Chapter 513 – Face to Face Meeting

The day after the demon king’s wife came to the village, I went to Village Five.

My purpose is to meet the brides to be of the beastboys.

Initially, I planned to meet them the day the demon king’s wife came but it was shifted to the next day.

There’s no problem because I informed them in advance.


Most of the brides to be of the beastboys are living in the demon king’s kingdom’s capital. Beezel worked hard to teleport them to Village Five.

Thank you.

Ah, have a cup of tea.

It’s chartered today.

The place where I’ll meet the brides to be of the beastboys is the sweet store Kuro and Yuki.

Youko’s mansion is a good choice too since it’s spacious.

In order to not intimidate the other parties unnecessarily, I decided to do it in Kuro and Yuki.

It’s a store I run so there shouldn’t be any problem.


Accompanying me are my wives Loo and Tier.

Senna’s with us too as the representative of Big Tree Village’s beastkins.

There are also two members of the civil servant girls and guards which are Gulf, Daga, and five lizardmen.

Originally, that should have been enough but Youko is the acting village chief of Village Five so she should be there, and Flora, who came to Village Five for quality control of fermented foods.

Sightseeing….I think that’s her real purpose.

There are also the demon king and Beezel.

Beezel is the teleporter so he should really be here.

But, why is the demon king here too?

The beastboys are valuable war potential?

If they’ll get married, he would like to meet the brides to be first too.

I see.

War potential in baseball, right?

Do you really need to be here?

….okay, got it.

Since you said that your intention is pure, I can’t say anything else.

Ah, there’s one actually.

How many layers of pancakes are there in front of you?

You limit the toppings to strawberry jam?

No, I won’t listen to your food review.


Maa, the demon king should be here too.

It seems like those three have been taking care of several things in the royal capital.

Well, I’m not really bothered by the demon king but the four regular customers who are in the store even though I reserved this place.

No, please, continue what you are doing. Don’t worry…..

Yes, thank you for your patronage.

However, we reserved this place today…..

Ah, it’s no use.

They’re not listening.

I thought that I would be able to reserve this whole place but it seems like it will inconvenience a lot of people.

I got it.

We are going to talk about something very important over there so please don’t make a fuss and don’t say anything aloud.

I left the regular customers to Kinesta, the assistant manager of Kuro and Yuki.

We’re not going to talk about a top-secret thing so it’s fine.



There are three tables prepared at the inner part of Kuro and Yuki.

Gol’s table, Sil’s table, and Bron’s table.

The size is dependent on the number of wives so Sil’s table is quite large.

Those three’s brides to be are already sitting on their seats waiting for me.

First of all, I stand in a place where everyone can see me and introduce myself.

Self-introduction and congratulations on their marriage.

I’m not good at this kind of thing but I’ll do my best.

After me, Senna introduced herself.

Her introduction is better than mine.

I wanted to introduce myself like that.


Next, greeting each table.

Originally, it should be the beastboys and their wives who should be moving to the place where I am to introduce themselves but we have to think about the number of people.

The question now is, where should I go first….

I head to Bron’s table.

My apologies Gol, and Sil.

I’ll deal with complicated things later.

Instead of me, Loo went to Gol’s table and Tier went to Sil’s table.


Next to Bron is Aleisha, the receptionist oneesan of Gullgald Noble Academy.

She’s a demoness.

Her age….she was born 15 years earlier than Bron.

My first impression of her is legit office lady.

She usually ties her hair back and wears glasses but today, her hair is straight and she’s not wearing glasses because she needs to greet me.

I asked her if she’s okay if she’s not wearing glasses and she says that as long as she’s not doing some paperwork, she’ll be fine.

We introduced ourselves to each other and asked her to take care of Bron.

I want to talk to her more but time is limited so I can’t.


Okay, next.

I head to Gol’s table and replace Loo.

To the left of Gol is the seventh daughter of Count Pugyaru, Miss Enderi.

To his right is the fifth daughter of Count Glitch, Miss Kirisana.

