Chapter 559 – Strange Horse


I brought watermelons for the horses in the ranch area.

I would prefer chilled watermelons but the horses in the ranch area seem to prefer room temperature watermelons.

Because of that, I directly brought the watermelons I picked from the field to the horses.

The horses eat the skin too so there’s no need to cut it.

The horses are all now gathered.

I can only bring two watermelons but the spiderlings helped me so we brought a lot.

You don’t have to rush eating.

And spiderlings, thanks for your help.

Kuro and Yuki are rolling around which I found funny.

Thanks to you too.


I count the horses eating the watermelons.

There’s a total of 15.

Two of them are unicorns.

Few cows are born every year but the reason they don’t seem to increase so much is because they are moved to a ranch in Village Five.

I think it would be nice if they can stay in the ranch area too but it seems like if you keep them in the same place together, their blood won’t be too thick.

Because of that, new horses not only leave but also arrive.

However, the stallion and the mare that first came to this village will stay here and won’t be moved to another ranch.

The horse management is done by a beastgirl but it seems like it’s quite hard.



According to the report, the total number of horses and unicorns should be 15. This is strange.

I will count them again.


Did I count wrong?

Or is there another wild unicorn?

No, I’m wrong.

One of them is clearly different.

It looks like a horse but it has wings of a certain size on its back.


The Pegasus doesn’t give a darn about me and just crazily eats watermelon.

Well, that doesn’t matter but….you wouldn’t destroy fields, would you?

The horses already taught you rules? Okay.


However, why is this pegasus’ body and wings dirty?

Is it hurt?

No? Then, okay.

After that….let’s report this to the beastgirl in charge of the ranch area.



A flying horse.

When flying, it flaps its wings but it seems like it doesn’t fly by using its wings.

Its flying speed is as fast as its running speed.

It can fly as high as 20m but it seems like others can fly or can’t fly that high.

It can run normally but it is slower than a horse because the wings on its back are getting in its way.

Can’t you put your wings in and out like an angel?

It seems like it is mainly bred in human countries and is rare in the demon king’s kingdom.

So, an spectator came.

「Is that a Pegasus?」

The first one was a civil servant girl.

She looks very excited. She finally saw something that only an enemy was using.

It’s nice to get excited but you are only wearing your swimsuit. Don’t wander around like that.

Go back to the pool.


Next are the elves.

「How does it taste?」

What an honest impression. However, stop or the Pegasus will hear you.

It will be scared.

Also, don’t wander around in your swimsuits.


Next are the oni maids.

「Can it fly while you’re riding it?」

I want to know too.

Loo answered that question.

「In human countries, they have a regiment called Pegasus cavalry.」


「However, Pegasus are not so powerful and they can’t fly for a long time so they are only used in show-off ceremonies. It’s rare to see a Pegasus in the demon king’s kingdom so it is probably caught in a human kingdom.」

So, where did this Pegasus come from?

Did it fly over to the forest of death and come this far?

Of course not.

It seems like it came here as a horse from Village Five.

According to Futa, the one who’s managing the teleportation gate to Village Five, the Pegasus passed through there.


When I asked about the circumstances in Village Five, what I received was a letter of apology from a ranch manager of Village Five.

The summary of the letter is….

「Pegasus is a rare horse so village chief must be its owner so I sent it.」

That’s it?


However, he should have written only that. 90% of the letter is him apologizing.

It’s painful to read.

Am I that scary?

I won’t get angry with something like that.


I know now how it came here but who’s the real owner?

If it’s a wild Pegasus, it would be great because it means it only got accidentally mixed in Village Five. However, it would be troublesome if it belonged to a merchant or a noble.

Let’s have Youko investigate.


A report arrived after three days.

It seems like one of the Pegasus imported into Shashaato City escaped and is now missing.

From the color and description, it is definitely the Pegasus in the village.

The Pegasus was imported by the Goroun Company so Michael-san went to Village Five to contact us immediately.

He took the other Pegasus.

He imported a total of six Pegasus.

It seems like they plan on selling them to nobles of the demon king’s kingdom so their destination hasn’t been decided yet. As for why he brought them all, it’s because I bought them all.

The children love the Pegasus.

It seems like they love the feeling of flying while riding it.

However, it’s dangerous to let them do that alone so they are accompanied by beastgirls….

As Loo said, the Pegasus can easily get tired and can’t fly for a long time. They also can’t easily turn when flying.

The neighs of Pegasus get louder when they are tired.

I also want to ride.

When I try riding one, the horses, the centaurs, and even the angels sulk so I did not do so.


AN: The angels are sulking because they think “it’s our duty to carry village chief to the sky”.

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