Chapter 420 – It’s Spring but Spring is Still Far Away

Soon, it will be spring harvest.

This year’s harvest is going to be good again so I pray to the god of creation and farming god at the shrine.

After that, I also apologized.

I apologized for carving a farming goddess statue. I might have been disrespectful.


However, since I have never met the farming god, it is more possible that the farming god is a woman and not a man….

If that is the case, could it be that I have been disrespectful in the first place?


I can’t help thinking about it.


What’s important is to not forget gratitude.

Displaying the farming goddess statue next to the farming god statue is definitely not me running away.

Since the production of miso and soy sauce have started in Village Five, Flora often goes out.

She seems to be doing her best as an instructor.

And as a researcher.

「The goal is to make the taste uniform even in mass production.」

I wonder if I should join them.

I feel like I’ll have more opportunities to see Flora’s face that way.

「Are you turning into an adult when at work?」

Like Loo, Flora can freely change her age too.

「If I don’t look like someone of a certain age, no one will take me seriously.」

「Is that so?」

Come to think of it, Flora is not well known in Village Five.

Hang in there.

I should think of something to give her a hand.

「It’s alright. Youko-san is already doing a lot of things for me.」

「Really? I’ll thank Youko then. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice.」

「No no. Rather than that, I’m more worried about the production volume. Though we can sell as much as we make, its value will decline if a large amount of supply appears in the market.」

「It doesn’t matter if the value goes down. Make as much as you want without thinking anything else. In the future, I would like everyone to be able to buy it.」

「Is that okay?」

「We shouldn’t monopolize delicious things, we should spread it.」

「………understood. I’ll do my best.」

Thank you.

Hakuren is teaching the children as usual.

The children have settled down under the leadership of Alfred and Ursa.

I also planned to enroll Ursa at the school in the demon king’s kingdom since she’s already at that age but the beastboys, who returned during the martial arts tournament last year, stopped it.

If she has to go to school, she has to go there with someone else.

It’s too dangerous to throw Ursa alone in the school.

When I said that the three are there, they told me to give them a break.

How much are they afraid of Ursa?

Maa, I also understand the concern of the beastboys.

If someone has to enroll with her… about Nutt?

Then it will be next year.

Ursa herself did not show much interest in enrolling at the school so we let this year’s admission go by.

This is not a world that is overemphasizing on academic qualifications.

If you don’t want to, no one will force you.

I also worry if she’ll get entangled with a strange man at the school.

Speaking of which, Ursa’s partner seems to be Alfred but….is it really like that?

I’m curious.

But let’s not do anything unnecessary.

Let’s leave whatever will happen to them.

Yup, that’s what I should do.

That night.

Hakuren told me.

「I think Ursa and Alfred look good together but, can they continue like that? Loo says it is up to you.」


I already knew it but, free love seems to be rare in this world.

「Ah, isn’t it still early?」

「Is that so? I heard from Frau that it is not strange to have a fiancée at their age.」

「That’s because Frau is a noble.」

Frau herself doesn’t have a fiancé, doesn’t she?

「Deciding early for a fiancé is a good way to make weird bugs away. They can always cancel the engagement due to change of circumstances.」

「Change of circumstances?」

「When either of them found the person they like.」

「What if they were not able to find the person they like?」

「They’ll get married as planned.」


At least the risk of not being able to marry will decrease.

I see.

「As Ursa’s mother, I would like her to be engaged with Alfred.」

「I’m Alfred’s father but aren’t I Ursa’s father too?」

「In other words, if you’re the one who’s going to decide, no one will disagree.」


For the time being, I said that I’ll think about it first in order to avoid answering on the spot.

This time, I’ll ask both Ursa and Alfred about their feelings in secret.


I feel like I might not be able to take what I’ll hear.

Should I ask Ann and Ria to listen secretly?

No no, I shouldn’t run away as a father.

Let’s get it on.

「By the way, are you okay with Hiichirou and Guraru?」

I haven’t said anything but I know that everyone is already treating it as certainty.

「It’s because father and Girar already agree. I think mother is with them since she’s already training her.」

Raimeiren is training Guraru?

I did not know.

「As a mother, their marriage is…..I’m fine with it as long as the timing is right.」

「Unlike with Ursa, it looks like you’re not worried about Hiichirou that much.」

「It’s because he’s our son. If he fails to marry Guraru, we can do something. In Ursa’s case, we can’t. If we don’t do something, I don’t think she’ll find someone.」

「Really? But looking at the current situation, even if we keep silent, she seems to be sticking to Alfred.」

「I wish that’s really the case. I don’t think Ursa is the type who’ll stay quietly in the village. With so much power, I feel like she’ll go outside. In the future I can see, she’ll only have friends around her and never a lover….」

I-I think she’s too worried.

However, I can see her future being like that too.

At a later date.

「Ursa, do you like someone?」


「….what about father?」

「F-father too」


It is too early to talk about marriage.

But let’s think about it seriously.

Also, Ursa.

You haven’t mentioned someone yet from the list of the people you like.

The clay doll.

Look, he’s sulking there.

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