Chapter 515 – Kirisana, Continuation

There were a lot of unexpected things but everyone in that meeting room departed as it is.

Let’s calm down.

The person I’ll meet later will be Gol-sama’s father.

From what I heard from Gol-sama, his father is a very kind person….

Some people are gentle with their relatives but are strict with outsiders.

I won’t let my guard down.

I sent my gaze to Enderi.

In case anything happens, we’ll support each other.

This is the continuation of our maiden agreement.

She’s fine with it.

Let’s go!


Village Five.

It’s a big city that occupies a whole mountain that demon king-sama built and the royal princess Yuri-sama managed.

It has only been a few years since it was founded but it is very beautiful and lively.

However, this Village Five is riddled with mysteries.


Although it’s only a day far from Shashaato City, this place is infested with monsters and demon beasts.

There are many other safe places so why would a city be built in such a place. It is a mystery.

Another one, the representative of Village Five.

Youko, who’s someone that can’t be provoked, is working as the acting village chief for some reason.

No, why are they even calling this city a village in the first place….?

According to some, it is intended to confuse the scale of this place with non-demons.

If that is the case, why is Yuri-sama an administrator and not a governor?

No matter how I think about it, I can only think of contradictions.

If they really want other countries to not notice this place, it is so wrong to make Yuri-sama the administrator.

Anyway, this is the place where we’ll meet Gol-sama’s father.

The place is the same as was decided before.

There shouldn’t be any problem.

But my head thought of a problem.

I feel stupid for only having thought of it now.

Usually, a marriage greeting with the son’s partner will be at the groom’s house.

In other words, Gol-sama’s father is the village chief of Village Five?


From what I heard from Gol-sama, he’s the village chief of Big Tree Village….



Perhaps Gol-sama’s father thought of us.

I and Enderi are nobles and so do some of Sil-sama’s brides-to-be.

He wants to greet us in a slightly better place.

I see.


He doesn’t have to do this. We won’t mind.

No matter what village it is, it is the place where my beloved Gol-sama grew up, I will love it too.

Then, this means that the village of Gol-sama’s father is near Village Five, right?

If you’re the village chief, you won’t be able to leave the village for that long.

If possible, I would like to see the village where Gol-sama grew up.


Anyway, the place where we were teleported by Count Chrome is a little far away from the main gate of Village Five.

We will have to travel to the venue where we’ll meet with Gol-sama’s father.

I think that it would have been better to directly teleport us to the venue but it is against ethics to directly teleport inside a city or town.

Everyone will surely be surprised if we suddenly appear in the city.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s work hard in climbing that mountain.

There were carriages prepared.

It’s the latest model of the Goroun Company.

My father also has one.

And there are twenty of them now.



One per person?

I guess he only rented them but, is Gol-sama’s father rich?


The carriages stopped in front of the store with a sign saying “Kuro and Yuki”.


This is the sweets store that is highly praised by our intelligence agents!


This is the venue?

However, according to the intelligence reports, this store is always full of guests so it is impossible to make it the venue for marriage greetings.

It was rented out.


I’m convinced.

Gol-sama’s father is loaded.

There’s no doubt about it.


In addition to the staff, there were a few people in “Kuro and Yuki”.

I thought one of them was Gol-sama’s father but I was wrong.

It seems like they are just regular customers.

But, isn’t this place rented out?

Also, it seems like there are two former four heavenly kings among the regular customers….


AH! The manager of this store is the princess of the former Elf Empire?




I wouldn’t have noticed them if demon king-sama did not come with us.

I look around.

The others are also looking around like me.

Enderi, some of Sil-sama’s wives, and Bron-sama’s wife.

We formed a circle silently.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a noble or a commoner.

We have one heart.

We also said the same thing.

「I have a really bad feeling but let’s do our best to survive!」

It’s for our wonderful marriage life!


Gol-sama’s father is normal.

Yeah, it’s true.

He doesn’t even give off the village chief feeling. He seems like a normal villager.

However, if you look at him closely, his clothes are super high quality.

Although it looks like something that was made for a villager, the fabric is of the highest quality.

That’s the most negligible thing anyone will notice.

