Chapter 510 – Introduction Order

Since it is almost time for the demon king’s wife to arrive, I went to the residential area of the village.

My destination is one of the entrances of the village, the one on the south side of the residential area.

I decided this place to be the main entrance of the village.

In the past, the entrance at the south end of the village was treated as the main entrance but Loo and Tier said that it is not suitable to be the main entrance of the village because I made a dungeon near there.

If you ask me, I’m fine with anywhere but for some reason, the residents are sticking to it so I listened to them.

Next time, let’s make a slightly luxurious gate.


I thought it would only be me because it was cold but Frau, Yuri, and Ann accompanied me.



Red Armor will accompany me too?

I don’t mind.

The kuros wanted to accompany me too but the demon king asked me to greet her wife with as few people as possible.

The kuros usually accompany me with a group of ten.

I’m sorry but you can’t this time.


When I arrived at the south gate of the residential area, the demon king’s party had already arrived.

They were the demon king, a woman who is probably the wife of the demon king, Beezel, and the three beastboys.

It looks like they checked out who’s with me first and after that, the beastboys rushed up to me.

I thought that they would tackle me but they immediately stopped when they saw Frau and Yuri next to me.

They slowly came in front of me and bowed.

「Village chief, we’re back.」

「Welcome back.」


The demon king’s wife seems to be experiencing some trouble as soon as they arrive.

Several small objects dropped around her.

Could the string of her accessory break?

The demon king and Beezel picked them up.

I also want to help but I was stopped by Frau as she says introduction should come first.

Then, let’s introduce each other.

I don’t think it is necessary to introduce the two since I’m already familiar with the demon king and Beezel.

That means I only need to introduce myself to the demon king’s wife.

The demon king’s wife should be the one who introduces herself first.

The demon king’s wife stepped forward once and stuck out her chest.

「Peasant, you dare introduce yourself to me like this! I’m the demon king’s wife, Anee! You should have pre…..mmmmm?」

The demon king’s wife is still talking but her mouth was suddenly covered by the demon king and Yuri who jumped out from here.

Frau and Beezel stood side by side in front of me to hide the demon king’s wife.

「Excuse us. It seems like she was not briefed. Please wait a moment.」

Like what Frau said, I waited where I was.

The demon king and Yuri are explaining various things to the demon king’s wife.

What is noble language?

Is it the language they use in court?



「Nice to meet you. I’m the demon king’s wife, Anee Rocheur desu. Please take care of me from now on.」

The demon king’s wife introduces herself normally.

「I’m the village chief of Big Tree Village, Hiraku desu. I welcome you.」

I replied with the introduction I had prepared.

I feel like that kind of introduction is not good but according to Frau and Yuri, that should be the normal introduction.

After that, we only need to introduce each companion so I ended up having to introduce just Ann and Red Armor because we are both familiar with the others.

This might be the reason why the demon king only wants us to greet each other with a small number of people. He wants to finish the introduction without taking too much time.


With Ann’s lead, we head back to my mansion while guiding her to the residential area.

Still, the demon king and his wife are doing love love with each other.

At first, they are only walking side by side but before I noticed it, they are already holding each other’s hand, and it even comes to the point that the demon king is already princess carrying his wife.

For the time being, let me confirm it first….if you find it hard to walk, should I call for a carriage?

That’s not the reason?

I knew it.

For the time being, I explained each village facility to the demon king’s wife who’s being princess carried by the demon king.

That building over there is the alcohol factory. The dwarves here are responsible for making alcohol.

That building is the bath.

If you are a resident of this village, you can use it freely.

That tree over there is the world tree.

There are some cocoons of silkworms at the base of the branches so don’t touch them.

Ah, that is the inn for guests and that big building over there is my mansion.

I’m sorry if it’s kind of far.


Ah, those fighting over there are Grafaloon and Rasuti.

It’s a mother and daughter quarrel.

Grafaloon can’t bear to leave her grandchild, Rananon, so she tried to take her with her.

I apologize for showing you something unsightly.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any damage.

Dors is working hard to make sure that the village is protected by a barrier.

By the way, Rananon is currently with Raimeiren.

Raimeiren not only likes Hiichirou but Rananon too but she was not able to show her affection to her until now because of Grafaloon.

She’s taking her time now with her.


We arrived at my mansion.

The kuros are waiting in line in front of the entrance.