Both are demoness who are two years older than Gol.

Both of them are wearing elegant dresses and their hair are elegant drills. One glance, you’ll know that they are ojousamas.

Miss Kirisana is the one with more drills but I don’t think it represents a villainous character.

Honestly speaking, if these two introduced themselves as sisters, I’ll believe them.

They said that they are relatives.

I see.

Anyway, I said my greetings and hope that they’ll get along well.

Gol, make sure you get along with these two too.

After I finish my greeting, I call two of the civil servant girls who came with me.

These two are the elder sisters of Miss Enderi and Miss Kirisana.

A strange coincidence….or not?

They went to the same academy and lived in the village with Frau.

As for the brides to be, Gol met them at the academy.

That’s it.

For the time being, give your blessings as the elder sisters….areh?

Miss Enderi and Miss Kirisana froze?

What happened?

They are probably nervous because they haven’t met you in a long time. That’s what the elder sisters said and that’s really convincing.

Miss Enderi and Miss Kirisana nodded too.

Then, I’ll leave this place to those two civil servant girls.

I went to Sil’s table.


I went to replace Tier and greet them.

Aside from Sil, there are nine women.

Yeah, this is confusing.

Now, ehto….

I don’t know if this was intended but, all nine have elder sister attributes.

There’s not a single little sister type.

I wouldn’t think of anything if there’s only one elder sister type but they are all elder sister types.

Maa, I think it’s because…..

Thinking about it, Gol, Sil, and Bron’s wives-to-be are all elder sister types.


I don’t really mind but I feel guilty about something.

I’m sorry.


I exchanged greetings with the women around Sil.

The third one is Miss Konegit.

She’s one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom, Hou Leg.

I was told of that in advance.

And yesterday, Hou herself gathered the demon king, Beezel, Glatts, and Randan.

What is her purpose?

There’s no alcohol involved but she told them about her love for 2 hours straight.

Maa, Hou seems to be serious about marriage.

Nobody has a problem with that.

The demon king, Beezel, Glatts, and Randan recognized her intent too.

However, they attached conditions to her marriage for the time being.

That she has to continue working after marriage.

Hou also considered her position and accepted that term.

Basically, it will last as long as the current demon king is the demon king.

However, she is allowed to take leaves during pregnancy, childbirth, and taking care of her children.

I feel that there’s something wrong.

However, I don’t think keeping it to myself will solve anything so I asked her to confirm it.

「Does Sil know?」

「No. However, I’m willing to bargain with love.」

Is that so? Is that some kind of strategy?


It’s difficult to judge.

For now, since both Hou and Sil admit that they want to get married, I’ll give my blessing.

Maa, I’m sure they’ll get married even without my blessing.


After the greeting, I asked those nine to take care of Sil.

That’s it for today.

The main purpose is to meet each other personally and say hello.

As for talking with each of them, some other time.


This meeting should have been dissolved already but I have to wait a little more.

Ah, they’re here.

Ancestor-san with six male and female beastkins.

They are a little older.

They are around Gulf’s age.

And they are not villagers from Big Tree Village.

「Gol, Sil, and Bron, do you mind if you’ll receive blessing from them too?」

Hearing my question, the three beastboys seemed to have guessed who they are.

They are villagers from Howling Village.

Gol, Sil, and Bron’s parents.


Today’s greeting was a day late because it took some time to call them.

There’s no problem taking them here with ancestor-san around.

The problem is the psychological aspect.

Although there were circumstances, they were still sent away when they were still toddlers.

The six claimed that they have no right to give them blessing in their marriage but me, Gulf, and Gutt persuaded them.

Since the beginning of me sending messages to Howling Village via small wyvern, the parents of the three have received detailed letters about them.

Even though they wanted the three to forget them, I was able to persuade them saying that they only needed to congratulate them.


It is a surprise for the three but I indirectly consulted them before.

And I did not decide this alone. I consulted majority of the villagers if I should call the six to this place.


Yeah, the congratulations are short but I’m sure it was good that they were called.

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