Chapter 537 – Chess Piece and Subjugation Result, Day 49

I’m absentmindedly rubbing the wine slime near the reservoir.

Next to me is one of the kuros, Masayuki.

He’s also looking at a distance.

The pond turtles are looking at us with faces saying are you okay.


We’re okay.

Right, we’re okay.

I’m being healed while rubbing the wine slime and I also have Masayuki with me.

Ah, the wine slime was taken by holy maiden Celes and Masayuki was taken by his partner.


Right, let’s just carve a statue of god.


The supposed statue of that that I’ll carve became money and jewelry because ancestor-san bought it. I had no choice but to switch to making chess pieces.

I made four ordinary sets.

After that, I created a god version too.

It is difficult to know which piece is which so I changed the pedestal of the pieces.

There were only six types: king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pawn so it wasn’t that difficult.

Yeah, they look great.

But won’t the one who’ll use this receive divine punishment?

Let’s just use it as decorations then.

No, ancestor-san.

This is not for sale.

I won’t sell no matter how much you’ll give.

I’ll be troubled if you buy this and turn it into Korin Religion’s treasure.


If you talk about chess in the village, you’ll immediately think of Kuroyon and Malbit so I tried making a kuro version and an angel version.

Kuro is the king and Yuki is the queen.

It is also hard to distinguish the pieces so I made different pedestals for them and even put crowns to make it easier to know which is which.

I thought of making Tier the king of the angel version but I settled for Malbit.

I made Ruincia the queen.

Pretty cool.

Zabuton comes to me and gestures that she wants demon spider version too so I made one.

There’s a wide variety of spiderlings so it’s not difficult to distinguish the pieces.

I made Zabuton the king and the queen is….the arachne Arako.

When I was immersed in making chess pieces, I received a report that Gulf’s group had already returned to Village Five.


The warbear was subjugated by them.

And they did not only beat one, they managed to subjugate 27 warbears in ten days.

There are also a lot of other monsters which are not counted.

According to Gulf, the monster population is abnormally dense. If they did not subjugate them, not only Village Five but even the surrounding villages would have been severely damaged. It may even affect Shashaato City.

That’s lucky.

「There were only signs of damage because of trents so we were caught off guard.」

Youko is relieved.

She’s not worried about the defense of Village Five but she can’t say the same about the area around the village.

In addition, she recommended the surrounding village to raise livestock like cows, pigs, and chickens in anticipation of the consumption of Village Five and Shashaato City.

The investment in them is not small and it was almost ruined.

Well, it’s great that the villagers were not affected.

「In order to make sure, I want adventurers to go around each village.」

I agree with her proposal.

That’s something I won’t object to.

「Also, the monsters and demon beast subjugated…..」

「Is something wrong with them?」

「No, the merchants are waiting for us to sell them.」

Monsters and demon beasts that were subjugated by Gulf’s group were transported by the adventurers in Village Five and they were also dismantled already.

Maa, the merchants will surely not miss them.

「You can do whatever you want with them….why are you even asking me in the first place?」

「Originally, the right of prey is to those who subjugated them but the mission this time is under the command of village chief. Moreover, you promise that rewards will be given per monster. In this case, the right to prey is with village chief.」

「Command? Isn’t it a request?」

「They’re the same.」

「I see. Ask Gulf’s group if they’re interested in taking some parts. The rest will be sold.」

「As you wish. I’ve already prepared an auction.」

「You can start it then.」


Gulf’s group, who returned after their subjugation mission, had a banquet at Niz’s Alcomeat.

No one seems to have been seriously hurt….

But the bronze knight is depressed.

What happened?

You were tricked by a wood killer thrice….

Ehto, no.

I don’t know how to comfort him.


「It’s because he’s a careless greenhorn. Unlike trents, you will notice them with a glance.」

White silver knight gave him another blow.

Well, one might not grow if they are always being comforted….

Let’s leave warrior matters to warriors.


I asked them.

It seems like they don’t need any monster parts.

It seems like the subjugation reward I promised is enough.

Youko’s subordinates, who accompanied me, immediately returned to report it.

Is the pressure of the merchants that great?

I have to thank Youko.

I participated in the banquet and listened to their subjugation quest.


According to Gulf and Daga, Pirika and Chelsea are quite strong.

It looks like Pirika even wants to participate in the martial arts tournament of Big Tree Village.

Moreover, in the warrior section.

It’s definitely too early for her to join the knight section.

If she really wants to, I don’t mind if she participates.

As for Chelsea….she refuses.

In a tournament before, she managed to reach the championship match of the common section but she was blown away by Ursa, literally.

Ursa’s not here though.

Even so, she refuses to participate.

Rather than that, you wish to hold a martial arts tournament in Village Five.

There are small tournaments from time to time but there’s no big martial arts event that is sponsored by me.

I don’t mind.

I’ll tell Youko.

Ah, but I wonder if she’ll get angry.

She’s doing a lot of things now like developing the underground street stores, livestock promotion to the surrounding villages, construction of the school, and construction of a race track.

I guess it’s okay since Youko doesn’t do all of those herself…..

Let’s present alcohol to Youko before telling her.

I shouldn’t agree that easily.

Reflect, me.


The next day.

Youko didn’t get angry.

「I was thinking of proposing a martial arts tournament too. 」

「Is that so? 」

「Umu. Since Shashaato City has a monthly martial arts tournament, I thought we should do it too especially to reduce Gulf’s bad effect.」


「Tons of people who are proud of their skills have come here to challenge him everywhere just to claim the title of swordgod.」

「And the measure against them is a martial arts tournament?」

「Yes. It won’t be as flashy as the one in Shashaato City but it will make those idiots come to a specific place. Gulf will also have an excuse in being challenged everywhere.」

「He can just tell them to meet him at the martial arts tournament. I see.」

「There are also a lot of requests for the village to have an exclusive martial arts tournament. They want a joint event with Shashaato City.」

「Do you support them….」

「Not now. We have to be as big as Shashaato City first. That won’t happen until five to ten years in the future.」

A joint martial arts tournament between Village Five and Shashaato City.

Village Five will have no problem with it.

As for Shashaato City….there’s Miyo who’s the assistant of Governor Ifrus so she should be able to do something.

If it’s like this, it will definitely happen in the future.

But if a joint event happened with Village Five and Shashaato City….

I shouldn’t expect anything for now….

「Make things happen first.」

「Right. Let’s get back to the topic, I agree with holding the martial arts tournament. Let’s go all out.」

「Okay. How long will it take for the event to take place? Will it take you a year? Or maybe the year after?」

「Next month.」


「There are so many people who want it to happen….」

Was Chelsea the voice of Village Five when she told me that?

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