Chapter 539 – Life in the Capital, Ridley, Problem Presentation

My name is Ridley.

Ridley Baker Macker.

One of the 17 candidates of the Dalfon Company.

In the absence of the representative of the Dalfon Company, I’m the one who’ll take charge in case of something happening in the royal capital.

I said someone in charge but I’m just really an answering machine.

It is more of mediating quarrels and conflicts between candidates and dealing with any unusual problem that will occur in the royal capital.


And an unusual thing really happened.

Several candidates have hidden or became involved with a lich.

In addition, they ignored the notice of the royal castle and dabbled with state guests.

I sent the state guest an invitation and she sneaked into the company that same night.

One of the candidates, Lulusa, defended the company and fought with her but he was defeated in no time.

Moreover, the reinforcement he requested who came in late turned over without even a battle.

They took him into custody.


The Dalfon Company, it’s now all over.

Or so I thought but we managed to get another chance.

Is this an act of god?

Let’s give charity to the church then.


The next day.

I went to the grounds of Gullgald Noble Academy.

There seems to be a dinner party hosted by the elder brother of Tiselle-sama, a super VIP who we got involved with, and she invited me to attend.

I wanted to refrain from participating but I have to since we’re going to talk about the food prices of the whole demon king’s kingdom which the Dalfon Company is responsible for.


Apparently, I’m the first to arrive.

That’s normal because it is still two hours before the time I was invited.

It is a violation of etiquette to arrive too early but I already contacted Tiselle-sama and she allowed me to arrive early.

Before the dinner party, I apologize to Tiselle-sama’s siblings because of what happened with the Dalfon Company.


Tiselle-sama’s elder brother, Alfred-sama.

Tiselle-sama’s elder sister, Ursa-sama.

Unlike Tiselle-sama, they seem to be peace loving.

They immediately accepted my apology and are even worried about me.

Did Tiselle-sama bother me?

No no, nothing like that happened.

Yes, I’m alright.

Yes, it’s true.

Why are you doubting me so much?

And why are you trying to give me money?

Nuisance fee?

No, she did not bother me.

I-it’s unnecessary.


I was a little troubled but I feel relieved.

After that, we only spoke about how I need to speak with Randan-sama.

To be honest, I have never met Randan-sama.

I’m nervous.

 Randan-sama is the highest official in terms of domestic affairs and he is the person who reestablished the politics and economy of the demon king’s kingdom that was previously falling down.

I heard that he’s a cold person.

Given that he’s one of the four heavenly kings, you can only trouble him if it’s necessary.

If he thinks that what the Dalfon Company doing is something unnecessary, then we can only give up.


The participants of the dinner party came one after another.

One of them is demon king-sama.


No, I know that he’s friendly and even interacts with commoners through baseball but how can he be called and even come to this place…..No, he’s not the only person who you wouldn’t have expected to come.

It’s his wife.

Demon king-sama’s wife is a truly mysterious person that doesn’t even bother attending events even if it is for an important dignitary from another country.

There’s also Count Chrome.

It is said that he’s single handedly handling everything related to the diplomacy of the country.

General Glatts, the one who’s supporting the front line with his wisdom is also here.

Finance Minister Hou Leg who’s holding the whole kingdom’s economy on her one hand is also here.

And finally, Randan-sama.



Demon king-sama, his wife, and the four heavenly kings?


I heard that this is a dinner party. Why does it look like an event that will influence the fate of the whole kingdom?

When I was puzzled, General Glatts suddenly spoke.

「As expected, it’s too narrow so I’ll go out.」


Wait, I’m sorry.

It’s probably because I suddenly appeared here.

「I-I’ll go outside….」

「No, I don’t mean it’s because of you. As you can see, I’m a minotaur so I’m too big.」

General Glatts said so and went outside.

I’m sorry.

I’m really sorry.

I also want to get out….

When I asked Tiselle-sama what to do next, she took me to demon king-sama.

「She is Ridley. One of the candidates of the Dalfon Company. My friend.」

「I see. Tiselle’s friend? That means you’re also my friend. Take care of me from now on.」

D-d-d-d-d-de-de-de-de-demon king-sama just said….

I’m, friend?

I’m demon king-sama’s friend?

「Uncle Demon King, Ridley is my friend so don’t take her away from me.」

「Hahaha. It won’t matter if she has many friends, right Ridley?」



Before I noticed it, the dinner party had begun.

I have to say a greeting or something?


They served tonkatsu meal set.

It is a kind of food that is served in Big Roof Shashaato in Shashaato City.

I have never eaten it before but I heard rumors.

I heard it’s quite delicious.

The key to its mouth-watering taste is the tonkatsu sauce.

It seems like hundreds of merchants have tried to copy it but it is said that no one managed to do so.

I never thought that I could eat it here.

And it’s also possible to ask for a specific part like loin.

I have never heard of this service in Big Roof Shashaato.

Cheese roll?

Asparagus roll?

One of each, please.

Menchikatsu….that one too.

The dinner continues.

Chopsticks are used for eating.

Chopsticks are an alternative to knives and forks and it has been popular in various places since a while ago.

I’m glad that I practiced using it too in order to go with the flow.

Demon King-sama also uses chopsticks so naturally.

I was a little surprised.

When you get used to chopsticks, you will be surprised by how convenient they are.

Of course, only when cooking foods suitable for chopsticks use.

Some dishes are hard to eat using chopsticks.

However, there are also some dishes that are hard to eat with knife and fork so it would be stupid to say one is better than the other.

In the middle of eating, Glatts-sama brought grilled meat and vegetables on sticks.

The meat and vegetables are full of natural flavors but they are coated with soy sauce.

Isn’t this the soy sauce monopolized by the Goroun Company?

The Dalfon Company shouldn’t lose.

We have to find a new seasoning too.


While drinking tea after eating, I recalled what I just ate.

They are delicious.

Until now, I thought I’m already eating the best food available. I’ve never been so wrong.

I must visit Big Roof Shashaato at least once.

No, I’m going to Village Five.



Now, I’m done eating so that means it’s time for the party to end…………..

Wait a minute!

That’s dangerous.

Tiselle-sama is now going to Randan-sama.


「What are you doing?」

Randan-sama looked at me who tried to stop Tiselle-sama.


My hand that’s trying to stop Tiselle-sama loosened.

「Uncle Randan, there’s a problem with the food prices of the kingdom which the Dalfon Company is in charge of.」


Don’t tell him the problem!

「Is that so? Tell me more.」

Randan-sama became interested.

「Let me hear it too.」

That’s Minister Leg desu.

It’s over.

It’s all over.

Goodbye, Dalfon Company who I dedicated my youth to!

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