Chapter 541 – Life in the Capital, Miyo, Problem Solving Behind the Scenes

My name is Miyo Foguma.

I’m one of the mercuries that was made to work at the Sun Castle.

Maa, the Sun Castle has changed its name to Village Four and it was decided that I’ll work outside.

I was supposed to be a manager of a teleportation gate but it was decided that I’ll work as a civil servant because the teleportation gate was destroyed.

And that’s a mistake.

I was sent to Big Roof Shashaato in the City of Shashaato as a support accountant and before I knew it, I’m already in charge.

The never-ending paperwork…..

Do you know this?

Sleeping is lying down on a bed and not losing consciousness on a desk.

Ah, I complained.

My apologies.


As a result of my tenaciousness to improve my working environment, I trained a number of civil servants.

Yeah, it was incredibly hard.

It’s true.

When they were about to be useful, they took the subordinates I raised. It feels like my soul was smeared in darkness.

I will never forget that grudge.

They still haven’t returned my subordinates after all.


Now, I’m working as the assistant of the governor of Shashaato City.


When I was enjoying my meal at Big Roof Shashaato, I met Governor Ifrus.

We had dinner together, we sang on the stage, and before I knew it, I was taken to his workplace.

「You’re good with numbers, right? What do you think of this?」

Governor Ifrus says so as he passes some documents to me.

Is it alright for him to show me these documents?

Well, the job itself is not that difficult and it is much better than my current work environment….can I do it from now on?



I can do it so I took it.

Maa, it’s not like it doesn’t have any merit because we can get top-secret information about Shashaato City.

Let’s do our best.


And one day of me doing my best.

 A meeting between the Goroun Company and the Dalfon Company was held at the residence of Governor Ifrus.

I’m a neutral party so I don’t have to say anything.

I’m just listening as someone from the government.

That discussion took place again and again but it did not proceed at all.

I know why.

The Goroun Company.

They have been told by the Dalfon Company to lower their purchase price of crops but there’s no way they can do that.

They have already decided the purchase price of crops in this area and each transaction is carried out based on that.

If they change the standard price, it will affect everything.

It would be difficult for them to lower their purchase price.


On the other hand, the Dalfon Company.

They usually brandish the “for the sake of the demon king’s kingdom” to control the food prices.

Most people will just nod since they won’t dare make the Dalfon Company their enemy.

However, Goroun Company won’t budge.

There is a reason for that.

It is the village chief of Big Tree Village who has the right of crops and he’ll take a loss if the purchase price is lowered.

The Goroun Company has offered to pay him with the right of crops instead of gold or silver coins and there’s no way they’ll let village chief lose. It was their idea after all.

Village chief himself will probably not care but no one knows if those around him will not move.

Village chief can always suppress them but…that is too much of a gamble for the Goroun Company.

Therefore, no matter what happens, the Goroun Company will never lower the purchase price.


The village chief of Big Tree Village is a top-secret matter so they can’t tell anything about him to the Dalfon Company.

President Michael-san of the Goroun Company is gently explaining that there are things that he cannot say but representative Derinted-san of the Dalfon Company doesn’t buy it.

On the contrary, he suspects that the Goroun Company has some kind of malice to the demon king’s kingdom.

When they were talking like that, Beezel-san came.

The purpose of Beezel-san is Michael-san of the Goroun Company and Derited-san of the Dalfon Company.

The problem of the purchase price of Goroun Company seems to have entered the ear of the demon king.

He’ll take the parties involved.

That might be the fastest solution.


Me too?

It’s my duty to report what will happen to Governor Ifrus?

Okay desu.


We have been taken by Beezel-san to the grounds of Gullgald Noble Academy in the royal capital.

More specifically, the house where Alfred-sama’s group lives.


This is too small for Alfred-sama’s group to live in.

In the house are….Alfred-sama, Ursa-sama, Tiselle-sama, Asa, and Earth.

There are also the demon king-sama, Randan-sama, Hou-sama,…..and some people I don’t know.

Asa secretly taught me.

Those are the demon king-sama’s wife and Ridley-san of the Dalfon Company.

There’s also Metora-san, an impure dragon desu.

Nice to meet you.

Those are….servants that demon king-sama brought?

Two of them look like assassins….are they guards of demon king-sama?

I see.


However, Tiselle-sama…..what is it?

High five?


At the same time as the high five, a note was passed to me.


The flow of the problem and solution proposal are already written.

Ehto, you want me to lead the discussion to this?


The result is already written.

In the middle of the discussion, Tiselle-sama secretly gives notes to demon king-sama, Alfred-sama, Ursa-sama, Hou-sama, and Randan-sama.

Ah, Michael-san too.

She didn’t give any to the members of the Dalfon Company.

Maa, all the Dalfon Company needs is for their purchase price to be followed so we don’t need to adjust anything to the interest of the Dalfon Company?

I see.

I’ll get the last and best part.

However, this will reduce my trump cards against village chief….

Tiselle-sama isn’t doing this to reduce them, does she? 

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