Chapter 507 – Ursa’s Cuisine

Autumn harvest has begun.

The village will harvest with everything it has.

The angels Malbit, Ruincia, Suarurou, and Raz Maria also participated.

Even the dragons helped.

This time, Grafaloon even took the initiative to work hard.

I think she was influenced by Doraim’s radish harvest…..ah, she’s not.


It’s because of that.

The group flight of the dragons failed.

And the one who spewed a fireball that did not scatter is none other than Grafaloon.

They did not say but I can see that Raimeiren is quite angry.

Because of that, no one dared mention it too.

As for the condition she gave her, she said she should help with the harvest.

The lamias of the south dungeon and the titans of the north dungeon also help.

By the way, what happened to the grocks in the east dungeon?

Previously, when they were traveling towards here to meet me, they were attacked and injured by a huge boar.

That’s some time ago.

Once the grocks recover, I’m going to see them….

Have they recovered?

I’ll check them out next time.

Now, let’s focus on harvesting.

Fairy queen, I’m happy that you volunteered to harvest persimmons but, isn’t the amount you eat more than the amount you put in the basket?

You like soft persimmons more than hard persimmons?

I prefer hard persimmons.


No, it’s not time to eat them yet.

Look at the kuros and the spiderlings, they are envious of you, right?

No, don’t share.


When the harvest is over, crops are processed to oil, sugar, dried sweet potatoes, dried persimmons, etc.

Wheat is also grounded to flour.


Some of the harvested cabbage and Chinese cabbage are taken to the reservoir.

They are pre-hibernation food for the pond turtles.

They have to eat before hibernating.

The pond turtles eat those cabbage and Chinese cabbage with sparkling eyes.

There was a moderate amount but it quickly disappeared.

Do you want a refill?

The pond turtles, though reluctant, still eat the extra cabbage and Chinese cabbage I brought.

They know how to eat.


The silkworms of the world tree were also preparing for winter.

Under the branch of the world tree, they are making cocoons that are the same color as the branch.

The silkworms will spend winter in those cocoons.

See you next year.

Next to me who checks them out is the angry phoenix chick Aegis.

Hahaha, postpone your match until spring.

I entrust Aegis to the eagle….but it’s not here?

This is rare.

When I thought so, I saw the eagle flying in the distant sky.

I was wondering why it was circling the same place but it suddenly dived.

Oohh, it seems to have hunted a pretty big fanged rabbit.

The eagle caught the rabbit using its talons and carried it to the village.

Recently, food is being prepared in the village for the eagle so it doesn’t even need to hunt but it is still helping us in its own way.

Thank you.

Normally, it would pass the rabbit to the high elves but this time, it was placed in front of Aegis.

Aegis climbs on the rabbit and plucks the rabbit’s fur.

Pluck, pluck, pluck.

It looks like it can’t do it but Aegis managed to pluck its fur!

And while standing on the rabbit, Aegis looked satisfied.

It looks like its mood has improved.

As expected of the eagle.

Afterwards, the high elves collected the rabbit.

It looks like its skin has been pricked……it looks painful.

Aegis tried its best to do it after all…..

It’s not being mischievous so let’s not scold it.


On Ursa’s waist lies a new sword.

A sword matches the size of the current Ursa.

At the same time I lifted the ban on carrying weapons, I gave it to her.

You have to treasure it.

Lifting the ban on carrying weapons means she was able to cook a dish that was able to satisfy Ann.

Actually, I advised her.

Ursa doesn’t find it difficult to cut, fry, or mix ingredients.

What she finds difficult is adjusting fire.

Whatever food she’ll cook, she’ll always use too strong fire.

Because of that, I taught her a dish that can be made even if the fire is too strong.

Fried rice.

First, prepare and cut all the ingredients. Then, put them all in a heated frying pan.

The stronger the fire, the better.

However, if you’re not quick, you’ll burn it.

This suits Ursa.

Using a wok in cooking it, Ursa managed to cook fried rice.

It might even be more delicious than I make.

And Ann finally recognizes her cooking.

「Master is sweet with his daughter.」

Ann is smiling but I know she’s not.

Those are words of condemnation.

What she’s criticizing me for is not that I advised Ursa but I never taught anyone of fried rice until now.

Yeah, that’s the reason.

No no, it’s because the yield of rice back in the days is small and it is laborious to cook an already cooked rice.

Yeah, I’ll teach you how to make it now.

She already prepared the wok.


The next few days, lunch and dinner were fried rice.


Girar was supposed to return.

He really planned to go back a long time ago but he kept on postponing.

He’s making all kinds of excuses.

By the way, thank you for helping with harvesting.

On the back of Girar in dragon form are a pile of crops.

They are souvenirs.

After saying goodbye to Guronde and Guraru for two hours, Girar finally left.


After him, Suiren, Sekiren, and Domaim’s group also left.

I want them to relax more but it seems like each of them has jobs to do.

I can’t possibly stop them by force so I give them souvenirs and see them off.


Those who’ll remain are Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Grafaloon.

Grafaloon seems to have apologized for her mistake during the group flight and she’s also taking Raimeiren’s mood into account.

She has a good expression while taking care of her granddaughter, Rananon.

As for Doraim, Rasuti asked him to help her in making dried persimmons.

Raimeiren is discussing something with Dors.

I heard that they are planning on migrating her….though I heard it, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it until they officially announce it.


Raimeiren is sweet to Hiichirou but she has a strict side too.

Not just sweet side.

And the way she scolds is scary.

Not just Hiichirou but other children too.

Therefore, she’s not popular with children other than Hiichirou.

Is she unpopular? Or is she being feared?

However, she’s popular among adults.

After all, she’s a mother who raised five children; Hakuren, Suiren, Doraim, Sekiren, and Domaim.

Because of that, she’s being relied on in various ways.

You can get good advice from her.

However, ancestor-san looks strange while looking at that situation.

「Whether it is about child making or children becoming rebellious, I think it’s not a good idea to get an advice from an ancient dragon.」

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