Chapter 686 – Flying Carpet Making Family

When I boasted about the flying carpet to the demon king, he told me that there is a flying carpet-making family in the demon king’s kingdom.

They make a living by making flying carpets but they don’t disclose how they make them.

It seems like it is their family’s secret.

However, it seems like the family has only made a small number of flying carpets.

「If they are making it in a way that village chief says, it is understandable.」


If we secure people to praise them in shifts, won’t we be able to mass-produce them?

「That’s only if they can prepare an unused carpet and a magic stone as a core. That’s very difficult.」

I see.

「On top of that, praising it nonstop….it’s some kind of magic.」


「To be exact, it is the stage before the present magic. Thus, there’s no meaning to have people with no magical power to do that.」


You mean I wasted my voice?

Seeing me shocked, the flying carpet comforted me as if saying that’s not true.

Even if no magical power was used while praising it, praising it is still the most important thing.


「Ehto, since the carpet said so, then let’s conclude that praising it even without the use of magical power is useful. However, if it needs to move, the voice of a person with magical power is necessary.」

I see.

The main reason it worked is because Loo was the one who has been praising it.

「Right. That twenty days of Loo-dono is equivalent to several decades for an ordinary demon. It is impossible to mass-produce it.」

Even Loo started acting weird along the way. To think others need to do it for several decades.


However, a certain family is doing that?

They’re amazing.

「However, the flying carpet that that family makes is not as expressive as this carpet here. Perhaps that’s the effect of village chief’s voice.」

When the demon king said so, the flying carpet approached the demon king happily.

It looks like it is inviting the demon king to ride it.

It’s good that this magic carpet is not shy.


Where are you going with the demon king?

Ah, you’re going to show off to Loo, right?

Loo is kind of hard to deal with when she sulks so don’t.


Please reconcile with Loo soon.


I joined the discussion of Dors and Doraim about how to deal with the hole in the barrier.

「Remaking the barrier is impossible.」

That’s Dors’ conclusion.

As for the reason, there’s no one skilled enough to remake the barrier.

Preparing the materials and the blueprint will already take a hundred years.

According to Dors’ forecast, it will probably take a thousand years to remake.

In that case, this is no longer a project that Dors should be in charge of but a project for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He doesn’t want his cute grandchildren or great-grandchildren to do that so he rejected the idea of remaking it.

It seems like he wants to repair the current barrier one way or another and continue using it.

I know how he feels but, is that alright?

「The purpose of the barrier is to not let the monsters and demon beasts leave this place.」

Yeah, I heard that before.

「Therefore, the barrier is not just one, it has multiple layers.」


「Yeah. To put it simply, there are barriers for big, medium, small, and very small.」

Is that so?

So that’s quite a lot of barriers.

Then, is it difficult to repair?

「It looks like the barrier that got a hole was for the small size and only the outer barrier was torn. There is still a barrier for small size monsters and demon beasts inside so it shouldn’t be a problem.」

I see.



Then, how did the inferno wolf get through the barrier?

「Father, this is hard to say but….there’s also a hole in the inner barrier.」

Doraim, who has been silent, reports to Dors.

「Though the only affected one was for the small size, the barrier is pierced in a straight line…..I think it was probably broken from the inside.」

「How much did you repair the barrier?」

「I patched up the outside.」

「Why didn’t you do anything to the inner barrier?」

「It is almost time to harvest radish.」



「Repairing the barrier is more important than harvesting radish!」

「The small barrier is the barrier for the likes of inferno wolves so it’s not important! Almost all of them are in this village!」

No, there should still be a lot in the wild, right?

Wild inferno wolf.

「Doraim, have you forgotten the role of the gatekeeper dragon?」

「I have not. I even repaired the barrier.」

blood pressure shooting up….when the radish harvest is over, you will go back and repair the remaining barrier.」

「Of course, I will.」

Doraim sticks out his chest but I would prefer if you have fixed the barrier properly.

This is both troublesome and embarrassing.

By the way, I have a question.

What happened to the monster or demon beast that escaped from the inside?

「Doraim, given the status of the barrier, how long has it been broken?」

「Around two thousand years ago.」

「Fumu. Since it has been that long, it would be faster to ask Gucci. Where is he?」

「He went out for a while for a private matter. He looks very serious which is pretty rare. He said he needs to do something to protect dignity so I allowed him to go…..」

I received a certain report from Youko that Gucci is doing something with Versa in Village Five.

Once Gucci is free, let’s ask him.

If it was two thousand years ago, it shouldn’t matter much now.


A cart dashes along the road of the village.

It is the improved version of the cart dedicated to the boxes made by the mountain elves.

It is not only running on a straight line but can also turn to the left and right.

How did they do that? The boxes can only open and close their lids, right?


How much the lid opens convey action?

When the lid is closed, stop.

If it is a little open, turn right.

If it is half open, go straight.

If it is open wide, turn left.

I see.

Then, is it only single speed?

There is a magic stone inside the box where they can adjust the speed. They’ll determine the maximum speed first before opening the lid.


How is it going?

Any flaws?

Given the current structure, the flaw is turning a little to the right when stopping.

If they decreased the sensitivity on that part, there will be problems when they are maneuvering normally.



「And there’s one more….」

Another one?

「If they increase the speed too much, it seems to be difficult to keep the lid halfway open….」

Yeah, air resistance….

The cart operated by the box might turn left as speed increases.

Ah, it started circling counterclockwise.

「They also find it hard to stop.」

They can’t stop because they can’t close their lid due to air resistance.

「Abort the trial run! Activate external brakes! Security team, throw the net to stop it!」

The mountain elves on standby rushed to the cart and stopped it.

The box seems to have passed out.

It acted rashly.

4051st knew the flaws but that still happened.

「It said it would be okay this time.」

I have to admit that you are quite brave but stop trying to solve something that technology wasn’t able to with guts.

I would prefer making a golem cart and have the boxes control them by an order card or something.


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