The people around Gol-sama’s father were even more strange.

Not the clothes.

The person themselves.

Vampire Lulushi and Angel Tier?

Aren’t they dangerous individuals who were rampaging around human countries?

Those two are Gol-sama’s father’s wives?

I heard that Lulushi and Tier are rivals who fight whenever they meet regardless of what country they are in.

How could this be?

Also, why is Village Five’s acting village chief Youko here?

Does Gol-sama’s father know her?

However, Youko’s acting like she’s his subordinate.

L-let’s not think about it.

Ah, the beastkin Senna-san is normal.

Next to her is the sword god Gulf-sama.

I wish I didn’t notice it but there was someone there that I would never miss no matter what happens.

My aneesama desu.

My second aneesama.

I heard she was missing.

And there’s also Enderi’s elder sister who went missing at the same time as my second sister.

They are older than us but I know them well.

Since I was little, I know that my aneesama’s peers have a strong desire for power.

Their influence is not limited to the noble academy that I went to but also to the royal castle and they were even gathering military power.

Negotiation, persuasion, acquisition, intimidation, violence.

I’ve only heard of all of those when I came home when she went missing and I can’t believe a single thing I’ve heard.

If I were to summarize it in one word, overkill.

I can still remember what my father and mother have said when we had a meeting after she went missing. They said that they made a mistake in raising her.

After the family meeting, it became prohibited to talk about my aneesama.

My aneesama’s peers.

There’s a rumor that they offended someone they can’t offend. However, they are still alive….


It was great that tears did not come out of my eyes.

I’m not disappointed that my aneesama is still alive.

Why is my body trembling?

I’m only being moved by my reunion with aneesama.

Yeah, I’m not lying.

My memories of her?

Ah, my head…..

The past that I’ve already buried in darkness….


A lot of things happened but the greeting was over.


Really great.

Once again, we formed a circle.

There are now more members compared to earlier.

It’s okay.

Please join the circle without hesitation.

We have one heart.

After this greeting, I think our unity has become stronger.


Gol-sama’s father said that the food has been prepared.

I’m very happy to hear that.

I’m really stressed about this day’s greeting so I wasn’t able to eat that much in the last few days.

Now that I have peace of mind, I’m hungry.

It’s an invitation from my future husband’s father.

It is impossible to refuse.

However, Kuro and Yuki is a sweets store.

When I was thinking that the menu here will be unsuitable, it seems like we are going to move to another store desu.

So that’s how it is.


Our destination is “Niz’s Alcomeat”.

This is a meat and alcohol store that is highly praised by our intelligence agents.

The alcohol is superb so I wanted to try it at least once.

I’m looking forward to it.

When I tried to get out, the regular customers of Kuro and Yuki stopped me.

I thought something happened but it seems like there’s an order on who’ll go out first.

The order is: Gol-sama and Enderi and me, Sil-sama and Sil-sama’s wives, and Bron-sama and Bron-sama’s wife.

Gol-sama’s father and his wives, the biological parents, demon king-sama and Count Chrome are last?

I thought of something………

A parade was prepared outside.

And in front of us are ten open and roofless carriages.

It seems like we’re going to go around Village Five while riding those.

My family is a noble family with territory.

Therefore, I have experienced parading before the people of our territory.

I’ve experienced it a number of times.

However, there are too many people now….

I can’t see the end of the line of residents.


Ah, it was Yuri-sama who’s in charge of this parade?

I see.


Circle, let’s form a circle.

Yes, we have one heart.

Let’s get through this ordeal.


Side story.

I’m sure Gol-sama’s father is the village chief of Big Tree Village.

However, it seems like he’s also the village chief of Village Five.


I’m not sure.

Is it possible to be the village chief of two villages?


He’s also the village chief of several more villages?

Ano, could it be that….doesn’t that mean that Gol-sama’s father is a lord and not a village chief?

I don’t understand why he would stick to being called a village chief.


Side story 2.

Demon king-sama, demon king-sama.

Are you not going to give Gol-sama’s father a peerage?

「What peerage will I give……true demon king or super demon king?」

Demon king-sama, what on earth are you saying?

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