Chapter 514 – Kirisana

My name is Kirisana.

Kirisana Randrid Glitch.

A daughter of Count Glitch.


Well, how do I say this, suddenly….though it has only been a few months, I’ll get married.

I’m thankful for that.

No, it’s not an arranged marriage but it is I who decided whom to marry.

He’s a wonderful person.

He is Gol-sama.

He’s a beastkin with a slightly unusual status that is equivalent to a head of a baron family.

Being equivalent to a head of a baron family, in a sense, is the same as a head of a baron family and will naturally be treated as a noble.

However, it is still too low for me who came from a count’s house.

Because of that, my father has opposed my marriage.

In addition, I’m not the only one who’ll marry him. That made my father oppose it more.

The other person who’ll marry Gol-sama is Enderi, daughter of Count Pugyaru, who my father views as a rival.

For me, Enderi is both my rival and friend.

Never in my dreams have I thought that we would have the same husband.

To be honest, I originally intended to get in between Enderi and Gol-sama.

From our parents’ point of view, Enderi and I are equal. However, as a modest wife, I have to take a step back.

My father opposed my marriage and I tried to ignore it but couldn’t.

I can ignore my father’s will and get married but I can’t turn a count into an enemy.

If I really want to get married, I can only get my father’s blessing.

Because of that, I challenged him to a duel.

Yeah, a battle between me and my father.

And as expected, father won.

I’m not convinced with just one loss so it will be three battles….

My hand hurts, I can’t do it.

Maa, Gol-sama healed my hand…..fufufu.


Anyway, Gol-sama successfully greeted my father.

My mother worked hard to keep him in her headlock.

Yeah, my family is like that and I’m thankful for it.

My father is strict at work but he acts like that at home.


The problem now is, I also have to greet Gol-sama’s father.

He said that he is not his real father but it doesn’t matter.

What matters is Gol-sama recognizes him as his father.

Besides, adoption is not uncommon in the noble’s society.

However, the father of someone who’s equal to a baron family head is a village chief without peerage. How did that happen?

Should I ask my father to make a move so that he’ll receive some kind of peerage?

When I consulted Enderi, I found out that she’s thinking the same thing.

As expected desu.

However, peerage is bound by duty.

There are various duties of a noble and to put it simply, a noble must protect the country.

That’s it.

It is not something that anyone can do.

There are even those who voluntarily return their peerage because they can’t fulfill their obligations.

Gol-sama’s father might decline too.

And so, I decided that I’ll make my move after meeting him.

Gol-sama is also saying this often.

Something that makes you happy doesn’t mean that others will be happy about it too.

I shouldn’t force my belief on anyone.


It was set up in no time and the day where we’ll meet Gol-sama’s father has come.

It was postponed for a day so I thought that I’m already prepared for everything, however, my heart is pounding hard.


By the way, why are we going to meet in a meeting room in the royal castle? Is it really okay?

Isn’t this place where they discuss important things like national politics?

Ah, Count Chrome.

Good morning.

Ehto, we’re here for…you know?

Okay desu yo ne.

Since this room was set up for us and you are here, it means…..Count Chrome will bear witness?

You’re the one who’ll send us?

Teleportation magic?

Four heavenly kings, Count Chrome?

No, I know that Count Chrome is close to Gol-sama but isn’t Count Chrome’s teleportation magic exclusive for national affairs?

You’re sending General Glatts to his wife every ten days?


Good joke.

Count Chrome’s teleportation magic plays an important role in the diplomacy of the demon king’s kingdom… this part of diplomacy?


I’m not convinced but I pretended to accept it with a smile.


In this marriage greeting, in addition to me and Enderi, Sil-sama, and Bron-sama, who are like Gol-sama’s brothers, are also going with us together with their brides-to-be.

Because of that, Sil-sama and Bron-sama’s brides-to-be are all here.

I’ve heard about it and I’ve met some of them but…..

This is the first time I’ve seen all nine brides to be of Sil-sama in one place.


Why do I feel that there are people here who shouldn’t be here?

Or is it my imagination?

Like that one on the far right. Isn’t she the kingdom’s finance minister, Leg of the four heavenly kings?

She was picked up by Count Chrome….Konegit?


I understand.

Nice to meet you, Konegit-sama.

I’m Kirisana desu.

Please take care of me from now on.


Bron-sama’s wife is….normal desu ne.

She’s really calming.

Then, there are Gol-sama, Sil-sama, Bron-sama, and demon king-sama.


「Why is he here, demon king-samaaaaaaa!!!!」

I instinctively screamed.

The others screamed too so my scream was not noticeable.


If you think about it calmly, it is not strange that demon king-sama is here.

Gol-sama, Sil-sama, and Bron-sama are members of the baseball team that demon king-sama coaches.


Like that’s the reasoooooonnnnn!!

Ah, I’m going crazy.

Don’t don’t.

Calm down.

Ehto, even if Gol-sama, Sil-sama, and Bron-sama are members of demon king-sama’s baseball team, this is a private affair.

It means that he’s also the one who arranged this thing to happen in the royal castle.

If that is the case….does that mean that demon king-sama cares for my and Enderi’s father that much?


The current demon king-sama is powerful.

It is said that he’s the strongest in history.

He won’t waste much time on my father or Enderi’s father’s affairs.

If there’s someone demon king-sama and Count Chrome cares for….it is the Finance Minister Leg!

I see.

Demon king-sama is truly caring.

So that’s how it is.

I clearly see it now.

In other words, demon king-sama will come with us to specifically support Finance Minister Leg.

That must be it.

This means demon king-sama is not, in any way, related to us in this.

Finance Minister Leg is going to marry Sil-sama after all.

It has nothing to do with Gol-sama and me and Enderi’s marriage.

Don’t get too excited in discussing baseball.

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