Chapter 504 – Quentan

Ancestor-san and Fushu will return to ground zero to check the grudge furnace.

That will be hard.

According to the ghost sorceress, the island is not using the grudge furnace to power the island so it is unlikely the cause of the island’s fall….

Even so, she can only wait for the investigation result.

She wanted to accompany ancestor-san but she’s wanted in the area near the fallen island so she was stopped by Fushu.

She wants to avoid confusion.

For the time being, the ghost sorceress will continue her daily life in the hot spring area.

I don’t mind but I’m a little worried at what she was gesturing about as if she forgot something….

Well, if you remember anything, just let me know.


I return to the village and am currently in waiting mode.

Today’s dinner’s main course is the vegetable soup made by Ursa.

Yeah, it’s good.

Ursa made that vegetable soup in order for me to lift her ban on carrying weapons.

I was going to lift it after the autumn harvest but I did not tell that to anyone so it was treated as if it was an indefinite ban.

Hakuren complained that it’s too much and asked me for a condition to lift the ban.

I gave one condition.

She must learn to cook something.

I thought that even if she could only learn to cook one dish, it will help her in the future.

However, we will judge her dishes.

If I, Hakuren, and Ann are satisfied, it’s okay.

Hakuren and I will probably pass Ursa even if she just scorched something but not Ann.

In short, the condition is really to cook something that can satisfy Ann.

Thanks to this, Ursa has been studying cooking for a long time.

I’m a little happy.

Her motivation is not that girly but it’s okay.


By the way, what happened to Raigiel? Why is he lying his back on an unused earthen pot?

He looks reflecting but, what did he do?

He’s cute by the way.

Ah, they’ve prepared water!


They’re going to boil you!



When it is time to take a bath, I head to the forge.

It’s because I’m making a sword with Gutt.

I’m in charge of the handle part.

I made it by carving wood.

It has already been completed.

I gave it to Gutt and I’ll also leave the rest to him.

It’s Ursa’s sword.

It was hard to secretly check the size of Ursa’s hand.

No, it wasn’t that hard to find out.

I figured it out from her handprint when she was kneading dough.

What was difficult was Ann and other oni maids are looking at me with strange eyes when I was examining it.

I’m not doing anything strange.

And I’m not thinking of a new dish.


In the forge, aside from Gutt and his two apprentices, there are about 20 or so beastkins that are working.

They came from Howling Village.

All of them are blacksmiths.

They are happily using the forge of Big Tree Village.

Since there are a lot of them, they are working 24hrs in turns.

Because of that, the armor of the ghost knight, which would take several months to complete, has already been completed.

Currently, other than some orders, they are free to make whatever they want.

They made various kinds of swords, axes, and hammers one after another.

The cost of fuel and materials for those is covered by Big Tree Village.

Their food and accommodations too.

It looks like all the things they made in their free time will be handed over to the village.

I don’t mind but is it really okay for them to leave all their work?

There was no problem at all.

It seems like they are already satisfied to be able to forge whatever they want.

In fact, a blacksmith can’t afford to freely make something since he can’t make a living unless someone buys them so they only make made-to-order things.

It seems like it is normal for a blacksmith to make the same thing for the rest of their life.

For example, spring.

For the last few years, they’ve been making nothing but springs….

My apologies.

Those are Big Tree Village’s orders.

Ah, no, I won’t stop ordering.

Don’t worry.

The mountain elves’ modified horse-drawn carriages with spring suspension are being sold several times a week.

The order will continue for a while.

Aside from suspension, there are also other uses of springs.


The beastkin blacksmiths are forging things freely here for both studying and change of pace.

I don’t mind but be sure to follow Gutt’s instruction.


Ten days later.

Ancestor-san and Fushu returned.

It seems like they discovered something.

「There is someone else on that island other than the ghost sorceress. There was someone else living there.」


I asked the ghost sorceress.

It looks like she remembered a lot of things.

Yeah, it’s true.


The other one living there with her is Quentan.

It’s not a person or even a ghost.

It’s a sword.

It is a magic sword called intelligence sword. It is a sword with an ego.

The ghost sorceress left the management of the grudge furnace to Quentan.

She said she left it to it but there’s no way a sword can move on its own like a servant.

It looks like it was directly connected to the grudge furnace so it can control it.

And she left it unattended.


I see. She left it alone.

No, I know that you mean no harm but there’s no point in apologizing to me.

Apologize to that Quentan.

Because it is here.


I’m holding that sword in one of my hands.

Quentan, the intelligence sword.

It was brought by ancestor-san and Fushu.

It seems like it can take over the consciousness of anyone who dares touch it so they brought it in a strictly store manner….

I touched it nonchalantly.

But it didn’t take over my consciousness.

Ancestor-san and Fushu are surprised but the most surprised was Quentan itself.

It has been doing various things to take over my consciousness.

It seems like it can’t do it so it just gave up.

It looks like I’m the only one it failed to hypnotize so it’s a bit lonely.


After that, Quentan became noisy.

For the time being, since it said it wants to be decorated in the best place, I decorate it on the wall of my mansion. It never said a single thing after that.

When I asked what’s wrong, Quentan said in a quiet voice,

「Idiot, don’t talk to me. I’m just a sword.」

What are you saying? When I was thinking, I thought it’s conscious of the other sword decorated on the wall.

The sword forged from Guronde’s tail.

I brought it near Guronde’s tail sword and Quentan broke.

Both physically and mentally.

「Please forgive me. That sword’s status is way too different.」

After that, it made a promise of not taking over anyone’s consciousness without permission so I asked Gutt to repair it.

And I just received it back some time ago.

Quentan is now at the hand of the ghost sorceress.

「Ghost sorceress-sama, it’s been a long time desu.」

「Yes, it’s been a long time desu. Areh? Somehow, it feels like your blade is more powerful than before…」

「Ah, you noticed my change? I was reforged using powdered dragon scales so I power up a bit. No, I want to try something out.」

「Then, would you like to ask the ghost knight-san? They have better sword skills than me.」

「Eh? Really? Hooray!」

That should be the conversation between the ghost sorceress and Quentan but it sounds like Quentan is talking to itself.

The ghost sorceress can’t talk too and can only use magic.

I wonder why Quentan is voicing her out.

But, that’s pretty convenient.

We might be able to talk to the ghost knights, who can’t talk, now.

Let’s try later.

For now, the ghost sorceress apologizes to Quentan.

Quentan is….ah, it wants to stay by the ghost sorceress’ side.

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