Chapter 542 – Life in the Capital, Tiselle, After the Dinner Party

The problem with the Goroun Company was solved.

Good good.

Father and Uncle Michael have a good relationship after all.

However, the problem is that their contract is only an overly optimistic verbal promise with each other….

In addition, the Goroun Company, no, the whole demon king’s kingdom is cash-oriented, so the arrangement for that kind of credit is overly optimistic too.

Father mustn’t have thought anything of it.

But for me, that’s where the fun part is.


Since the discussion is now over, everyone is now chatting and laughing.

Asa and Miyo exchange information.

I made Miyo lose in the discussion earlier so I have to compensate her with something.

I’ll send a letter that will make father praise Miyo.


Ah, Ridley.

Representative-san is moving towards Uncle Randan.

Representative-san doesn’t know that there are 2 fewer candidates, right?

Should I stop him?

I think it’s best for Ridley if I stop him in order for her to stand on top but the Dalfon Company is likely to receive damage as well.

Ridley seems to care about the Dalfon Company just as I care about the village and father so I guess I shouldn’t.


It’s Aunt Hou who stopped representative-san.

「Minister Leg」

「I will advise you as Konegit who’s supposed to be your daughter. There shouldn’t be any loss to the Dalfon Company given what happened. You shouldn’t get involved anymore.」

「There is certainly no loss, however, we still need to take care of our face. Just because we didn’t lose anything doesn’t mean we should stand back. I also think that the talk about the compensation will have an impact on us.」

「Oh, so you think the Dalfon Company can always take the lead among other companies?」

「It’s all of the demon king’s kingdom desu.」

「Well, this time, this matter is also for the demon king’s kingdom. Are you convinced now?」

「…..who is this village chief?」

「The person who brought the dungeon potato to the demon king’s kingdom. Just think of him as a great benefactor.」

「Dungeon potato….then, demon king-sama’s not the one…」

When Aunt Hou and representative-san were talking, Ridley did not say a thing however, Uncle Randan and Uncle Michael barged in.

Uncle Randan spoke with representative-san first.

「Representative Derinted, in our previous discussion, Michael’s words are kind of rough. He wants to apologize for that.」

Uncle Michael steps forward.

「I got too heated up with our previous discussion so I wasn’t able to control my words. I’m sorry.」

Representative-san looks like he wants to say something but he has no choice but to accept it because it’s an apology that went through Uncle Randan.

「Don’t be like that. As merchants, we should always be calm.」

Being sarcastic huh.

Maa, this level of sarcasm is nothing to Uncle Michael.

More than that, Ridley.

Even if you don’t tell representative-san that there are fewer candidates now, he’ll hear it from Uncle Randan.

Right right, you don’t have to get next to representative-san…..elbow?

What’s more, to his stomach?

Ma-maa, since you are like that, I guess it can’t be helped.

That’s the best thing you can do to protect representative-san.


Outside the house, Uncle Glatts’ group’s barbeque is still ongoing.

Uncle Demon King and principal when there.

Ah, the tension of Uncle Glatts’ men rose.

Even the students in the back are affected.

As expected of his charisma.

I think in that aspect, even father can’t hold a candle to him.

Father doesn’t go out much after all.

However, it was great that he doesn’t go out much.

He would have been much busier if he did so.

No, I’m not saying that it’s a sour grape.


In a certain place in the barbeque venue, Earth and Metora are frying tonkatsu.

It can be said that they are disposing of surplus.

Still, it’s very popular.

We already ran out of rice so they have to settle with bread.

We also ran out of cabbage….ah, Uncle Beezel brought cabbage.

But what’s with ordering take-out?

There’s not much left.


You want me to lend you Asa as a chef?

You need to entertain guests from other countries in the royal castle?

I know that Asa’s cooking skill is famous in the hot spring area.

I don’t mind but….I can’t immediately respond. I have to ask Al-nii and Ur-nee first.

Also, the person in question too.

Alright, I’ll ask them now.




Those are Al-nii and Ur-nee’s replies.


Don’t you think it’s okay?

「It is but if we lent Asa, Tiselle shouldn’t leave the school.」


「What eh? The condition for you to get out of school is being bound to Asa. If Asa’s not here, you naturally can’t go out.」


How about Asa?

「I will not refuse if it’s necessary but…..doesn’t that mean that Tiselle-sama no longer wants to go out?」

I see.

Okay, I will not lend Asa. However, Uncle Beezel did not give up and I somehow feel that I should give in.

What should I do?


A few days later.

Asa went to the royal castle as a chef.

I don’t know who those guests are but do your best.

As for me, I’m at Uncle Demon King’s office.

「Is it alright for me to see these documents?」

「I don’t mind. If you can summarize these documents in an easy to understand way….」

「I’ll do it.」

I’m helping Uncle Demon King.

Of course, I’m bound and the end of the rope is with Uncle Demon King.

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