Chapter 511 – Anee’s Stay

My name is Gullgald.

I am the demon king of the demon king’s kingdom.

And next to me is my wife, Anee.

Anee looks older than me but she actually looks younger than me.

Comparing her to a human, she….she looks like a 13 to 15 years old girl.

She’s a demoness so it’s not unusual for her to look so young.

It is also an evidence that she possesses a huge amount of magical power. That is something to be proud of.

However, she can’t show her young appearance since she’s the principal of the noble academy. Thus, she changed her appearance to an appropriate age.

Comparing her transformed appearance to a human…. she should be around 30 years old.

If she’s really thinking about appropriateness, she should have transformed into a 60-year-old human woman. I told her that time when we were having dinner and everything on the table came flying to me one by one.

After that, I never said anything age-related to her. Not even once.

However, I have to discuss that with her again this time.

「Anee, you’ve transformed to your original appearance. If you show yourself to village chief, he will be surprised so transform back.」

「Kibsley, I….I’m really scared.」

Kibsley was my name before I became the demon king.

When I married Anee, I was not the demon king yet.

After I became the demon king, Anee stopped calling me Kibsley.

Though it’s saddening, it can’t be helped.

I’m the demon king after all.

However, I’m glad that she called me that again the first time after a really long time.

Ah, no, that’s not what I want to say.

「Anee, are you okay? Your mind is a little clouded. This is not our house and there are others around. Act accordingly a little more….」


She’s not cooperating.

Anee has completely returned to what she used to be during the old times.

She pouted and made a pose of rejection.

When she becomes like that, nothing I say will make her listen.

I understand.


There’s no other way.

Let’s not think about Anee’s sanity at this moment.

Let’s just enjoy it.

In front of me and Anee are the spiderlings who are dancing in perfect sync.

「Kibsley, they’re amazing. Truly amazing.」

「Ah, yes, they’re amazing.」

They are certainly stunning.

They are even wearing top hats and they look great.

Oh, one of them stepped forward and performed solo.

It made a rhythmic tap dance on an iron plate.

Some of its legs are wearing iron shoes but it’s not painful to the ear since the sound is edited by magic.

When the solo part’s performance was finished, the other spiderlings came to its left and right.

Are they going to do it with that number?

Will that be alright?

I think if one of them made a mistake, it will be clear and the sound will surely stand out….ah, no one missed a step.


I applauded generously.


After the spiderlings’ dance performance, it is time to meet with dragon king Dors.

I’ll introduce Anee.

Ehto, the battle that’s happening over there….is it over?

I see.


I looked at Anee.

Her sanity….hasn’t returned yet.

Should I introduce her to the dragon king later?

No, I think it will be easier to introduce her in this state.

I introduced Anee to the dragon king.

Anee greets him accordingly.

「Anee Rocheur desu. Please take care of me from now on.」


It looks like she can still do it properly.

As expected of Anee.

The dragon king greets her back.

「Dragon King, Dors.」

When greeting or introducing someone, the higher the position, the lesser the words.

It is to avoid careless remarks.

Because of that, I’m not dissatisfied with the introduction of the dragon king.

However, it seems like Anee doesn’t think the same.

「Wait a minute, were you not taught on how to greet someone?」


I, I thought we were surely dead.

I’ve thought of that a number of times ever since I came to this village.

We’re saved because the dragon king laughed.

We were spared.


Please, don’t say another word.



Before dinner.

Anee regained her sanity.

It is probably because of the healing effects of the cats.

How many times have I’ve been healed by the cats?

Anee, Samael is mine.

Don’t hug her too much.

Please be satisfied with hugging a stuffed toy cat.

Hold that one over there.

It seems like Anee somehow remembered what she had done. Anee, who was in agony, turned her anger to me.

I’ll accept it all.

Just think that it is love.

Before going to the dinner table, Anee apologized to the other party.

Of course, I’m with her.


The dinner is nabe.

In the pot that is heated by a magic tool are miso based soup, pork, chicken, fish, cabbage, carrot, and radish.

It’s a yosenabe.

I’ll be sharing it with Anee and Yuri.

Being able to share it with my family, it’s kind of strange.

If we’re at the royal castle, this would never happen.

It’s because I’m the demon king.

In that aspect, I feel regret.

However, if I hadn’t become the demon king, the demon king’s kingdom would have fallen into chaos.

In order to not feel regret, I kept telling that to myself.


Anee, are you okay?

Do you know that you still look young?

You don’t want to show that form to Yuri, right?

Also, Gol and the others are looking at you awkwardly….

「I already gave up since everyone already saw me. As for those three….since they are old friends, it is alright for them to see me like this.」

I-is that so?

How about Yuri…

「When I was still a little girl, I’ve already seen her like that several times after introducing herself as my older sister.」

Anee, what on earth are you doing?

No, there’s no point in winking…you’re cute though.


Let’s leave it for now and enjoy the nabe.

When some of the ingredients were eaten, I asked if they wanted me to put noodles.

「I have no idea so I’ll leave it to you.」

「Father, how about putting mochi first before noodles. Mother will surely like it.」

Ah, right.

Then, I put in some mochi!

If I leave it alone, it will stick on the pot so I have to be careful with it.

Ah, Anee.

Don’t talk about marriage to Yuri.

It’s still too early.

Certainly, I’m envious of those with grandchildren….

By the way, it seems like the battle that’s been happening this morning was settled when the gatekeeper dragon barged in.

As expected of the gatekeeper dragon. However, it is the gatekeeper dragon that has suffered the most damage.

His wife and daughter finally stopped fighting when he took all their attacks with his body.

Can I do that too?


That’s right.


Next to the dragon king is Raimeiren, the typhoon dragon.

Next to the typhoon dragon is Guronde.

Yes, that “enemy of god”.

I saw her dragon form and she’s certainly amazing.

Let’s go and say hello later.


You don’t want to?

I don’t think there’s a need for you to hold back….maa, if you say so. I understand.


After the noodles, rice was cooked next.

This is the goodness of nabe.

However, it seems like there’s dessert after this so we shouldn’t fill our belly.

Then, let’s go to the hot spring together after dinner.

Yeah, it’s good to go leisurely in a carriage but let’s rely on Beezel.

Hot springs are great.

Your everyday fatigue will be healed.

It’s a shame that it is segregated by gender.

Ah, no, I don’t mean anything. I just want to use the hot spring with my family.

That’s it.

I know.

I don’t want to be hated by Yuri.


When I was waiting for dessert, village chief introduced his children to Anee.


I feel envious every time I see this excellent boy because I want a son too.

I’m not dissatisfied with my daughter but I also want a son.

It’s not like I can’t have one but it will be difficult for a principal to get pregnant.

I was able to force her with Yuri but it took us a lot of hard work.

If I ask her again, she’ll hesitate.

I’ll talk with her tonight.



A very energetic girl.

And someone who needs attention.

Yeah, someone that needs to be cautious of.

I don’t mean it in a bad way but you can never be too sure.

Next year, she will enroll in the school with Alfred but….will it be okay?

I will have to ask Gol’s group to do their best.

No, should I ask village chief to send a villager to the school?

Someone that can suppress Ursa….probably no.

No matter who comes, I can already see a miserable future.

Let’s just be prepared.

It will be okay.

Prepare to endure.


After dinner, we went to the hot spring.

I forgot to tell Anee about the ghost knights, the ghost sorceress, and the lion’s pride.

I’m sorry.

Here, a stuffed toy cat.

Use it to take back your sanity.

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