Chapter 538 – Life in the Capital, Tiselle, Dinner Party

Today will be the day of our dinner party and the venue is our school.

The guests are Uncle Demon King, his wife who’s the principal, Uncle Beezel, Uncle Randan, Aunt Hou, and Uncle Glatts.

There’s also the Dalfon Company’s Ridley.

I feel uneasy after hearing that a private company, the Dalfon Company, is the one who’s controlling the food prices of the whole kingdom.

I’m also about to get mad at Ridley because she doesn’t trust me but it can’t be helped given all that happened yesterday.

However, I’m glad that I introduced Ridley as my friend.

It’s because Al-nii and Ur-nee don’t have any friends to invite to the dinner party.

I feel a sense of superiority.


Our house is not that big so the dinner party will be held in the living room and outside the house.

Uncle Glatts is a minotaurs so he’s really big so he voluntarily said that we should just extend the party outside.

It seems like they have prepared a barbecue outside.

Uncle Glatt’s men have prepared several things.

Now it has become a large barbeque venue.

That’s good but I wonder if it’s alright to have Uncle Demon King go to our house without guards.

「If we blatantly put some guards around, it would be obvious that there are important people here. Don’t worry. We’ve already taken care of the key points」

Uncle Glatts taught me one of the key points by looking at me while stabbing the meat and vegetables on a skewer.

I see.

They’re hiding while guarding.

Joining Uncle Glatts’ men in preparing for the barbeque are Ojess, Haifrigta, and Kihatroy.

「They volunteered to help. Did they cause you trouble? It looks like their goal is to compensate you.」

「Rather than compensation….I think they just want to participate in the barbeque party?」

「That might be their goal but at least we know that we have good helpers. Also, some of the students seem to want to participate….no, it looks like it’s normal for them to gather here as if it’s happening every day.」

「You’re right.」

In the outer periphery of the barbeque party venue, I found familiar students….ah, they are Gol-nii’s groupies.

「I’m not lacking in manpower so you can leave this place to me. If you don’t go in soon, you might get scolded, right?」

He’s right again.


When I returned to the living room, Ridley looked at me with a “help me” face.

Did she get bullied?

When I look at Asa, he shakes his head and tells me something.

「Tiselle-sama, it’s not very nice to just leave a guest you invited.」

Ah, I see.

「I’m sorry.」

I apologized to Ridley.

I introduced Ridley to Al-nii and Ur-nee but I did not introduce Ridley to Uncle Demon King’s group since they had not all arrived yet earlier.

If they already know each other, there shouldn’t be any problem but if they don’t, the invited person that was not introduced will be treated like air.

It’s troublesome but that’s the rule of noble society.

The dinner party has not started yet but all the guests are here so I’ll introduce her first.

「Uncle Demon King, may I introduce her?」

In a gathering like this, the first person to be introduced is the most important guest.

That’s the rule and Ridley suddenly screamed.



When Ridley was introduced to everyone, the dinner party started.

Around the tables are Al-nii, Ur-nee, me, Uncle Demon King, principal, Uncle Beezel, Uncle Randan, Aunt Hou, and Ridley.

Asa, Earth, and Metora are serving as waiters.

I’ll thank you later.

There are also six other people. They are servants brought by Uncle Demon King. Our house is not very big so it’s now full of people.

First, everyone is given a drink.

It is only fruit water(juice).

Aunt Hou was thoroughly disappointed but it can’t be helped.

There are also rules about drinks and food.

Maa, it’s only a formality so those who want to drink alcohol can drink after this.

When Metora told that to Aunt Hou, she got better.

However, Aunt Hou did not even bother drinking the fruit water after that….


We are the host but this dinner party is an admission celebration so the greetings came from the guests.

The school principal was the first to give her speech.

「I already said this from the entrance ceremony but again, welcome to the school. Please learn well and work hard.」

Next is Uncle Demon King.

「Don’t be too violent.」

And then, Uncle Beezel.

「If you encounter any trouble, you can rely on me. I also treat you as my grandchildren.」

Uncle Randan.

「Beezel, you’re a sly old man. Cough. If you think you can rely on Beezel, you can rely on me too. I’m in charge of this country’s internal affairs. If you made a little crime, I can take care of that for you.」

Aunt Hou.

「I can also cover you for your crime. Rather than those dirty old men, you better go to me. Especially if you want to talk about money, auntie is an expert on that.」

「You’re older than m….」

The reason why Uncle Randan suddenly stopped talking was because something happened under the table.

Father also said that you should never mention a woman’s age.

That’s Uncle Randan’s sin.

Also, I don’t intend to make a mistake that would become a crime.

The last is Ridley.

「Ehto…. First of all, thank you for inviting me to this place. I am Ridley Baker Macker, a member of the Dalfon Company. I would like to congratulate Alred-sama, Ursa-sama, and Tiselle-sama on their admission to the Gullgald Noble Academy.」

After receiving everyone’s greetings, Al-nii responded on our behalf.

「Thank you for your polite greetings. We are still immature and may cause trouble to everyone but thank you for your guidance. Though modest, we have prepared dishes from our village. We hope you enjoy it.」

The prepared speech was used as it is.

I was worried since everyone’s already familiar with each other and that speech was even made to be not too polite. It’s good that it became useful to at least one.

I’m glad that I called Ridley.


The food was served by Asa, Earth, and Metora.

We struggled with choosing what to cook.

Should we prepare a course cuisine? Or should we choose as we like?

For the sake of concept, we should choose a course cuisine.

It will show that we’re following the culture and style of the demon king’s kingdom.

However, we don’t really need to do that since Uncle Demon King and the others already know the food in our village.

Thus, we decided to just cook according to the village’s style.

「It’s a tonkatsu meal set.」

Tonkatsu, cabbage, rice, miso, and pickles.

It’s a meal set that father will be delighted to eat.

「We prepared a lot of tonkatsu, cabbage, rice, miso, and pickles so please don’t hesitate to say if you want more.」

Asa said so as we started eating.

We should be having a conversation but…..

All the guests are eating in silence.

That includes Ridley.

I only heard one voice.

Someone asking for alcohol.

Aunt Hou, how do you know what kind of alcohol we brought?

We certainly won’t drink, especially at school…..

Metora, it doesn’t matter. Bring it out.

But Aunt Hou, don’t drink too much.


Let’s eat for the time being.

Let’s move to the main topic after this.


AN: In accordance with the concept of “Admission Celebration”, the demon king should be the host of the event and he should be the one to invite the three. However, it will be a very big event at the castle so Alfred and the others were the ones who hosted it.

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