Chapter 699 – Pressure

Currently, in one of the rooms of my mansion, one of the civil servant girls and Versa are being preached by Zabuton.

No, it’s not really preaching since Zabuton’s not talking.

She’s not even moving.

Just staring.

She’s staring at them.

On the other side, the civil servant girl and Versa are prostrating.

What is she exactly doing?


… should be releasing pressure?

Since she has been releasing pressure for a long time, it has already affected the surroundings.

What kind of effect? Let’s talk about the cats first.

Father cat, mother cat, anenekos, imoutonekos, and the tiger Sougetsu took refuge in Big Tree Dungeon.

The cats don’t look like cats but a group of people who had a strong sense of leadership.

Next, the chickens in the courtyard.

During ordinary days, the chickens are moving freely and lively around but today, they don’t dare move out from their coop.

It’s like they’re playing dead.

The phoenix chick Aegis and the eagle went hunting in the forest early in the morning.

They went out even before Zabuton released her pressure so it must be their wild instincts.

Wild instincts huh.

Then, it should be the eagle.

There’s no cow, horse, goat, or sheep in the ranch area.

They all evacuated to the hot spring area.

Only the recently arrived pegasuses were left behind and they are panicking.

They don’t have enough leeway to take the pegasuses?

It has been reported that the goats are very timid in the hot spring since they are surrounded by the lion’s pride.

How about I invite the lions to stay at the ranch?

The goats would behave for sure.

The giant silkworms of the world tree are using the world tree as a shield from the mansion. They are staying in one place and are in a defensive position.

In the same way, the bees of the fruit area are also gathering and defending themselves in one place.

There are no fairies in the flower garden….

Are they hiding somewhere?

The pond turtles in the reservoir….don’t dare rise from the bottom of the reservoir.

On the contrary, they are trying to make a wall by freezing the reservoir with magic.

Please spare me from that.

I guess it will be difficult to use the water from the reservoir for now.

Those kinds of effects.

By the way, it is currently the children’s study time but they changed their schedule on the spot and are practicing magic at the race track in the south of the village.

They’re doing that while being protected by Guronde’s defensive magic.


I know the reason for Zabuton’s pressure.

One of the civil servant girls put the book written by Versa in a place within children’s reach.

That’s it.

Men entanglement.

Dangerous item.

It was discovered and recovered before any child has laid its hand on it but that doesn’t mean she will be forgiven.

Zabuton became angry when she learned of it and issued an order to capture the civil servant girl who had left that book.

She was caught by the behind the scene spiderlings in Village Five.

The civil servant girl seems to have been negotiating with the demon king at Niz’s Alcomeat in Village Five when she was captured.

Of course, it would be chaos if the spiderlings caught her so I was called and I was there to order her captivity.

I apologized for surprising the demon king’s group who were enjoying their time at Niz’s Alcomeat.

Maa, it was beneficial to be able to talk with people from a traveling merchant group who were with them.

The civil servant girl who left the book was taken to Big Tree Village morning next day. She was brought in front of Zabuton.

When Versa learns of the uproar, she went to the village and stayed by the civil servant girl’s side to share her pressure.

Her hobby aside, the way she never abandons her comrade is very impressive.

And the pressure has been released continuously since morning.

Dors’ group told me that I should stop it but I didn’t do so.

It’s because of the content of the book.

I don’t intend to regulate reading and writing but I think that’s something the children should never lay their hands on.

I would like them to fully reflect on their actions of keeping that dangerous item within the reach of the children.


In the end.

When it was time for dinner, I asked Zabuton to stop.

Only the pressure was over. Zabuton’s anger has yet to subside.

All books related to Versa’s hobby in Big Tree Village were collected.

The owners kept them in various disguises but the spiderlings discovered them one after another and recovered them.

There are quite a few.

Versa kept her promise and doesn’t do anything in Big Tree Village but it seems like her works are infiltrating the village without her knowledge.

That’s not it?

Like how adult men are interested in women, adult women are interested in relationships between men?

Are you saying that this will happen with or without Versa?

That’s impossible.


Or at least that’s what I want to believe.

Zabuton intended to burn all of those books but burning books is never a good thing.

That’s destruction of culture.

When she asked me whether there is value in them to be protected, I was at a loss for words but that is not for me to judge.

So, I still stopped her.

Versa, I don’t have any plan of being the guardian of your hobby so don’t look at me like that.

The books were not burned and were packed in a safety box. They will be transported to Versa’s house at the end of the coastal dungeon.

If they are over there, no matter how many they are, there will be no effect here.

It’s like throwing a glass of water into the sea.

The one who’ll transport them to Versa’s house will be ancestor-san. Until he arrives in the village, the box will be strictly guarded by the spiderlings in a room of my mansion.

That’s the end of this matter.


Since Zabuton’s pressure disappeared, the village regained its usual state.


The fat queen bee became leaner a little?

So, being haggard makes her lose weight?

I see.

No, even if you complain to me…..

Okay okay.

Ehto, I’m not sure if you should tell Zabuton.

Make sure you won’t offend Zabuton.

Also, soldier bees.

I think it’s too much trouble to ask me to bring Zabuton to force her to diet.

First of all, you guys were scared too, weren’t you?


If you play dead, everything will be okay?

Okay, let’s try that.

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AN: The orthros Oru was with Guronde.

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