Chapter 508 – Salutations

Zabuton and her spiderlings came to me for their salutations before hibernating.

Is it already that time?


See you again in spring.

I know.

I’m also looking forward to the costumes you made for the spring parade.

And the spiderlings who won’t hibernate, don’t overdo it.

Don’t forget your thermal insulation stone when you go out.

I know Red Armor and White Armor are resistant to cold but you don’t have to be outside the gate even if you are the gatekeepers.

It’s okay.

You’re still the gatekeepers inside.


Then, the pond turtles came.

Are you guys going to hibernate now too?

Do you really have to hibernate all at once….No, I shouldn’t stop you.

See you in spring.


Looking around the village, the number of slimes walking around is small.

They are likely moving to a warmer place.

The slimes that are walking around now are slimes that are resistant to cold.

Even if you are strong against cold, you shouldn’t go out when it is about to snow.

Oh, I saw a slime that’s trembling in the cold and is already sluggish.

I took it and released it in the mansion.

There’s no problem if I leave it outside but the slimes are also villagers.

I want to help them too.


There may be others like it.

Let’s look around.


It is now officially winter.

It’s cold.

However, it is warm inside my mansion.

It’s hard to go out though.


There are three kotatsus installed in the guest receiving room.

The first kotatsu is being used by Malbit, Ruincia, Suarurou, and Raz Maria.

It looks like all of their work is over so they are in complete relaxation mode.

Each of them is holding alcohol made by the dwarves.

And there’s also roast beef on top of the kotatsu.

No, it’s roasted rabbit meat, so roast rabbit?

Also, there’s a board of Sugoroku there so I guess they’re playing sugoroku….

It looks like they are dissatisfied with the content written on the board so they threw it away.

It’s just a game, don’t take it seriously.

However, who the heck made that?

Who the heck wrote “My daughter took my place”, “My grandson was caught by an evil heterosexual”, etc. on that sugoroku board?


The second kotatsu is being used by Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Guronde.

The kotatsu became a mahjong table.

Are they betting something? Everyone looks serious.

I’m afraid that they’ll crush the tiles.

Grafaloon seems to have to go home soon but can’t part with Rananon.

I heard that she should have left two days ago but why is she still here?


The last kotatsu is being occupied by Doraim’s butler, Gucci, Bulga, and Stifano.

On the kotatsu are youkan and tea.

The youkan is still at the trial stage but I think it is already satisfactory as it is.

As for the villagers, it is pretty popular.

Sweets are favorites of the fairy queen and the children.

It is also popular with some adults who like sweets that are not that sweet.

And Gucci, who likes not that sweet sweets like youkan, talks about how great it is to Bulga and Stifano.

That’s Gucci’s opinion but sweets should be really sweet like zenzai.

That’s according to someone who thinks mochi is great.


The kotatsu in my room is being occupied by Kuro and Yuki.

Kuro moved a little when he saw me so I went in for a while.


On the other side, sleeping in someone else’s room, is the fairy queen.

Sleeping in someone else’s room is quite a big deal you know.

On the right and left of the fairy queen are Hitoe on her little fox form and the kitten Samael. They are sleeping while being snuggled by the fairy queen.

Hitoe has a good relationship with the cats.

The cats also treat Hitoe as if she’s their elder sister.

 I don’t mind but it seems like Hitoe doesn’t like to interact with the children that much.

When she’s in her human form, she looks like a three-year-old girl.

I can’t force her to play with the children if she looks like that.

In terms of age, she’s far older than me.

According to her mother Youko, she will immediately transform into an adult when the time comes.

It is unknown when it will be.

However, Youko’s not being impatient at all because the longer her child period is, the stronger she will be.

As for me, it’s kind of saddening if you can’t see the growth of a child.

I only muttered that but Youko changed her age in front of me.

5-year-old Youko, 10-year-old Youko, 15-year-old Youko, 20-year-old Youko.

「Once she becomes an adult, she can freely change your age so you don’t have to worry about it.」

Youko said that and laughed.

Is that normal?


That night, I was questioned by Loo why I asked Youko to transform before me.

I’m not cheating.


You don’t believe me?

No, if I want to ask someone to change her age before me, there’s Hakuren, Rasuti….no.

I mean, Loo’s transformation is the best!


That was a truly difficult time.

I warmed myself at the kotatsu while remembering that.

Samael is here, does that mean that the demon king hasn’t come yet?

It seems like the demon king will bring his wife to the village soon so there’s frequent consultation and preparation.

Samael woke up and walked out of the room.

It seems like the demon king has arrived.

I have to go too.

The wine slime dived into the place where I stood up.

There’s no booze here.


How do you know where I’m hiding it?

I just hid it yesterday!


I talked to the demon king and it was decided that he’ll bring his wife three days later.

At that time, the beastboys, Gol, Sil, and Bron, will come with them.

And 12 more.

Those twelve seem to want to meet me in Village Five.

You can bring them to this village though.

No, no, what do you mean it’s impossible?


So, what’s their purpose of wanting to meet me in Village Five?

Marriage greeting?

Who’s getting married?

The beastboys?


When they came back to the village before, I think I heard that it’s only….

Is that so?

But those three are still children.

Well, let’s hear from them directly later.

By the way, this is just a confirmation….

No, I heard that Sil got a lot.

He even asked me for some advice.

I will not pursue that matter.

I’ll listen to the person himself later.

I only want to prepare.

That’s the only reason why I want to confirm it.

All those twelve have never married before, are they?

It seems like they sent their relatives as representatives.

Even a member of your four heavenly kings, Hou, is written in here.

That means the marriage partner will either be Hou’s little cousin or little sister, right?

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