Chapter 506 – Small Case

Now that Quentan is here, I finally was able to speak with the ghost sorceress using language and understood a little about the floating island.

That island is an artificial island.

It is similar to the Sun Castle.

The maker is unknown.

It said that the ghost sorceress discovered it and activated it.

In that area, Quentan’s memory is better than the ghost sorceress.

That time, the ghost sorceress is holding an insurmountable amount of grudge that the only thing she wants to do is to destroy the world.

That’s a little scary.

I wanted to ask why she has so much grudge but now, it seems like it would be better for her to forget everything and start anew.

And don’t force yourself to remember it.


Quentan’s maker is also unknown.

According to Quentan, it was made by a group of strange mages.

However, it seems like its memory about them is either erased or completely forgotten.

It also doesn’t remember the era when it was made.

It also doesn’t remember the details but it said that it met the ghost sorceress around a thousand years ago.

Yeah, given how much time has passed, it’s not strange.


I was a little confused why a sword would be in the ghost sorceress’s hands.

A sorceress is a mage too.

They shouldn’t be related to swords, right?

When she heard my question, the ghost sorceress told me with a nostalgic expression.

「In the era I lived, mages are also skilled with sword arts and fighting techniques. Only a few people can survive with magic alone.」

I see.

In fact, the ghost sorceress’s sword skill is topnotch.

Though she’s not the match of the ghost knights, she can beat Gulf and Daga without trouble.

She’s amazing.

I wonder if she can teach me too.


By the way, if Quentan doesn’t take over someone’s consciousness, it’s just a talking sword.


Does it even have to talk?

「Of course! I’m an adviser!」

Ah, do you mean you can see through the opponent’s movement?

「No, I mean I can tell you if you left something at the house when you’re about to go out…. Also, even if I can tell the opponent’s movement, it will only distract you in the middle of the fight!」


After Quentan broke again…’s when it saw the AFT?

It began speaking politely to me.

However, sometimes, it reverts back to its original way of speaking.

I don’t really mind. I think it is easier to talk to that way.

Speaking of talking, I asked Quentan if it can speak for the ghost knights.

The conclusion, it was able to.

Until now, I’ve only deciphered what they wanted to say with gestures.

However, I prefer if you don’t rely on Quentan too much.

Presently, the gesture language of the ghost knights has reached the level of art.

It’s regrettable to lose this art.

That’s what I think.

The mercury Asa, who’s stationed at the hot spring as the administrator of the teleportation gate, also agrees.

The lion’s pride think so too.

If there are more than one Quentan, I think it would be convenient for them to always carry one. However, there’s only one of it.

Quentan itself insists that it doesn’t want to leave the ghost sorceress’s side.

Therefore, she became someone the speaker of the ghost knights.


Dragons flew side by side over Big Tree Village.

Dors, Girar, and Raimeiren are flying a little ahead.

They are followed by Hakuren, Suiren, Mark, Doraim, Grafaloon, Seriren, Kworun, Domain, Kown, Rasuti, and Helze.

They are not as beautiful as the group flight of the angels but they are impactful.

Hiichirou, Guraru, and Rananon’s mouths are wide open as they watch.

Looking at the three, Guronde can’t help but smile.

Guronde did not participate since she’s not confident if she can fly side by side with them.

The dragons are also changing their flying formation like the group flight of the angels.

They are not as agile and elegant as the angels but they are majestic.

The villagers of Big Tree Village are also looking up at the sky.

Perhaps the villagers of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three too.

I have contacted them in advance so there shouldn’t be any confusion.

When I was thinking of that, Dors and the others spew out fireballs simultaneously.


I’m not informed about that.


What are you doing?


Well, I was really surprised!

But spewing fireball is too much!


Ah….the fireballs won’t fall anywhere and it will scatter in the air.

I-I see.

Good production number.

What a relief.


A fireball did not disappear.

It fell into the forest and boom?


Come down!

I won’t search for the criminal!

Someone, bring me to the place where the fireball fell.

Let’s put out the fire!

I made a little fuss.


In Big Tree Village, there is another big meeting other than the usual meeting where all the race representatives must attend.

The only participants are me and the mothers who gave birth to my children.

Children can’t participate.

The discussion is all about turns and children’s education.

I won’t talk about the turns.

The important thing, for now, is the children.

I was thinking about why Ursa wants to immediately become an adult and I finally found the reason.

「I want to enter father’s room」

Children are certainly prohibited from entering my room whether it is day or night.

As for the reason, you already know.

We’re not being mean but we have to consider the education of the children.

She wants to become an adult fast so she can enter my room….

The adults who heard Ursa’s answer panicked.

And, she gave them an additional blow.

「What are you doing there? Let me join.」

And thus, this meeting was called.

Let me tell you first.

Ursa is my daughter.

That’s it.

After that, I was scrutinized whether I’m doing something suspicious.

Everyone, why are you more familiar with what I’m doing than me?

They also collected information from the kuros and spiderlings.

The result, all doubts were cleared.


However, why is Ursa….

Hakuren asked Ursa for an answer.

「I heard that there are hidden rooms and hidden passages in father’s room.」

I see.

I’m relieved that Ursa’s still a child.


The mother’s meeting was dissolved.

Another room will be prepared for me.

A room for my children.

Of course, there will be a hidden passage there.

The high elves and the mountain elves worked hard to put hidden rooms, hidden windows, hidden shelves, etc. to it.


Did it become a ninja house?

As long as the children are happy, I don’t mind.

It would be great if Ursa stopped trying to become an adult in a hurry with this….

Children grow up in no time after all.

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