Chapter 509 – Demon King’s Wife’s Visit

My name is Anee Rocheur.

I’m the principal of the Gullgald Noble Academy.

And I’m also the demon king’s wife.

I apologize to my husband for saying this but, I’m dissatisfied being the demon king’s wife.

The person I married became the demon king before I knew it and I never intended to marry the demon king.

His name even changed.

However, it can’t be helped.

For my loving husband, I’ll accept it as long as I can.

I talked about it with my husband countless of times.

As a result, I have to live my life separated from my husband but I accept it.

My husband comes to see me often and I can also see him anytime I want so I’m not that lonely.

Speaking of loneliness, Yuri is our only daughter.

Although I think she’s still a child, she graduated from the academy in no time and was sent somewhere to work.

I’m happy for my daughter’s growth but I can’t hide my loneliness.


One day, my husband invited me for a trip.

It’s only a day trip.

It seems like we will be sent and took back by Count Chrome’s teleportation magic.

It’s a very attractive proposal but the timing was bad.

It’s currently summer.

The school has to fully participate in the Founding Festival so we’re quite busy with the preparation.

If I overdo it, I might take a day off.

Yeah, let’s do that.

I told my husband since it’s only a day trip however, I won’t even have time to sleep for the next two days after that.


Where is he planning to take me anyway?

Why do I need to have at least three days off?

That’s a harsh requirement.


As for autumn, I have to see off those graduating students every autumn so it is also another busy time.

Basically, students graduate after spending a certain time at the academy but there are students that apply for graduation suddenly and they should be handled immediately too.

As a worst case scenario, there will be a student who’ll apply for immediate graduation every three days….

Students who applied for graduation suddenly are students who have to inherit titles or students who have to marry.

One day delay in their graduation can change their lives.

I don’t want to ruin their lives so I have to be at the academy 24/7.

I have no choice but to do so.

However, it’s still heartbreaking to refuse my husband’s invitation.

Even so, there were more than a dozen people who suddenly applied for graduation suddenly so my decision to remain at the academy is correct.

And it’s also surprising.

Since you want to graduate….did you all really found your other half?

You are not being swindled, are you?

There are a lot of fraudsters there who target noble ladies and I’ve seen several victims already.

Have you checked the other party’s identity?

Don’t smile.

I’m seriously worried about this.

When I think of the old graduates who would just come home crying….I’m uneasy.

Also, some things happened that involved “certain teachers” of the academy.

Those three.

I don’t really want to but I’m certainly correct when I decided to stay this autumn.



I finally got three days off.


I started my preparations.

Clothes to wear and change of clothes.

It’s only a day trip but I don’t know what kind of place it is so it is better for me to be prepared.

My husband told me that we’re going to a village where his acquaintance lives.

He’s inviting me there so maybe the scenery is wonderful.

Or maybe the food there is truly good?

I’m looking forward to it.

However, I won’t let my guard down.

I’m the demon king’s wife after all so I might be targeted.

I won’t be able to bear it if something happens to my husband because I drag him down.

I have to be prepared.


On the day of our departure.

For some reason, my husband brought additional clothes for me.

Is that place dirty?

And three familiar beastkins are here too.

Are they going with us?

I have this bad feeling.

However, I can no longer say that I won’t go.


We greet Count Chrome who will send us there.

His teleportation magic is stunning as ever.

The place we were teleported to is outside a village.

Given my husband and Count Chrome’s position, they should be able to teleport inside any city directly, why are we outside of a village? It is probably because of the three beastboys. It will be a violation of manners if they suddenly get teleported in the middle of the village.

This village….it’s quite a big village.

The field is also wide and I can’t help but think if it is really winter.


By the way, husband.

When we arrived in this village, why were my amulets destroyed?

All seven of them.

If we let our guard down, we might suffer.

However, it doesn’t make sense. It is as if it is pointless to equip them in the first place.

What does this mean?

Also, I feel unusual presence from both inside and outside of the village.

I don’t think that my husband would harm me.

Then, could it be that Count Chrome betrayed him?

The three beastboys who came with us should be acquainted with Count Chrome too.

And we are alone with them in this village……the three beastboys suddenly ran to the village.



Those three ran towards a man and several women.

I saw two familiar faces among them, Yuri, my daughter, and Fraurem, Count Chrome’s daughter.


There, I remember.

It was the time when the three beastboys came to school as students.

Their recommendation letters were written by Yuri and Fraurem.

Yuri should be working as the administrator of Village Five.

As for Fraurem, I heard that she was appointed as a governor of a certain village.

In other words, is this Village Five?


However, no matter how I think about it, this can’t be it.

I heard that Village Five is a city built on a mountain.

This is a village.

There is no mountain.

There are mountains around but they are so far away and it is surrounding….huh?

Isn’t that the Sun Castle above?

That’s an old relic.

Where on earth are we?

For the time being, Count Chrome.

You didn’t set us up in a trap, did you?



You haven’t explained anything to me yet, have you?

Yeah, I demand an explanation.

There are many things I want to ask but there’s something I want you to explain to me first and foremost.

There are two dragons fighting in a place a little away from here….is that okay?

Or am I hallucinating and I’m the only one who can see it?

Why does no one gives a darn?

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