Chapter 438 – Angel’s Branch Office Construction Plan

In the guest receiving room of my mansion, I went to the kotatsu that was set up early. Malbit and Ruincia are also having an after dinner tea here.

「That tree, it has taken root with great momentum.」

「That’s within expectations. Aside from the fact that we can’t make that tree grow, considering the tree itself, I think it was good that it has grown here.」

「That’s right but the elders are noisy, aren’t they?」

「What can even those elders who planted it at the corner of our village say?」

「They said that it is a tree that symbolizes them when they are still referred to as godkins. What did you tell them when you went out?」

「If they want to say something, tell that to the godkins. And they shut up.」

「When we were still rampaging, we used to call ourselves godkins too.」

「I’ve already forgotten about it. The present me is only Tiselle and Aurora’s grandmother.」

「Kuh. I envy you for having grandchildren. I have to get Kierbit to do her best.」

「Kierbit is back. She’ll probably ask about that tree.」

Kierbit, who’s in the line of sight of Ruincia, approached Malbit.

「Mother, what is that!」

After thinking for a moment, Malbit said:

「Kyaa~ a godkin~」

A rematch of the martial arts tournament was held.

No, this is a legit mother-daughter quarrel.

Malbit, who’s not getting out of the kotatsu, seems to be at a disadvantage.

By the way, I’m also in the kotatsu and I’m also drinking tea.

I thought that it was still early but kotatsu is attractive enough.

「So, Ruincia, that tree seems to be a symbol of the angels but, can I raise it as it is? 」

「I will not bring it if you can’t. Tier and Kierbit both live here and there are also Tiselle and Aurora. Consider it as a succession to the next generation. 」

「I don’t mind if there’s no problem. I heard that the leaves have various effects, can I examine it? Or rather, Loo and Flora already tore several pieces of leaves. 」

Tier herself also wants to get some but she worked hard to endure the urge.

In addition, it was interesting to see the phoenix chick Aegis eats leaves without hesitation although its expression is really bad.

「I don’t mind if you want to examine it but there are already things about it written in the book I gave you. 」

「Really? 」

「Yeah 」

I put off reading it but I guess I must read it.

No, maybe I should just give it to Loo.

However, Loo likes researching.

She’s researching in Shashaato City and even though she’s back, she’s still researching.

When she came to the village, it wasn’t that much….she’s only researching about medicinal herbs before.

Thinking about it, she hasn’t changed that much.

Is it a good or bad thing?

It’s good to have hobbies.

Ah, no, if I say that what she’s doing is a hobby, she’ll be offended.

It’s good to have a job.

「Village chief, we’ve talked about this for a long time.」

Ruincia took out a parchment.

We indeed talked about it for quite some time.

It’s about the immigration of angels.

「My plan is complete immigration of angels but Garret Kingdom cried so it failed.」

The Garret Kingdom is the place where the angel’s village is located.

It seems like they worship the angels so if their object of worship completely immigrated, they’ll really be troubled.

「My plan has advanced in absolute secrecy but Garret Kingdom got the news….no, there’s a group who feels indebted to the kingdom that leaked the information….but don’t worry, the purge is over. From now on, it will not happen again.」

I heard the scary word “purge”…does she mean….

「I sentenced her to be prohibited from having sweets. When everyone is eating sweets, I’ll give them bitter things.」


That’s the purge?

No, I’m glad that it’s not as scary as I thought.

「Because of that, the immigration plan has failed but here is the alternative I prepared.」

Ruincia gave me a parchment.

I took a look.

「Angel’s branch office construction plan?」

「I write it as a branch office but its real function is a winter villa. I would like you to build a house in the village where 10 people can live.」

「I don’t mind but, are you only going to use it in winter?」

「There will be a lot of people during winter but it is really for one or two people. The purpose is to make the angels know about this village to prevent them from doing something stupid.」

「Something stupid?」

I can’t think of anything but then I saw Malbit being forcibly dragged out of the kotatsu by Kierbit.

「She’s just a fool. Among the angels, there are a lot who are not satisfied if angels are not treated as superior.」

「There are those kinds of people?」

「Unfortunately, that is the mainstream. Actually, this village is far from the mainstream….every villager here is thinking in a flexible manner.」

That moment, I guessed that Ruincia thought that this village was weird.

Right, I was only thinking that angels are like Tier and Gran Maria’s group but there are also angels with different ways of thinking.

「Of course, we will educate those who’ll come to the villa in advance so I don’t think they’ll cause trouble to this village. In the unlikely event, village chief may dispose of them if you want.」

「I understand. I’ll treat them as guests when they’re in the village.」

「Thank you. For the time being, the budget of the construction, accommodation cost, nuisance fee, etc. of the villa is written at the bottom of the parchment. Please check.」

And so, I check.

That’s a lot of zeros.

And this is only for a year.

「Though I’ll treat you as guests during your stay, if you work for the village, I’ll give you a discount.」

「I’ve already expected that but some people will not work.」

At the end of Ruincia’s line of sight is Malbit, who’s tickling Kierbit’s side.

The situation has reversed.

「For now, I know that you want to construct a villa. Do you mind if we construct it in the residential area?」

「I’ll leave it to you.」

「Do you have any request for that villa?」

「As long as it is within the budget, there’s no problem. However, it will be helpful if it can be completed before winter.」

「Hnn…..I think we can complete it before winter.」

As if they’re waiting for that, a high elf and a civil servant girl came in.

「We’ll complete it before the autumn harvest and not before winter. Here is the completed floor plan.」

「Here’s the construction quotations. Please check if it is within budget. Are you going to bring your own furniture? Or do you want the village to prepare them for you?」

The negotiator shifted from me to the high elf and civil servant girl.

Well, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

I’ll just enjoy my time in this kotatsu until it is time to take a bath.


Is that the kitten Ariel?

Given its size, it can no longer be called a kitten.

It’s slender and beautiful.

Do you want to go in the kotatsu too?

I pulled the futon of the kotatsu and invited it but I was ignored.

It seems that it is still early for it to go in the kotatsu.

Ariel jumps on the kotatsu and turns its back to me.

Yes yes, I’ll stroke your back.

I stroked Ariel’s back and drank my remaining tea.

According to the discussion of Ruincia and the civil servant girl and high elf, it seems like we’re going to start building the villa tomorrow.

After winning her battle with Kierbit, Malbit returned to the kotatsu and resumed eating tea cake.

The defeated Kierbit….has fallen in a way that should not be seen by the public.

It seems like she’s weak to tickling.

After I looked away, I asked the Suaruriu and Suarukou sisters, who were nearby, to rescue her.

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