Chapter 512 – The Three’s Marriage Partners

The demon king’s wife was scheduled for a day trip but it was decided that they’ll stay overnight.

Did she like the hot spring that much?

It seems like she’s fine with the food too.

Speaking of which, the demon king and Yuri come to this village often so they were able to use chopsticks without problem.

However, I was surprised that the demon king’s wife can also use chopsticks.

According to her, it seems like the three beastboys have spread the use of chopsticks in the demon king’s kingdom.

What are they doing to be able to accomplish that?

But it looks like there’s no problem so I guess it’s okay.

By the way, you three.

I heard that Gol, Sil, and Bron are getting married, is that true?

After hearing my question, Sil ran away.

Gol and Bron tackled him.

「NOOOOOOOO! I don’t want to get marrieeeeddddd!」

Sil screams.

He’s half mad.

Gol hits him to shut him up and bows before me.

「My apologies. It looks like Sil is a bit troubled before his wedding.」

No, I’m worried. I’m pretty sure he said he doesn’t want to get married.

「But it’s impossible for him to say no now.」

Is that so?

「Yes. Unfortunately.」

I see….my condolences, Sil.

There are things that you can’t resist.

「For the time being……I, Sil, and Bron are presently in relationships and we are indeed going to get married. I apologize for only informing you now.」

According to Gol, he is going to marry two, Sil will marry nine, and Bron will marry one.

Let’s listen to Sil’s nine brides later. Who are your two brides to be, Gol?

「Yeah. Well, that is….a lot of things happened.」

One of Gol’s partners is the seventh daughter of Count Pugyaru, Miss Enderi.

They became friends for about a year and switched to being in a relationship with the intent of getting married after.

The other one was the fifth daughter of Count Glitch, Miss Kirisana.

Count Pugyaru and Count Glitch are rivals.

However, they don’t have any aggressive relationship. They even cooperate with each other if their interests crossed.

It looks like the children were influenced by their parents so they look like they are getting along on the surface but they view each other as rivals.

Because of that relationship, if Miss Enderi wants to get married, the other party won’t intervene.

On the other hand, Miss Kirisana even wants Miss Enderi to get married.

The marriage between Gol and Enderi does not involve politics and it will not even lead to status improvement of Count Pugyaru.

However, Miss Kirisana is disturbed.

She tried to get in the way of Miss Enderi’s marriage.

Though it is already confirmed that Miss Enderi is not being forced to marry and she’s not asking for help, she still gets in the way.

Her reason is simple.

Pure jealousy.

「What are you trying to prove? That you can get married before me?」

Just that.

However, the battle between Miss Enderi and Miss Kirisana begins there.

Gol got caught in it.

In the end, Gol ended up having to marry both Miss Enderi and Miss Kirisana.

Now, the two of them are even colluding to make sure Gol won’t escape.

Gol, you’re looking too distant, are you okay?

I see, you’re okay.



Bron’s partner is an oneesan that works in school.

When they were still students, they have become indebted to this receptionist oneesan and it continued when they became teachers.

The teacher and receptionist’s relationship goes steadily until the oneesan proposes to Bron.

Bron said yes.

The end.


That’s normal.

Super normal.

Ah, wait wait.

Hold on.

What is the receptionist oneesan’s race?

She’s not an undead or something, right?


An ordinary demoness.

Just a little older.

How much?

15 years?


No problem!

However, Bron.

You chose someone older, by chance, do you have a fetish?

I know that when you were still midgets, the ones who were taking care of you are the beastgirls who were slightly older than you….

Please let me apologize for that.

Bron responded to my apology with a smile.

「It’s not that I like older people, it’s just that the person I like was older.」

….I see.

I wish you happiness.


Now, the problem is Sil.

There are nine brides to be.


Won’t it be pointless if I asked how did it happen?


Is it?


Let me hear it.

「At first, there were only three….」

Yeah, at first, really funny.

Aren’t you alone at first?

Ah, sorry.

