

And it is appealing to let it live as it is.

It’s okay.

I’ll allow you to live here.

「The problem is food. You don’t eat slimes, right?」

It nods.

It seems like its intelligence is high.

「Is fish your staple food?」

It shook its head.

「Eh? How about meat?」

It doesn’t seem to eat meat either.

Then, what does it eat?

I asked Loo but she doesn’t know too.

This is a problem.

Let’s try to feed it things for the time being.



It ate grass growing in the forest.

It was particularly happy when it was eating cabbage and radish.

Its appetite is small in contrast to its big body.

You’re not holding back, are you?



Let’s turn the surrounding area of the reservoir into a grass field.

What if it runs away….impossible?

How can I get in touch with you?

The pond turtle suggested something.

It will go near my mansion.

I see.

If it is there, someone will surely see it.

Then, let’s go with that method.

If we encounter any problems, let’s take another approach.

Oh, wait a minute. Don’t go back to the reservoir first.

I have to introduce you to the villagers first.

Don’t want to?

The pond turtle asked me to wait a little which I did.

The pond turtle came back while holding something using its mouth.

「What’s this?」

Loo’s reaction is faster than mine.

Pond turtle’s shed shell!」

She’s very excited.

No, explain this first.

What shed shell?

「The shell the turtles are living at is not the same throughout its life. It sheds shell on a regular basis. Look at this, even the pattern is smaller than its current shell.」


「And, pond turtle’s shed shell is so rare that it can be said to be a phantom item!」

「Is it a material for medicine?」

「Not only that but it can also be used as magic material and magic tool material.」


「Your reaction is too weak!」

「I’m sorry but….looking at it, the pond turtle has brought several shed shells.」

There are around 20 pieces.

Is this really a phantom item?

「To get a pond turtle’s shed shell, you have to go to the pond where the pond turtle lives.」


「The shed shell is in the pond turtle’s territory which means you have to fight against the pond turtle.」

「Isn’t it a gentle monster?」

「No matter how gentle a monster is, it will get angry if you invade its territory.」

Maa, for sure.

「After that, the pond turtle will eat its shell to recover.」

「So that’s how it became a phantom item.」

「Yeah, and once it no longer has a shell, it will run away.」

I see.

Perhaps by giving me these shed shells, it shows that it is not hostile.

Looks like it.


Don’t mind it.

As long as you get along with the other villagers, everything is fine.

Those shed shells might be important.

You can take it b….Loo?

「Please give me five, no, three is enough!」

I never thought I’d see my wife dogeza because of it.

With that, the village got a new resident.

Once a year, the pond turtle will shed and it will give it to the village.

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