Chapter 544 – Lying Down and Treant, Day 61

The sleeping faces of animals are soothing.

Especially dogs…..I mean wolves.

Breaking beds and futons with his horns in the past, Kuro has now mastered sleeping by lying on his back with his neck on the side.

I don’t think he needs to lie down on his back but looking at how comfortable he looks, I won’t complain.

However, I’m worried if he’ll have a stiff neck sleeping like that.

The other kuros are sleeping on their backs too.

However, they sleep on their shed floors that are covered with straw so they don’t destroy the floor with their horns while sleeping.

Though sometimes, when they fall asleep, they still hit the floor or the wall with their horns damaging them.


The anenekos and the kittens don’t sleep much on their backs.

The only one who’s doing that is the father cat, Raigiel.

He’s a veteran in sleeping like that and even uses a pillow.

When he sleeps like that, Raigiel falls into deep sleep.

Even if the kittens are running wild nearby, he continues to sleep.

Sometimes, he’s even being kicked by them.

I was worried if he’d get injured at first but he’s being protected with defensive magic.

He continues to sleep no matter what.

I don’t know if he casted that magic while sleeping or before he sleeps but it helps a lot.

Thinking if he’s not protected by magic while sleeping, I can only feel sorry for him.



Raigiel is sleeping so can you not go on a rampage?

It might be a father and children bonding to you but it would be better if you do that if he’s awake.

There’s no point if he’s awake?

Why? Are you shy?

That not the reason?

Daughters are really hard to understand.


Aegis sleeping by lying on his back is normal.

I already recognized his species sleeps like that.


I have never seen the cows, horses, goats, or sheeps sleeping by lying on their backs…..not even once.

I even asked the beastgirls in charge of taking care of the ranch area and they said that they haven’t seen them like that either.

Thinking about it, it is impossible to sleep on their back given how they balance their body.

No, it’s okay, horse.

I’m not challenging you.

Don’t hurt your own body.


When I was thinking about who else can sleep by lying down on his back, I thought of someone.

A bee.

The plump and fat queen bee is someone that sleeps on her back.

At first. I was surprised and even thought that it died.

But I was wrong.

It was in deep sleep while lying on her back.

She’s not like that before sleeping but when she falls asleep, she’ll eventually roll and be like that.

The soldier bees protecting her apologized to me.

You don’t have to apologize.

By the way, that queen bee.

Can she still get up?

She’ll roll again when she wakes up?

I see.

This fat bee has some hidden talent.

When I tried to praise her, I was stopped by the soldier bees.

He doesn’t want me to spoil her.

I see.


After looking around the village, I returned to my mansion and found Kuroyon in front of the chessboard that was decorated in the entrance.

It is the one I carved before. The one that I used the kuros to be the chess pieces.

Kuroyon seems to like it more than anything and always stares at it in his free time.

One time, I saw him taking the same pose as the king piece and to not embarrass him, I pretended that I didn’t see him.

Hey, anenekos, don’t make fun of Kuroyon.


Make something that is modeled on cats?

Right right.

You’re envious.

I don’t mind.

However, the king must be your father, Raigiel.

Hey, don’t lose interest that fast.


When I tried to procure wood for making chess pieces, I was caught by the fairy queen.

The fairy queen has not changed back yet.

She’s still in her adult form.

Since she’s in this form, she’s basically free because she’s not liked by children.

I know what you want but can you not ask me for sweets every time?

If you tell an oni maid, I’m sure she’ll prepare it for you.

The oni maids were strict to the fairy queen before but now they are following all her orders.

As for why she always asks me….

「I want to eat the sweets that village chief made.」

It doesn’t feel bad when she said that.


After making dango for the fairy queen, I resumed my wood procurement.

There was a lot of wood in the workshop but what I needed was not there.

As for why, I made those woods into god’s statues.

Because of that, I have no choice but to go into the forest.

Several kuros followed me as guards.

However, I can’t find the tree I need.

It looks like it’s going to take some time.

I went into the depths of the forest.


There’s a treant.

A big treant.

It’s about 10 meters high.

The diameter near the root is around….5meters?

It was clearly different from the treants near Village Five.

Anyway, release that kuro.

If you don’t, I have no choice but to turn you into timber using my AFT.


This treant is exactly the wood I need.

But turning it into chess pieces seems like a waste.

It would be better to use it to carve a fine statue.

It would be perfect for a goddess statue.

The treant released the kuro.

It looks like the kuro was not harmed and it has no malice.


You are looking for the nyunyu-daphne Igu?

You heard it from the treants near Village Five?

So that’s why you’re here.

Alright, I’ll bring you to Village One where Igu is.

Hold on.

How fast is a treant?

It’s so big so it should be slow….or so I thought but it can easily match my speed.

Thinking about it, it should be faster than me.

Otherwise, how can it come here this early after hearing from the treants near Village Five?

It said that it can only move fast in a forest.

That’s amazing enough though.

Ah, you’ll be super slow while crossing the river?

The bridge too?

Don’t mind it. Just focus on crossing.


I guided the treant to Village One and brought it to Igu.

It seems like they are old friends, they are getting along well…..but from an outsider’s view, it only looks like two trees near each other.

Well, as long as they can communicate, there’s no problem.

When I tried to leave, the treant gave me a branch as thanks.

Ah, just what I need.

Its thickness is around 15cm and it is 1 meter long.

I can easily make chess pieces using this.

Thank you.

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