There are more of them now compared to when they asked me to accompany me earlier.

Okay okay.

I’m sorry for making you wait even though it’s cold.

White Armor is also gatekeeping, you’ve worked hard.

When I waved my hand, White Armor raised one of its legs and waved back at me.

Are you going to return to your gatekeeping, Red Armor?

Good luck.

Take a break if you have to.


It is warm inside my mansion.

The demon king’s wife looks calm too.

But first thing first. I introduced Loo, Tier, Senna, Gulf, and Gutt, who were waiting in the hall, to her.

I introduced Loo and Tier as my wives’ representatives.

Senna shouldn’t even be in the mansion but since the demon king’s wife has taken care of the three beastboys, she came to my mansion.

She introduced herself as the representative of the beastkins of the village.

Gulf and Gutt are supposed to be Senna’s companions so it was her responsibility to introduce them.


Originally, I should have introduced my children too but it was delayed because of the demon king’s request.

It is also the study time of the children so I don’t mind.

I’ll introduce them to her at dinner.

By the way, it seems like the demon king’s wife overreacted when Loo, Tier, and Gulf were introduced to her, or is it only my imagination?


Next, let’s bring her to the guest receiving room….ah, she wants to change her clothes first.

When Yuri first came to the village, she also changed her clothes many times.

It is probably related to culture.

I learned something new.

We have prepared a guest room so please use it to your heart’s content.

Ann will guide yo…..the demon king will take you there.

Their relationship is really good.


After some time, the demon king’s wife finally changed her clothes so I brought her to the guest receiving room with her husband.

I know that it takes time for a woman to change her clothes so I did not complain.

What I’m complaining about now is that Malbit’s group is drinking on the kotatsu in the guest receiving room.

I told you to not do it today since there will be a guest.

Well, it looks like the demon king’s wife and Malbit knew each other so I guess it’s okay.

The demon king’s wife, I was surprised that she raised a strange voice.

Then, she said a storm of abusive words.

That’s true.

How can an influential person of the Garret Kingdom drink here as if there’s nothing else to do.

I think so too.

Please say more.

Then, she targeted Ruincia.

She said the vice chief can longer get a grip.

No, I think Ruincia is working hard enough.

It’s true.

It looks like she knows Suarurou too.

She’s an angel that is regarded as dangerous to the demon king’s kingdom. Since she’s drinking alcohol during the day in a carefree manner, the demon king’s wife says that she might be planning to do something bad again.

Demon king’s wife, she indeed has evil plans, please stop her.

Also, is Suarurou really considered as dangerous?

I didn’t know.

As for Raz Maria…it looks like she knew about her too.

It seems like the demon king’s wife knew the angels who refer themselves as godkins.

However, demon king’s wife.

You can say bad words but please don’t freely badmouth the physical characteristics of others.

Don’t say cow or milkers.

Calm down.

Demon king, help.



The demon king’s wife finally calmed down.

She introduced herself to Malbit’s group again.


Next is, Dors’ group. However, that’s not possible because Grafaloon and Rasuti’s battle is still ongoing so let’s introduce them to her next time.


Well, this is….what is ancestor-san’s real name?

Oh, you’ll introduce yourself to her?

Then, I’ll leave it to you.

The demon king’s wife raised a strange voice again.


Currently, the demon king is introducing the cats to his wife.

The cats Raigiel, jewel cat Jewel, anenekos Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael, and the kittens Ariel, Haniel, Zeruel, and Samael.

The demon king introduced them to her in great detail.

The demon king’s wife is also listening earnestly.

And smiles.

A good smile.

It is probably her best smile ever since she came to this village.

Are they a cat-loving couple?

However, anenekos and kittens.

When I’m the one who’s calling you, you never came over but when the demon king calls you, you gather at once.

No, I’m not complaining.

I just thought that I should send you away when you’re using the kotatsu in my room.

But if it is Raigiel and Jewel, it’s okay.

You guys come when I call you.

Ah, I shouldn’t just mind the cats too much or the kuros will get angry.

Kuro and Yuki are waiting to be introduced to the demon king’s wife.

I stroked Kuro and Yuki’s heads and asked them to wait a little longer.

The spiderlings who did not hibernate are also waiting for their introduction.

Instead of a simple introduction, they’ll show off a dance as a way of introducing themselves.

I’m looking forward to it.

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