Go ahead.


Sil had a good relationship with the first three, Miss Irene, Miss Lovia, and Miss Konegit.

As Sil only wishes to marry one of them, he’s been thinking hard.

However, the three seemed to disagree and colluded with each other.

The three started to act in the direction of getting married.

Sil didn’t notice as usual.

No, he might have noticed.

He’s been treating the three equally after all.


As the days passed, the barrier of those three gradually narrowed and someone broke through.

It was when Gol resolved a certain pandemic of a certain count’s territory.

The earl’s relative came to give her thanks.

Her way of thanking is being a wife.

No one knows.

Of course, Sil, who accepted it, doesn’t know too.


The fifth intruder.

The other party is an artificial life form that has been guarding one of the deepest parts of a certain dungeon.

Gol’s group captured that dungeon and it was Sil who accidentally found her.

Sil felt sorry for her and couldn’t leave her alone there so he brought her out. However, it seems like the other party doesn’t think so.

Thereafter, she started calling him master and began to act as his wife.


The sixth one.

A merchant’s daughter.

This is simple.

A caravan was attacked by bandits while they were traveling.

There were more than ten guards but the bandits were over 50 in addition to the bandits ambushing them.

Sil, who happened to pass by, appeared.

He repulsed the bandits.

The caravan was protected.

Seeing his strength, the merchant used his daughter to attack Sil.

No matter how strong he is, Sil is still a child.

He was led by that merchant and had him take care of her at the academy.


The 7th.

A desert elf slave that happened to meet Sil when he went to a human kingdom.

There are slaves in the demon king’s kingdom but they are basically criminal slaves.

They are enslaved as punishment and will be released once he serves his sentence.

However, the slaves in human countries are not just criminal slaves. There are many types of slaves.

And slaves are treated in various ways too.

Seeing how cruel they treated slaves, Sil crushed a slave merchant and freed the slaves.

Most of those who had become slaves were kidnapped and enslaved so they happily returned home.

Sil also gave them money they can use to go home.

Except one.

The desert elf, who no longer has a home to return, has nowhere else to go so she followed Sil.

I see.

By the way, how were you able to crush the slave merchant?

Also, isn’t it normal for slave traders in that place to treat slaves like that?

Don’t you think it is wrong to go to another country and rampage just because the way they do things is different from your own country?

No, the slaves are certainly poorly treated.

I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t have helped them.

However, you can’t just crush something because you can do it. It will haunt you in the future.

In addition, you’ll buy grudge.

Since you took care of it legally, then I’m glad.

Maa, since you crushed it legally, that slave merchant deserves it.

You didn’t use fraudulent means, did you?



Let’s return to the story, 8th.

Assassin sent by the crushed slave merchant.


She’s a beastkin and she felt nostalgic after you repulsed her.




The adventurer who went to the human country with Sil.

She’s a mage and seems to have teamed up with Sil.

She’s a good person who cooperated with him to crush the slave merchant.

The reason why he wants to be Sil’s wife is his cooking.

She said she’s already a prisoner of his dish.

I see.


And those nine repeatedly fought until they colluded to seal Sil.

Sil finally realized it all and became fearsome of women.

He ran away with everything he had but he was caught.

He was caught.

It seems like Gol and Bron have also joined those who caught him.

They were forced with the use of the cooperation of their brides to be.

Coordination is important for the three’s brides.

Don’t call them traitors.

Ah, yeah, I’m on your side.

Okay okay.

Look, love is infinite.

It has no limit.

That is the basics.

On top of that, let me teach you how to make a shelf in your heart.

Any kind of shelf is okay.

What important are those people who’ll you put on those shelves.

It’s not difficult.

Not difficult at all.


That day, I had a long conversation with Sil.

I have never spoken so long before.

Even if we’re not connected by blood, you are my son.


Stick your chest out.

The most important thing to remember is the shelf in your heart.

They should be equal.

Never forget that.

Ah, Gol and Bron, you are my sons too.


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