Chapter 500 – State of Big Tree Village

A new shield was created for the ghost knight.

The ghost knight said that the changeable gimmick of the shield was very effective.

Especially if it is the first time the other party sees it.

However, since the gimmick is for person-to-person battle, it is hardly useful against monsters or demon beasts.

In short, it’s only for the martial arts tournament.

And those who show up in the martial arts tournament already know the existence of the changeable shield so the effect is minimal.


Maa, the gimmick only surprises the other party about the size of the shield.

Do you want to discontinue that kind of gimmick?

Yes because it looks cool?

It’s popular with the kids?

Right right.

Then, let’s continue to use that kind of gimmick.


However, there’s no art if we make the exact same thing.

Last time, there were blades hidden in the shield that pops out and can receive an opponent’s sword attack and even counter-attack using those blades….


I made a lot of small blades by scraping Guronde’s scale and connecting them to each other and making it resemble a chain.

However, even if it is a chain, it won’t work…there’s no power source after all.

Mountain elves, what do you have in your hands?

A device that can move something when supplied with magical power made by Loo?


Given its size, we can use it….

When switched on, the blades pop out and dash around the shield!


Very dangerous.



In the end, I made a shield similar to the last one.



Let’s just make new armors for the ghost knights.

They have been made of wood until now so that they won’t rust even if they are staying in the hot spring area.

However, if Guronde’s powered scale is mixed with iron, it will not rust.

When I asked Gutt, he told me that it will take a few months of work.

Well, I guess so.

I already had a hard time making them from wood so it will surely be harder if they are made of iron.

I said that I don’t mind even if it takes time but he asked me if he could borrow some help from the Howling Village.

It looks like time reduction is only a side goal, his main purpose is to show off the Big Tree Village forge to the people of Howling Village.

I said there’s no problem.

Let’s check the universal ship’s schedule.


There is still time before the autumn harvest.

Originally, I’m supposed to start preparing for winter little by little…..

But it’s fine even if I don’t do much.

In other words, I’m free.


The three angels, Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria are relaxing at the kotatsu they set up and the fairy queen joined them so I tried giving them fruits.

First, lychee.

The fairy queen ate lychee.

The bad point of lychee is it makes your hand dirty when you’re eating it.

Yeah, a wet towel.

Freeze it first.


She’s surprised.

It’s the same fruit.

However, the taste and texture changed.

Ah, you three too?


Got it got it.

Then, another fruit.

How about melon and mango?


It is hard to peel the skin but….okay.

It’s almost time for the children’s study time to end.


There were a lot of them so the oni maids helped me.



When I went out and looked at the sky, I saw the phoenix chick Aegis flying with the eagle.

I prefer them flying side by side but their flying speed is too different so the eagle flies around the area many times.


Although it’s heartwarming, Aegis seemed to have recognized its slowness again so it stopped flying after a while and sulk.


If you don’t work hard, you won’t be able to beat the world tree’s silkworm.


In the reservoir, the pond turtles are swimming slowly.

When I counted the shells jumping out of the water, I counted 20 of them.

They have increased.

No no, you’re not getting in the way.

Just let me know if you feel that the reservoir is too small.

I can either expand or even make a new pond.

By the way, why are all of you spouting water together?

It was beautiful?


You are practicing?

I see.

Before winter, I’ll make an opportunity for you to show that to the villagers.


I heard women’s scream from the residential area.

The loudest one sounds like Malbit.

Then, the others are probably Suarurou and Raz Maria.

Another sound resounded, the raging voice of Ruincia.

Ah, it was them after all.

Malbit and the others are scolded for not working at their villa.

I’m not related to that so let’s not get in the way.


Malbit, don’t grab my clothes.


I passed Malbit to Ruincia.

Hang in there.

And don’t go to my mansion until your work is finished.

I’ll have food delivered for you.


I looked around the field with the kuros and arrived at the flower field in the north.

The fairies are flying energetically.


Their number has increased.

Ah, I know.

I brought them.

I put some short cut sugarcane on the table.

The fairies flocked on the sugarcane.

Sometimes, I bring them sugarcane like this so that they’ll stop bothering the beehives.

I was surprised when the bees went to me a while ago.


I went to the fruit area to check the bees.

Yeah, it looks like there’s no problem.

However, I’m worried about several fat queen bees.

Are you too fat?

Well, you’re in an environment where you feel safe.

Let’s check them again before winter.

There’s a possibility of the bee hut collapsing because of the weight of the snow.


I went to the ranch area and rode a horse.

Unlike the old days, it follows me obediently now.

However, I still can’t ride well.

I’m not good but I think I’m not bad either.

I look around the ranch area while riding the horse.

The kuros also followed.

Yeah, the number of goats, sheep, and cows has also increased.

Especially the goats.

They found me and charged at me altogether.

However, the horse quickly dodges and dashes.

We managed to take some distance from the goats in no time.

It is only the kuros who are following me now.

The goats pulled out and took an attitude as if they’re not interested in me. However, when we approached them, they charged again.

The horse dodges them again but the kuros had to protect us.

I knew these goats and I know that they are just playing around.

They don’t hold a grudge against me after all.


We’re fine so I guess yes.


The number of horses also increased somehow.

Everyone’s in good health.

The foals….don’t miss me.

The female unicorn seems to have missed me.

However, I don’t get why it misses me.

Is it because it’s a unicorn?


Got it got it.

I’ll give you more carrots tonight.

I heard that it’s only superstitious that horses love carrots but the horses and unicorn in this village like them.

Of course, they are also delighted to eat apples and cabbage.

The reason why the foals did not miss me is probably because I scolded them for invading the fields a few months after they were born.

The foals ravaged the vineyard and did not stop even though the kuros were already stopping them.

It’s natural to get scolded.

However, I wonder if they are angry with the spiderlings that tied them up that time.


Let’s have them make up somewhere.



Dinner is a lineup of seafood.

They are fishes from the Goroun Company.

Of course, the main dishes are pacific saury and salmon.

They are a must have in autumn.

It seems to be a bit early to be their season but I don’t mind.

The pacific sauries are big so I cut them in two before grilling them.

The salmons are cooked with rice.

Yeah, delicious.

The taste of autumn.

By the way, when I walked through the fruit area, the chestnuts were about to be harvested.

The mushrooms need to be harvested too.

This is my day to relax but I can’t help but think about them.

Yeah, let’s take care of it tomorrow.


I played with the children until it was time to take a bath.

After banning her from carrying weapons, Ursa has been acting like a good girl.

I wonder if she’s reflecting.

Aside from me, she was also scolded by Hakuren and Zabuton.

However, this graceful girl is not so Ursa-like.

Though I might sound like I’m too soft, I’ll allow her to carry weapons again when the autumn harvest is over.

Let her continue what she’s doing for the time being.

At least until the ghost knight fully recovers.

For the time being, let her continue her good girl act.

It seems like Ursa wanted to join the knight section and took the sword out because she wanted to be recognized as an adult soon…

Once time passes, you’ll become an adult even if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to hurry up to become an adult.

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