Chapter 502 – Group Flight and Mushroom Picking

Looking up the sky, Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, Suaruriu, Suarukou, Kierbit, Malbit, Ruincia, Suarurou, and Raz Maria are flying.

They are flying in a straight line with the same speed.

After circling like that around the village, the group began to fly around Malbit in a certain formation.

Along with the command, their formation changes.

Malbit is the one who’s giving the command.

She’s at the center of the formation and the one who’s sending signals.

Unlike her usual self, she looks like a respectable commander.

The reason they are doing this is simple.

Tiselle usually sees Malbit down on the kotatsu or even fighting the kittens for the kotatsu. One day, she asked Tier.

「Mother, are all angels like that?」

For the sake of Malbit’s honor, she said she’s like that because she just finished the task assigned by Ruincia.

It was the first time after a long, long time.

However, Tiselle doesn’t believe her since she’s been seeing Malbit acting like that since last winter.

As the result, Tier consulted Ruincia.


It seems like their group flight not only impacted Tiselle but the other children as well.

They are cheering loudly.

Aurora is….does she know what’s happening already?

Well, it’s good that they are delighted.


Kuudel is sending a signal….

I won’t let her do it so I crossed my arms to signal back.

However, Kuudel continued sending signals.

Just once, she’s begging me to let her once.


Not gonna happen.

Kuudel’s request is to use a spear with a horn of a kuro.

I will never allow it unless no children are sleeping.

Right now, Lupumirina and Roze Maria are sleeping.

If they make a commotion, Ann and the others will surely be furious.

Again, I sent her the signal that I would not allow her.

I also asked the kuros nearby to cooperate and form an X mark on the ground.

I wouldn’t let you say that you didn’t see me.



Kuudel leaves the formation and goes to my mansion.

After leaving my mansion, she flies back to the group looking depressed.

She couldn’t convince Ann.

You can do it next time.

So please make the children happy with just the group flight today.


I don’t know if the group flight increased the angel’s impression to Tiselle’s eye or to the other children.

However, I’m sure their impression of Malbit changed.

Therefore, Malbit.

Refrain using the kotatsu for now.

Only now.

Yeah, only now.

No, there shouldn’t be a problem tomorrow….

Got it.

I’ll set up a kotatsu at the angel’s villa.

You’ll be forced to work there?

That’s okay.

Even in the kotatsu of my mansion, it will probably be the same from now on.

Also, Raimeiren.

Don’t gather dragons just because Hiichirou asked you.

I know that you want him to see the group flight of dragons but….what if something like the Sun Castle comes like last time?

Didn’t you hold back until now to prevent that from happening?

If something comes, then let them come?

No, that is….

For the time being, don’t do it today.


When I saw the children watching the group flight of the angels, I thought of something.

I wonder what the children think of me.

I think not a dignified father.

I think not someone evil too but….what.

I don’t remember behaving like a baby too.


There’s no point in thinking.

Just like the angels, I should show my good point as a father.

However, that would just be me plowing the field.

I can also hunt but there’s no way I’ll let the children accompany me in hunting.

What should I show…, we can just do it together….

Like picking mushrooms.

I want to take immediate action but….it will be night soon so it’s impossible today.

Let’s do it tomorrow.

Let’s go mushroom picking with the children.

And so, I told them.


Then next morning.

The children are gathered.

There are about 20 of them. Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa, Nutt, Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, Torain, Hiichirou, Guraru, and lizardman hatchlings.

Aside from the hatchlings, the children are wearing pants and long sleeves since we are going into the forest.

They probably will not have the opportunity to use them but they are also equipped with weapons such as dagger for safety purposes.

Ursa, who has been banned from carrying weapons, is also allowed to carry one.

It is not needed to be said that weapons are needed if you’re going to enter the forest.

As for Guraru and Hiichirou….they shouldn’t have any problem even if they don’t have any.


In addition to the children, there are Hakuren, Rasuti, Raimeiren, Dors, Doraim, and 10 adult lizardmen with baskets on their backs.

I plan to have them act with the children.

Aside from them, there’s also a scouting group, headed by Ria, who already went to the place where we’ll pick mushrooms.

There are dangerous monsters and demon beasts in the forest.

Some spiderlings and kuros have also gone ahead with Ria’s group.


 No no, we’re not being careless.



Hakuren and Doraim asked me if I want to send everyone using their dragon form but the children want to walk so we’ll walk.

I also want to spend more time with the children even a little.

After walking through the forest for about an hour, we finally arrived at the mushroom harvest site.

On the way, I feel like we talked a lot.

I’m already satisfied.


No, we came here for a purpose.

Mushroom picking.

In the past, in this place, I used the AFT while thinking “edible mushrooms”.

Because of that, if you look closely on the ground, you should see shiitake, maitake, matsutake, and hiratake growing around.

Now, let’s have the children harvest them.

Don’t get too absorbed and go deep inside the forest.

I sent a signal to Ria and the others to keep an eye on them.


After harvesting a certain amount, we moved to another place.

The next place is also a place for mushrooms, to be more specific, truffles.

They are underground so they won’t know if there are any just by looking at it.

Because of that, I had the kuros join us.

I made the children group with kuros to dig truffles.

Of course, they won’t dig with their bare hands.

I have prepared tools for them.

Raimeiren, Dors.

Don’t just look after Hiichirou, look at the other kids too.

Doraim, you can only show them once.

If you do it too much, the children will not have enough to dig.

And it came true. There are children who were not able to dig anything after some time….given the looks of this place, some monsters or demon beasts must have dug them already.

Half of this place looks vandalized.

No one’s watching over this place after all.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s move to another place.

I hope that place is okay.



There was a signal from Ria who’s been scouting for us.

It seems like some demon beasts came out.

The kuros and the spiderlings can’t handle them all….

How many monsters are there!?

This is bad.

I call out the children.

I had Hakuren evacuate the children in the sky in her dragon form.

After I instructed them to do so, a huge boar appeared.

It charged towards me.

There were several spiderlings riding the boar but when they saw me, they flew away.

They don’t want to get in the way.

That’s great.

I waved the AFT in hoe form and killed the huge boar.

Then, under the guidance of the spiderlings, we headed to another huge boar.


There were a total of eight huge boars.

That’s a herd.

It looks like these huge boards were digging truffles before us.

They felt our presence on their territory so they decided to attack.

I feel a little sorry.

However, I was the one who planted those truffles.

Let’s just be happy for getting a lot of meat before winter.

However, let’s end the mushroom picking here.

We have to bring the hunted huge boars to the village.

It’s a shame.

I wanted to find truffles to show the children my good side.

Excuse me?

I was amazing when I was hunting the huge boars?

I-I see?


I’m kind of shy.

But I’m satisfied.


To transport the huge boars, Doraim had to fly back and forth several times.

Thank you.

The children also returned to the village on Raimeiren.

I got tired on the way back.

But not as tired as Fushu who’s already in the village when we returned.

She looks pretty exhausted.

Like ancestor-san, she’s busy dealing with the fallen island.


The adventurers who destroyed the island escaped prison?

That’s quite scary.

Ah, you already caught them.


Then, Fushu should relax here.

We’ll have mushroom nabe tonight.

Yeah, the children worked hard for them.

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