Quiz 5

Quiz 5

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  1. tednihon

    This is harder compared to last time with all of the questions regarding numbers.

    1. Elite4Harmon

      Can’t be helped. you can easily pass the previous 4 by using the latest character list.

      1. Lamora_R2

        10/19 and here I thought that I knew something, just a novice,

  2. Chronoa

    The first king’s shield really fool me. Dor have it so I answer “dragon”

  3. Shino

    10/19 i’m bad with number :’)

  4. rhyn129

    Man…. I’m ashamed. 4 out of 19

  5. Me? I'm just a cook

    My math level is the same as gura, so…yeah

  6. shago00


  7. Chiruuu

    CHEATING!!! noooo I ligit gave the right answers

    (Might have given it a try or 2 before)

  8. Happy

    So many questions with names of characters who have barely showed up… Not that I didn’t miss a couple plot questions, too.

  9. Tsuki

    12/19 is OK I guess

  10. Yup yup

    9/19. Can’t believe I was that bad

  11. dicky satria

    7/19…. damn … orz

    1. Countrymage

      …and I continue my streak 6/19… orz

  12. XsaluteZero


    A novice…….dang it.

  13. Xarin

    6/19, always been bad with numbers. Not sure if you should worry about cheaters anyways since it’s just for fun though.

  14. Rico Gov


  15. Mischa

    I should not have double guessed myself lol. Thanks for the quiz.

  16. Wei Chen

    i thought it was the Earth God which gave the tree to the angels?

  17. Elisus

    11 / 19. I am ashamed.

  18. Keitarou Tempest

    I’m bad remembering numbers so I got 10/19, and that Ice dragon made me lose me a few questions.

  19. 13/19…..This really is harder compared to the last ones, and I binge-read so the contents are still kinda fresh to me.

  20. LongXi

    14/19, some answers were really just lucky guesses. i shall have my redemption at quiz 6.

  21. Random dude

    15/19 hehh

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